Disclaimer: Harry Potter copyright J.K. Rowling
Character: Draco/Ginny

Day One

Snickering they burst into the boys dormitory causing Harry and Ron to look up from the Quidditch book.
"What's got you?" Ron quipped watching as the twins threw themselves on the bed.

"This." Crowing, George pressed an empty vile into Ron's hands. Wordlessly Ron looked at Harry, a sinking feeling pulling at his stomach.

"And what exactly is 'this'?" Harry inquired studying the vile.

"'This' is our newest, greatest invention!"

They shared a look unsure of what to make of the twins boast.

"Well what is it!"

"It's a love potion."

Ron blanched gripping Harry's arm tightly noting that Harry wasn't doing much better. "And what would you want with a love potion!" Ron squeaked.

"Don't worry Ron, they're just teasing. There's nothing in here."

"What was that Harry?" The twin's laughter had abruptly ceased. He gave them a funny look before tossing the bottle to them.

"Nice trick but there's nothing there."

"Georgeā€¦.how much did you use!"
"Well we only had one shot right? I mean we HAD to know if it worked or not! I don't bloody know how much he weighs!"

A long silence stretched between them, their grins slowly returning to their faces and Harry and Ron grew white. "Malfoy's going to have on hell of a headache in the morning!"

"Draco, you alright there?"

He tried to bury his head further into his arms. Ever since breakfast he'd felt continually worse, nauseated, his head spinning, his heart beating rapidly; ever since he'd bumped into Ginny Weasley in the halls earlier. She'd cursed him, he was sure of it. Problem was he wasn't sure if he minded just so long as she'd noticed him.

Abruptly his head snapped up. "Notice me! Notice ME!" Shouting to no one in particular he raced around the room. "Why should I bloody care if she notices me or not!"

Ignoring Crabbe and Goyle's stunned expressions he stormed his way to Potions.