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Title: Resident Evil: Stay Alive

Chapter: 1 So. We're stuck in the Middle of Nowhere?

As I watched my brother, Rick, play Resident Evil on the family TV, I could be found watching intently on a gray bean-bag. He was playing the first game with the character Jill Valentine, because she was faster than Chris Redfield, although not as strong. My brother always preferred agility over strength. He suddenly let out a mumbled curse as he lost to the Tyrant. Again. Poor guy, his ego can't take much more of this.

Rick was a pretty tall guy, in my opinion, standing at a height of at least 6'3. I suppose it isn't as unusual as I think it is considering he was twenty-two, but since I was only 5'4, he always looked like some kind of giant. Being the simple fifteen-year-old I was, I could only describe him as a mix between Chris and Wesker, but with longer hair.

I'd like to say he was as strong as those guys, but he does go to the gym, so he was in pretty good shape for his age. Sometimes I'd go to the gym as well, but my older sister likes to say that I'm 'Spongebob Squarepants' compared to him. The only thing that could be considered similar to him in appearance are my blue eyes I guess.

"Can I try?" I asked. First there was red bloody letters on the TV screen flash 'YOU DIED' and in a moment, white letters appeared, with 'Retry' and 'quit.' He gave me the controller with his foot. I think he's getting grumpy.

"Sure, I'll be back in a moment," He said, and went down the stairs to the left of me. Rick has this habit of always gulping down a water bottle every hour he's awake. We were playing upstairs, because my mother had some of her colleagues over for coffee.

"Okay." I said. I was to press retry when Rick asked me if I wanted something to drink. I nodded and mumbled a 'thanks' as I continued to watch the game.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him nod and smile before he went downstairs. I looked at the white letters again. It would be so cool to actually fight zombies with Jill and Chris… Distracted with that thought, I sat there with an unintelligent expression on my face for a bit.

I suddenly realized I had been sitting like that the whole time as I heard Rick come back up the stairs in his quick, distinct manner. I looked at the screen and yelped when I saw I was being eaten by two zombies. He laughed when he saw the 'YOU DIED' flash onto the TV.

"Scared?" He taunted. I glared at him.

"No way! I was just… day dreaming." I said slowly while realizing how stupid that sounded.

"Mhm." He chuckled. I handed the controller back to him begrudgingly. He sighed at my behavior and gave me a water bottle.

"Hey Chris-" I started, but stopped when he looked at me funny.

"OH! I mean Rick. He he… sorry." I said laughing. My mind had apparently wandered again. He raised an eye brow.

"Right. Uhm. Why didn't you play Resident Evil Zero first?" I asked. He cleared his throat and lay back on the bright green couch. Since I was sprawled on a lower elevation, I had to twist my head to look at him.

"I already beat it. At Joe's house." He answered before taking a drink from his water. I nodded and made a sound at the back of my throat. Joe was one of his friends. For some reason I got a chill, and looked back at the TV. Rick pressed the X button, and nearly fell off the couch from surprise.

A blinding white light had sprung from the TV screen and engulfed us. Rick quickly leapt from the couch to me. He tried to cover me from the odd light, probably thinking the TV was exploding. There was some kind of rumble and I felt dizzy for a moment, but after a while the trembling of everything around us seized.

"Rick?" I asked feeling incredibly nervous. Rick moved to get up and I let out a sigh of relief that he was okay.

"I think it's okay…" He responded, looking around confused.

"You think?" I asked with both worry and slight anger. He rolled his eyes and cast me a look of annoyance.

"Sorry." I apologized trying to calm down. It was when I noticed our peculiar location that I got worried again. Rick seemed unhappy with this turn of events as well, but his expression was unreadable.

We were in the middle of a thick forest floor. Trees surrounded us in every direction, and we had no telling which way led out. It was cold, not to mention dark, and the moon shone sharply just above the stretching trees.

"Rick?" I asked petrified of the dark suddenly. Rick had walked a step forward to look deeper into the dark forest.

