A/N: Alright, so, it took me a long time to finally get around to it, but here it is. The rewritten version of Resident Evil: Stay Alive. I'll probably repost the new chapters three at a time, but who knows. So in this, Claire Bear is 18, and Rick is twenty seven. I think I changed the ages because it felt better this way, considering the genre and all. 15 just seemed young. I don't know. If you want the original story, I can post the original chapters separate. I just want this story to be the best it can be. I'm just glad to be working on this again and correcting it. Hopefully you guys want to read it. And hey, who knows. Maybe a sequel is in order after the rewrite? Or during. I've been toying with the idea of doing Resident Evil 6, simply because I want to do Resident Evil 7. Anyway, enjoy!

Resident Evil: Stay Alive

Chapter: 1

"The Beginning"

Pixel blood spurted out from the neck area of Jill Valentine, as a zombie chomped merrily down upon her. At least that's where I assumed the blood was supposed to come from. The 90's video game era didn't have the best of graphics but damn it if they didn't make some of the best games. Currently, Resident evil was the game being played on my chunky television set.

Rick, my older brother by nine years, was playing first and failing beautifully in escaping a single zombie. I was watching from an old worn out beanbag with bright colored shapes stitched into its thick skin. Very 90's. Very 90's indeed. I let out a small snort to irritate him, and taking the bait, Rick spat,

"Look, the camera angles are hard to control alright?!" He let out an overly dramatic sigh as the familiar bloody text: "YOU DIED" appeared across the screen. I shrugged, a smirk plastered across my face,

"Hey, I don't judge. You want some help?" I asked, condescendingly. Rick rolled his eyes and handed me the controller. I took it and watched as he crossed in front of the television to get to the black rail staircase. Rick wore a white t-shirt, light blue jeans, and worn white socks. His light brown hair was gelled back, much like Chris Redfield's hair, except Rick's hair was shorter. His eyes were sharp, always giving off a calculative look, and his face seemed more tired than it should for a twenty-seven year old. I was about to ask where he was going, when he threw over his shoulder,

"Want a water?"

"Yeah, thank you!" I replied and stared at the bloody text before me. Sure Rick played with Jill more than Chris because Jill was faster and had a lock pick with her. I also liked playing with Jill, because, well, how does Chris lose his gun? You start with Chris having only a lighter and a knife. Good job Chris. Best marksman my ass, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team my ass. If insane zombie dogs were chasing me, I'd make it a point not to drop my gun.

I slipped further down in my beanbag as my train of thought continued unabated. And, if I did drop my gun, I wouldn't volunteer myself to go check out a noise all alone in a creepy mansion. I was practically shaking my head at Chris Redfield's poor life decisions.

"Too scared?" Rick's taunting voice broke me out of my thoughts just in time to realize that I hadn't done a damn thing. The same bloody letters taunted me from the screen. I sighed heavily,

"No, I was just… thinking about some serious stuff, okay?" I argued, and pulled my legs back so Rick could walk by and plop himself down on the turquoise couch. He took a long gulp of water and held his hand out for the controller. I begrudgingly gave it back to him as he laughed,

"Yeah, serious stuff. What serious stuff does an eighteen-year old have to think about?" Rick chuckled, shrugging himself into a comfortable position on the couch. I rolled my eyes,

"Serious stuff like finally telling you you're adopted because you're so freakishly tall?" I mumbled back lamely. Rick just snorted with laughter and shook his head,

"Ooo good one." He laughed. I 'hmph'ed and turned back to the black screen with bloody letters. I was about five-five, while Rick was six-three. It was actually difficult to see our resemblance. I had tan skin, dark eyes and hair, while Rick had grey eyes, white skin, and chestnut hair. Not a lot of people believed us when we said we were brother and sister.

"Oh shut up-" I began but before I could finish, a bright flash of light, as if a camera flash times fifty went off, and I flinched back into my bean bag.

"Rick, what the fu-" I began screaming now, the television was making a loud screeching noise that escalated until I thought my ear drums would burst. Rick lunged from his position at the couch to my location where he pulled me into a hug- shielding me from the television- that was apparently exploding.


