Day Seven

Sleepily he opened his eyes, glaring at the bright sunlight flooding the window. It took him a moment to realize there was someone there.


Instantly the two bullies were on him, demanding to know what he had been thinking bringing Ginny Weasley to the dance. He offered the only explanation he had, the note Fred and George had given him before the dance. The note explaining about the potion, asking him to not take his anger out on Ginny, explaining she'd been innocent in the incident and promising to be his willing slaves for the next month.

Satisfied Goyle and Crabbe had begun their rant of revenge, oblivious to Draco's wistful stare.

It's better this way, he decided glaring at Ginny on his way to breakfast. This is how it should be…still I'll never forget how soft her lips were. Smirking he decided it was better if no one ever knew the potion had worn off long before midnight. Some things were just better left unsaid. Like…I love you.