"What?" He asked without much interest at all.

"One, I'm scared." I stated looking around in a slightly fearful manner, as if a monster would jump out at us. Rick walked over to me with a soft expression on his face and looked down at me.

"Don't worry, it's gonna be okay." He said trying to calm me down. I nodded though I don't think I meant to.

"Two. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." I said with a fake accent, even though we lived in America, and vacationed in Denmark. Rick sighed a little annoyed.

"This isn't the time for jokes." He said a little pissed too.

"I know." I said slowly and started to look around a little paranoid. But then I realized who I was with. I was with--- I looked at him. He had a white T-shirt on, and blue baggy jeans that covered his bare feet. My toes started to freeze, remembering that I had bare feet also.

BUT STILL! I am with my older brother who… can… PROTECT ME! SO HA! I felt a little bit defeated, but encouraged non-the-less.

"Hey Rick. If I were stuck in a dark forest all alone and freezing to death with any person in the world. I'm glad it was you." I said smiling up at him, though I couldn't make out his expression on his face too much. Rick started to laugh.

"Thanks. Now I have an idea. We'll go that way, okay?" He asked for my approval. I nodded confirming it. I took a hold on Rick's hand scared of anything that moved in the dense forest. I had never held my brother's hand. Never. We walked on, with sore feet, until we reached a train that had looked like it had been stuck here for ages. It was metal black, wide, had wide non-see-through windows, and it looked first class…

"That looks like the train from Resident Evil Zero." I said numbly and shocked. He rolled his eyes at me.

"Claire, that's a game." He said to me as if I were stupid. I sighed heavily.

"Well thank you for ruining the moment! Note to self: Next time I get stranded in the middle of nowhere, with this bloke, bring Karina too." I said. He smirked at me reminded of our younger sibling, whom was fourteen.

We walked to the doors, which were heavy looking doors, and decided to go inside after a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. He always wins, I just don't get how Rock beats Paper? Oh well, on the plus side, we might be able to find a phone, or something of that matter. So we went inside.

There were ripped seats, which were seated going in the direction of the front of the train. It was all dark, and everything that could have belonged to every person in the universe was scattered amongst the floor. Plates, brief cases, cups, papers, and so on. There were windows cracked in weird patterns on the opposite side of where we were standing.

Rick took a step forward, into the dark, and hit his foot on a small radio the size of your hand.

"Dun dun Duun!" I whispered. He gave me the "Moron" look, and bent down to pick it up. In order to do so, he had to let go of my hand. I waited for him "patiently" to come back. He stood back up, towering once again over me. I looked up at him smiling broadly.

"Hey. Welcome back." I said to him just dandy. He smiled and looked at the radio. Suddenly the heavy doors from behind us opened up, and a girl with red hair, and green looking eyes came onto the train. I gasped, and jumped a foot high out of surprise, and Rick raised his fist to punch. The girl raised her gun at us both, but I think mostly at Rick.

"She wins there Riddick." I said calling him by his nickname, and suggesting the gun. Rick shrugged, and nodded in defeat... Another ego wound. OUCH! We both then realized who she looked like, and were too stunned to say anything.

"DUN DUN DUUUN!" I said even louder which was the only thing I could manage to choke out. Rick snapped at that.

"Would you cut that out?" He asked hotly, but I only smiled.

"Kay. Sorry." I said chuckling. The girl looked amused and lowered her gun, which she put back into it's holster. I looked around again at the dark cab afraid once more.

"I'm Rick, this is my sister Claire." He said shaking her hand, and I shook her hand as well. She was wearing green fingerless gloves. Her T-shirt was white, and her pants were too. She had pouches around her waist… and the symbol 'S.T.A.R.S.' and her shirt….oh and she had this really neat green head band around her head. She looked at us both kindly, and professional.

"I like your cool gloves." I commented to her. She smiled at me gratefully.

"Thanks. I'm Rebecca Chambers. I'm with the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team. Are you survivors of this train crash?" She asked us curiously, and again with the "professional" look. I nearly screamed out of happiness and excitement. Rick held my mouth to prevent me from doing so, and picked me up.