Once the brightness subsided and the painful screeching either blew out my eardrums, or stopped, Rick moved from his bear hug. I opened my eyes slowly and felt a cold child go up my spine. For a moment, as Rick and I assessed our surroundings, we were blind, the sudden change to darkness required our eyes to adjust. More cold winds curled against my bare arms and back. I blinked harshly, my breathing coming faster and panic setting in.

"Where the hell are we?" I asked, rubbing my eyes desperately. I finally made out the tall looming shapes of old trees. Rick seemed to be just as shocked and confused.

"I… don't know." He mumbled, his eyebrows knitted into a deep frown. I mustered up some courage to look around and didn't like what I saw. Silent trees, or rather a big silent forest stretched out before us from all sides. I looked up at Rick,

"So what do we do now Rick? Do we walk? Stay? Rick? What do we do Rick? RICK?" I was basically yelling at him at the end of my rush of words and Rick turned to me quickly, telling me to shut the hell up,

"Christ, alright. It's not a big deal-"

"Kind of is," I interrupted.

Rick glared at me angrily. I looked at my bright orange socks,

"Okay, continue…" I said quietly. Rick let out a sigh,

"We'll just start walking north. We should bump into something by then, and if not, I'll make camp." Rick said, watching me calmly. Now that the shock of our 'teleportation' was over, Rick looked like he'd just taken a wrong turn home from a terribly dull concert. Had he always looked this tired?

"Uh okay Dora the explorer, how are you going to make camp? You've never camped?" I retorted, my mouth once again going off before my brain could stop it. Rick didn't seem to notice my comment and started to walk, what I assumed, was north.

"I don't know what that is, but yeah, I've camped before." Was all he said. I wanted to cry but as an eighteen year old, and young lady, I had to be strong. So I chose to ignore the fact that Rick and I may have been abducted by aliens, had our memories cleansed, and returned to earth. Thanks aliens for the amazing place you dropped us off. Buncha assholes.

One hour later…

We'd been walking for probably five hours by now. Or at least that's what it felt like when you walked without shoes. My bright orange socks had begun to turn dark brown and green from the forest floor. I held my arms tightly against the cold breezes, my teeth chattering lightly. I was wearing a black tank-top, blue jeans, and my dark hair was pulled back into a high pony tail. Rick led the way, and after the first five million hours, I finally saw him start to look cold.

"Why do I feel like I'm in the Blairwitch Project?" I managed to croak out. Rick chuckled,

"You're not. We're fine. Don't worry." Rick said, a cloud of frost puffing out his mouth. I rolled my eyes, well if Rick says not to worry, we muuuust be fine.

Rick suddenly stopped short and I almost bumped into him. I peered around his side and felt my heart drop. A large royal maroon train lay sleepily on rusty train tracks. It looked as if it had been there a while, but then it was dark and cold and it represented a means of heat. "Ecliptic Express" declared the train's name in gold letters above a simple door. The dark tinted windows didn't give us a clear view inside, but it definitely looked like a fancy first class train.

"That looks like the train from Resident Evil Zero…" I mumbled through numb lips. Rick stirred beside me,

"That's a game Claire." He said in his most condescending tone.

"Doi, I'm just saying!" I grumbled and started for the train. Rick pulled me back, his gaze still on the slumbering metallic machine.

"I don't know about this… It doesn't look right…" Rick said quietly. I shuddered and tried to sound as nice as possible when I was in the midst of getting pneumonia,

"Look Rick, I'm freezing. I think if I'm out here any longer, I'm going to die from frostbite. We need to get inside." I was already walking towards the train door before I was done speaking, and Rick followed me slowly. I reached forward hesitantly to grasp the long metal handle of the door, but Rick pulled me back and took ahold of the handle himself.

"Just stay behind me, alright?" Rick spoke, his voice low, as if trying to stay undetected by whatever it was that he thought was inside. I frowned slowly at Rick's paranoia and decided to be careful just as well. Rick pulled the train door open, and at the sudden loudness of the grating door, I began to wonder if something deadly in the forest could have heard that. I wanted inside the train more than ever now.

"Come on, coast looks clear." Rick said quietly and pulled me in front of him to push me up into the dark train. There were actually functioning lights inside and although that should comfort me, it didn't. It was as if something bad happened. I waited 'patiently' for Rick to climb up into the train, and shut the door behind us. Just as the door shut, I thought I saw something move out in the shadows of the trees.

