When Faced With Life

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans

Summary: When faced with hard times, there are tears and sadness cloaking us, but being faced with life is the hardest thing of all.

I have seen many things. I have seen death, violence, torture, pain, and sickness… all too much for a seventeen year old. I first experienced these things when I was much younger… when I was seven, I experienced these things.

It started Saturday afternoon, on the first day of Spring… my birthday. It was time for my parents, the flying Grayson's to perform. They were going without a net… dangerous, but they knew they could do it. Then the inevitable happened. The ropes were cut. I watched them fall, I heard the sound of the ropes snapping and the screams of the audience echoing through my ears. Death… my first experience.

A man named Bruce Wayne took me in, he was Batman, and I went into training with him and became his partner… we fought evil, hand to hand combat. Violence… my first experience.

When I turned fifteen, I started my own teem, the Teen Titans. A madman named Slade put probes in their bodies, that would kill them if I did not do everything he asked. Torture… my first experience.

Pain… in fighting I have received many injuries, but the worst was when Slade came after me again, using a hallucinogenic dust to infiltrate my central nervous system and hear, feel, and see him, though he was not really there. Pain… the worst experience with this.

Sickness… when Starfire went through Transformation, she thought she was hideous and left us. She wasn't really sick, I suppose, but that was still my worst experience with the subject. Watching her leave, it broke my heart.

Bruce always told me "That's life kiddo, you have to deal with it." When faced with any of these things, there are tears and anger, pain and sadness cloaking us, but if that is life, then being faced with life is the hardest thing of all.

The End