"Excuse us for a minute, please?" Rick asked 'kindly'. She nodded confused.

He walked to the end of the cab, and put me down, on a pile of crushed white plates.

"Claire…I don't know how this happened. But we're going to have to play along. Okay? We can't tell them ANYTHING. Got it?" He asked nervously. He knows me too much. I nodded speech less how ever.

We walked back to Rebecca who was studying the room. When she heard us coming she turned around a little too paranoid looking, and gave me and Rick the idea that she scared. She looked at Rick, and studied the radio in his hand. He looked at the radio too, forgetting that he held it, and handed it to her.

"I found it on the floor." He said still a little dazed after finding out the truth of us being in a game. I was a little upset that I was the coldest out of the group. I mean seriously! I wore jeans and a black tank top that said, "I Love RE" in red letters. I silently cursed myself for wearing a Resident Evil shirt, and turned my undivided attention back to my brother, and Rebecca.

"Thanks." Rebecca took it, and examined it closely. Rick seemed to be a little impatient with her. He was always the type to run around and do stuff in one minute, and I guess Becka here, is the one who loves to take her time.

"Awww! You really care!" I said hugging him. Rick chuckled and hugged me back.

"Uh. Sure." He said in a not caring tone. I jerked away from him and looked at him shocked.

"I was joking!" He said laughing. Rebecca was watching all this a smile creeping on her lips. She put the radio on her little pouch looking thing on the left side of her waist, and looked around some more. Oh Yay!

"Do you have back- up?" Rick asked. I looked at him annoyed. He gave me the, "Hey I'm trying to act like I don't know crap" look, even if there is a look for that… I looked at the dark carpet on the floor in concentration. It was so dark you couldn't see what color the carpet was, everything just seemed blue.

"Yes. Have you seen a Billy Coen?" She asked facing us, she immediately froze. She looked at Rick wide eyed, and fingered her weapon. Rick seemed to realize where this was going and sighed heavily.

"I'm not Billy Coen. He has a giant tattoo all over his one arm." Rick mentally slapped himself and I almost did it for him.

"You've seen him?" She asked suspiciously. Rick shrugged and put on his poker face.

"Saw him in the papers. Most wanted…?" Rick asked distantly. Rick was a frigging good actor because she bought it! When she turned around to study a suit case, Rick gave me the "Phew" look. I could already tell we were going to be giving each other a lot of looks like that in the future.

"Well. Let's stick together. I'm going to investigate the next cab." Rebecca said and turned to go through the door too our left side. Rick and I followed her but she stopped with her hand on the shining handle. She looked at us confused and slightly irritated.

"He's twenty- two! Four years older than you. I think he can come too. And uhm. You can't leave me here, so I guess were all going." I said hurriedly. She stared at me and I mentally kicked myself for that one.

"How did you know I was eight teen?" She asked curious and suspicious. I sighed as if it were all obvious, though I was making it all up as I went along.

"I read in the papers by that dumb reporter, that said, "Eight teen year old Chambers joins S.T.A.R.S!" I said in a reporter deep voice. Rick stared at me like, how the bleep did I come up with that one? I smiled at him.

"Oh." She said looking a little disapointed. "Alright, let's go." She said suddenly miss Barbie perky again. I noticed that she was a bit shaken but I shrugged it off, and we entered the next cab which did have lights. Golden lights.

The seats were very soft looking, like fur, and were bloody red colored. The soft carpet was bloody red also, with designs all the way to the next door of the cab. There were dark wooden (glazed) arm rests for the seats too. But the negative thing was that every person in here was dead and were rotting. I looked at Rick but he only sighed readying himself. We all suddenly smelt the nasty smell of rotten flesh.

"Ew. What died?" I mumbled low, not meant for anyone to hear.

Rebecca hesitated to go ahead so Rick walked forward in front of her to make her a little mad. Rebecca held Rick's shoulder back. (or of what she could reach of it.) Rick turned around.