"Jesus… what happened here?" Rick whispered as we finally took in our surroundings. The seats all faced forward, to the left, and beautiful small chandeliers hung at the front and the end of the cab. The mossy green seats were ripped, torn, stabbed, and shredded. It was as if a wild animal had been let loose in here. Plates, clothes, newspapers, and other small items lay broken and strewn about. The dark air around us lay heavily, as if the remnants of bad energy were still lingering from the violence that took place before our arrival. The walls and ceiling of the train cab were dark oak, and the carpeted floors were snot yellow and green, decorated with stitched diamond symbols. Torn vanilla white and thicker maroon curtains framed the train windows.

"So… let's go back outside…." I started to turn around when the train door slid open on its own and I let out the most childish scream in the world and shoved Rick in front of me. I know, I know, I'm a coward. But don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same…. And if not, you're lying. Probably.

"FREEZE!" The high-pitched voice of a female officer erupted from the source of the noise. I froze against Rick's side until I realized who I was looking at. Rick seemed just as shocked as I was and the young officer before us seemed pleased that we took her declaration to 'freeze' literally. I finally 'unfroze' and tugged at Rick's arm,

"Rick. Rick. Rick. Rick. Are you seeing this? Rick?" I kept my wide unblinking eyes at the confused cop as Rick snatched his arm away from me,

"Yes, god damn it!" Rick hissed, then acknowledged our company,

"Hello… Uhm… I'm Rick, this is my sister Claire-" The young officer with piercing blue eyes told Rick to shut up. I snorted, trying not to laugh which earned me a smack to the back of the head. I redid my ponytail because the moron to my right fucked it up.

"I'm officer Rebecca Chambers. Are you- were you on this train?" She asked, tripping over her own questions. I took in her nearly red head pixie cut, pink chocker, medic get-up, and the cool green fingerless gloves. She seemed- oh sweet merciful Jesus, she's MY age! That's right… Shinji Mikami really went with realism on that one.

Rick paused, then spoke as if he had practiced this occurrence a thousand times, "No. We got lost in the woods- we were chased by some… I don't know what, but we ended up here and took refuge." I nearly gave away Rick's bluff with my condescending look of impressiveness. Rebecca studied Rick closely, obviously sensing I wasn't a threat,

"…Have you run into anyone else?" She questioned. I shook my head while Rick put words to the action,

"No. We just got on the train." Rick said softly. He was trying his best not to look like a threat. Which I wasn't sure how to do, considering he was twice Rebecca's size. Heh heh, he squish head under boot like tiny grape.

"Sooo… Rebecca Chambers, huh? So… do you have any partners? Like… I see on your vest you're a part of S.T.A.R.S… do you happen to know-" Before I could continue my amazing geek out, Rick put his hand over my mouth and asked Rebecca for a minute while dragging me away from her towards a door that read, 'Restaurant Cab'.

"Claire, I swear to God." Rick hissed down at me, his usually tired eyes trained so intently on me I felt all giddiness leave my body.

"I'm sorry okay, but don't act like this isn't kind of cool." I said lamely. Rick ran a hand through his hair and sighed annoyed,

"Look we don't have much time. I know this is insane, but we have to act like this is real. I don't know what happened and why, but we're on the next bus to the loony bin if we tell her we're in a game." Rick rushed, his eyes watching mine closely. I saw Rebecca out of the corner of my eye draw closer to us. I nodded quickly, feeling comfort in the fact that Rick was here with me. I wasn't crazy if he was experiencing this too right?

"Okay, and don't worry. I'll take care of you." He said, his hand on my shoulder. His hand was warm which was nice considering I was freezing my lady balls off. Rebecca was now right behind Rick,

"Everything alright?" She asked, looking at me. She probably thought sasquatch kidnapped me because we didn't look like siblings. I smiled,

"Yeah, fine. So… what's next officer Chambers?" I asked, and immediately feigned a look of fear when Rick gave me a glare. Too happy, too happy… tone it down,

"I mean, I don't want to die here, I'm scared!" I wailed. Rick started rubbing his temples while Rebecca actually loosened up. She seemed satisfied with my reaction. Nailed it.

After a minute of bickering of whether or not Rick and I should go with Rebecca, we outvoted her two to one. Which she didn't seem to understand she could easily override considering she's a cop. But alas, she's a rookie and probably wants us around anyway since it is a pretty creepy place to be alone. Thus we began our journey.

