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In the very last second time began to stand still the timer stopped one second still on the clock. Shadow was the only one untouched by the pause in time he looked around him every thing was still and quite. Shadow was suddenly caught off guard as a bright light that was like a star began to appear before him. Shadow had to shield his eyes from the brightness. When the glow died down Shadow was able to see that it was not a star but an angel.

"Shadow…" A soft voice called out to the hedgehog.

"It can't be…Maria." He looked closely at the glowing figure and it was indeed the girl from ark that he had lost so many years ago.

"Shadow what are you doing?" The child asked in a hushed innocent voice which held no harshness in it once so ever.

"I'm doing what I was designed to do; I'm destroying all evil in this world." Shadow stepped forward so he was standing directly in front of her.

Maria took Shadow's hand and led him to the window so that they were looking out at the Earth. "But Shadow you're destroying the good and the evil if you destroy both what would be left for you to protect?"

"What do you mean?" Shadow was perplexed by Maria's questioning.

"You weren't just designed to destroy evil you were also created to protect good." Maria took Shadow by the hand and this time she led him to stand in front of Knuckles and Rouge. "Do you really want to hurt them?" Maria pushed him a little closer. "They have given up so much to help you even put their on lives at stake." He looked at the bat and the echidna as flashbacks of the two filled his mind. Finally Maria brought Shadow to face Amy. She was still frozen in time and she was still on her knees just as she had been before. "And this girl Shadow she's given up more than anyone in the world to help you. She loves so much Shadow her love is as strong as your powers of chaos control." "You love her Shadow I know you do and you should after all that you've done." Maria took him by his arm on last time and pulled him down so he was on his own knees facing Amy. "Tell me Shadow do you truly with all your heart and soul love this girl?"

Shadow was caught in Amy's eyes even though she was not moving he could feel her touch it was from her eyes it was as if her soul was reaching out to him and telling him that it was ok. "I do."

"You should know then that the one you love has a secret, one that is very precious. Do you remember the night she gave you her love?"

Shadow thought of the night they spent together back in Rome. "Yes I remember."

"She now has life inside her Shadow, your life and her own she is heavy with your child."

Shadows eyes grew large with surprise. "Amy…" He turned from the angle so that he was looking into Amy's eyes once more. He put his forehead to hers as tears rolled out of his eyes. "I'm sorry Amy I didn't mean to do this to you…"

"Shadow." Maria put her hand on Shadow's shoulder. "Do not dispare you can still set things right you can stop this terrible destruction and then live out the rest of your life with her be the man and father you were meant to be." Maria began to turn transparent.

"Maria what's happening I can't see you anymore?" Shadow looked all around him but she was gone.

"I will give back five seconds Shadow you must save the world in that time and once you have the terrible things that Amy had done in an effort to remain loyal to your love will be forgotten by all but you and herself then you may return to Earth with her and raise your child." Maria's voice was drifting further and further away. "If and when you decide to the save this world your two friends will be returned to Earth and won't be able to recall what almost was just that you are their friend, remember Shadow this sad like memory is not yours to bear alone Amy will still remember as well and together the memory can not hurt you I will watch over you from the heavens Shadow always know that." With those final words the voice was gone.

Shadow felt what was like a breeze he knew that the pause in time was coming to an end. The world around him was no longer still as the clock began to tick again with 5 seconds remaining.

Shadow got to his feet and ran to the key board. Four seconds remaining. He typed the letters A M Y. Two seconds remaining. He pressed enter. One second remaining. "Password accepted launch canceled." The computer's voice announced the cancellation.

Amy who was just waking up from the freeze in time was watching him and then she noticed that Knuckles and Rouge were disappearing. "Shadow what's happening?"

Shadow approached her and retook the same kneeling position as before. "They'll be fine they will have no recollection of any of this, all they will remember is that we are friends." Shadow put his head to hers. "Amy about the baby-"

"How did you find out about that I didn't tell you?" Amy was a little jumpy at first.

"It's okay if you'll have me I want to be with you and be the father of this child." Shadow then lightly kissed her on the lips.

"Shadow do you really mean that?" Amy had tears in her eyes as she looked at the ebony hedgehog.

"I mean it." Shadow then smiled softly at her.

"Oh Shadow!" Amy wrapped her arms around him.

"Come on Amy lets go home."


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