"Yes?" He asked her. She sighed grudgingly.

"I'll go first." She said encouraged suddenly. Rick moved out of the way for her to walk by him. I grabbed Rick's arm.

"What the hell was that?" I whisper yelled. He stared at me shocked at my language.

"She was afraid of going ahead, so I just went on to give her more confidence, you have to remember, this isn't a game anymore." He whispered back. I sighed, I guess it was true. In the game you couldn't actually see the characters features if they were scared or not, so Rick just gave her a confidence boost. So kind.

We followed in pursuit after Rebecca. The walkway wasn't wide enough for two people to go through, so I went first, and then Rick. Rebecca stopped in the middle of the isle nearly making me bump into her.

"What's up?" I asked trying to be oh-so -kind. She just stared ahead which made me look ahead too, and saw a man walking slowly towards us. He looked like crap, and really smelt like it too. The rotting flesh falling of him with every step he took was grotesque, and… nasty! His milky white eyes were completely empty. He moaned at us hungrily, stretching his arms out at us.

"Zombie! Shoot it!" I yelled scared and petrified again. She just kept staring at it and breathing hard. I sighed and noticed Rick staring at it too, but he didn't seem scared at all. He was just waiting for when she would kill it.

"What's the matter with you? Get with it Girl!" I barked not as patient as Rick. Rick smacked the back of my head for that one. I realized I had gone a little too far. She had feelings too and she had probably never seen one of these things before. While Clint and I had seen millions in movies and games! It was probably normal for us! I looked at the zombie. Or not.

It was pretty bad that we played Resident Evil almost every week end I figured. I remade my pony tail, since the moron behind me ruined it. Rebecca shouted all the, "Freeze," "Don't come any closer" orders, yadda yadda, and finally Kablam. She took the fat boy down!

She stood still for a minute trying to register what had just happened. I guess I was too, cause I was frozen scared. Suddenly two more zombies came from behind Rick, and next to me. Rebecca shot the one that was about to attack me, and Clint snapped the other zombie's neck, which I might add, didn't sound good at all.

"Now… what?" I asked breathless. She sighed tiredly.

"We keep moving…" She said regretfully and we walked on. We entered another cab thing, and it had a door ahead of us, and a U shaped, side ways hallway. There was another door at the end of it. The whole room was made out of wood. When we all took one step, shards of glass from the window next to us raced at us, and cut my arms, oh, and Rick's too. Becka was the lucky one. There was a body right by a broken window obviously he was the dude that caused it.

"Edward!" Rebecca cried and ran over to the body putting a hand on his shoulder, and thigh. I looked at Rick sadly. He looked a little worried of what was going to happen next. Becka looked at Edward, and scanned him over. We all did, and weren't too happy to find giant bite mark on his shoulder, legs, and arms. He didn't look like he was going to make it and if he did, we would have to start calling him Lucky.

Rebecca looked in her Med. Pack and found a bunch medicine, but none of it was strong enough to help Edward's puppy bites. Rick walked by them, and around the corner to get something, he came back with a blue card key in his hand.

"Rebecca… be careful…those things aren't human…" Edward said slowly, talking for the first time.

"No! Edward hold on." Rebecca said shakily, and got out her radio with a shaky hand to call for back- up. Edward placed his hand on hers in a way that got me thinking he didn't want her too. I didn't know about Rick, but I felt like a complete idiot standing there watching a man die we didn't even know.

"I'm not going to… make it…Please…" Edward never got to finish his sentence… Edward was dead… Rebecca wept for two full minutes, and neither Rick or me wanted to tell her that we needed to keep moving. She got up and dried her tears with the back of her hand. I did feel a little sad inside of me, and I wanted to tell her I was sorry and-

Suddenly the door behind us, from where we had come from, opened up…. It was.. The real Billy Coen….DUN DUN


TO BE CONTINUED! (That sounds so corny…oh well…DUN DUN DUUUUN!)

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