We walked through the only cab that was open, which turned out not to be the Restaurant Cab. Sad day, hunger struck me like a ton of bricks the minute I read, "Re-".

The next cab was actually a lot brighter than the one before, and although the same mess met us, we found comfort in numbers. That is until we noticed the blood stained seats. Rebecca whirled to face us, and I realized she appeared just as afraid,

"This isn't looking like a good idea, maybe you two should stay in the other cab. Something bad happened here." She said, already shooing us back towards the cab door. Rick held his hands up and shook his head,

"Look, I'm not sure I feel comfortable letting you do this alone alright? I think there's strength in numbers and if-" Rebecca cut Rick off, her sweet face now twisted into one of anger,

"Because I'm eighteen right? Because I'm a young woman?" She snarled. Rick looked like he accidentally called his girlfriend fat. I began laughing, and came to his aid,

"Becks, come on. That's not why, but I can see you've had issues before with those things eh?" I tried to lighten the mood.

"Don't call me Becks." She muttered. I nodded and kept my trap shut. Rick sighed, having recovered, and tried again,

"Let's keep going. I know you want us here too. Besides, whatever horrible thing did this may still be on the train. And if it is, you sending us back there, without a weapon, where you can't protect us from it, should it return, would be a bad decision." Rick elaborated. Rebecca seemed pleased with this reasoning and gave a curt nod. I gave Rick a thumbs up and kept following our leader.

"Hello?" Rebecca called out into the empty cab, and that was when I saw the dead bodies. Just chillin in their seats… and they were decaying? The smell hit us too then and I made a groaning/retching noise. Rick put an arm around my shoulders and told me it was going to be okay.

"Do you guys hear that?" Rebecca asked, and we listened intently. Someone was talking lowly. It sounded like a conversation. We proceeded forward until we realized the talking came from a small radio at the feet of a dead corpse. Rebecca kneeled and took the old school, square radio with shaky hands. When she stood she turned her back to the dead body and fidgeted with the device. Rick suddenly stiffened,

"Rebecca…" He whispered, and pulled her towards him, Rebecca seemed shocked at the sudden touch but then turned around quickly to see the-

"Zombie!" I managed through my closed throat and turned around to run- two more walking corpses came face to face with me and I fell back against Rick. Rick pulled me behind him.

"Shoot them!" Rick ordered, while Rebecca made struggled gasping noises. Rick was about to take her gun when she shot the zombie with the radio, ordered us to run away from the other two, giving her room, and shot the other two. It happened so fast that when it was all over we just stood in silence and watched the coagulated blood flow out from the decaying zombie's bodies.

"What the hell just happened?" Rebecca whispered, her gun still firm in her hands. I was still clutching Rick's side and shook all over. Rick took a deep breath.

"Looks like we're going to have to stick together. This isn't some normal accident…" Rick said, and Rebecca nodded up at him.

"Y-yeah… You're right, Rick." She tried a smile, but her lips twitched and her hands were shaking. Well, at least we're all on the same side now. Rebecca continued forward, opting for the next cab rather than proceeding up a steep and small staircase. Once we went through the door, we were hit with cold air. A small window to our right was broken and rain sprinkled in through the cracks onto a small decorative table with soggy cigarettes. We continued around the corner, passed a tipped over plant, and decided to check a couple of rooms on our way back. We proceeded passed a bunch of stacked up junk, a locked conductor's office, and finally to a locked door which required a code to be opened.

A dead body lay at the end of the walk, an obnoxiously shiny key declaring its existence below his right thigh. Rebecca looked up at Rick, visibly gulped, (or maybe that was in my imagination) and kneeled down to retrieve it. Rick stopped her however, and nodded.

"I'll search him." He said lowly. I shrugged, so long I wasn't doing it. Rebecca nodded her thanks, but a look of curiosity passed her features. She was wondering something. I frowned, actually, I was wondering why Rick wasn't freaking out more. Was it because I was there? Like he had some sense of protecting me?

My thoughts didn't get any further as I heard some gruff footsteps behind me. I squeaked in shock and turned around, anticipating a zombie, but of course, and I should have known, it was none other than Billy Coen.