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Reident Evil: Stay Alive

Chapter: 85

"Reality Bites"

We eventually wound up in a big elevator leading down. It was clearly a storage elevator with some crates. Steve was still bitter as f-ck, and Chris was actually really nice to him. I immediately decided I needed to follow Chris's lead. The dark elevator 'pinged' at it's arrival and opened up.

We exited and wound up in a stoned two story room. The hue of the room was green and mossy while the walkways above were metallic. There was an elevator- blue and modern about a hundred to two hundred feet across from us, the other side of the room, leading up to the second floor walkway and wherever else.

Directly in front us stood Wesker in all his black clothed glory. Jill, now just wearing a blue and red jumpsuit that fit her skintight stood beside him with an angry-ass look on her face. Wesker smirked- it faltered as he saw Rick and Steve.

"What-?!" He spat- as if he was seeing something horrible. I looked at Rick with a raised eyebrow.

"The virus- it bonded with both of you?!" He was getting pissed, his chest was heaving and his leather clad hands were gripped tightly into balls. Rick and Steve looked at each other then back at Wesker.

"What are you talking about?!" Rick yelled, though he feared he already knew due to Hunk's speculation.

"I told you already Rick." Hunk said as if on cue. I laughed,

"I think he wants to hear it from Wesker himself." I said. Hunk 'humph'ed. Wesker stepped forward while Jill didn't move.

"This… is unacceptable! Why on earth would the virus bond with your pathetic DNA?! WHY NOT MINE?!" Wesker was yelling furiously at the end of his declaration. Rick smirked this time,

"Guess your DNA just wasn't good enough Wesker." Rick grinned. Wesker let out an inhumane scream and charged. I jumped to the side with Billy following my lead. Jilly jumped into action as well. Steve and Rick went for Wesker while the rest of us went for Jill.

"You can't hurt her!" Chris yelled at us as we ducked, hid, and defended ourselves from Chris's crazy girlfriend.

"Well, bro, do something then! She's shooting at us and kicking our asses!" Billy yelled behind a pillar being shot at mercilessly by Jill. I ducked as Jill spun spraying bullets everywhere. Hunk looked at Chris with an exasperated look on his face.

"Yes Chris, what will you have us do?" Hunk asked.

"Kill her and I'll kill you!" Chris growled. Hunk rolled his eyes as if the idea of Chris killing him was ridiculous. Which I guess it was.

"Chris, that contraption on her chest! It's probably what's controlling her, we have to get it off!" Sheva yelled, ducking from Jill's spinning crazy kick of doom.

"Wow, actually that's a good idea. Let's do that!" I said happy with Sheva for once in my life. Sheva seemed okay with me and actually smiled. Billy grabbed Jill from behind and held her arms back. Chris approached and tried yanking the bug robot off. Hunk, Sheva, and myself watched nervously.

I glanced over to see how Rick and Steve were doing and found that they were having a tough time. I guessed the virus depleted enough to fit their bodies while Wesker who consistently injects himself will always be at an all time high… They were really just fast shades moving so I couldn't see much. Yet I did see short stops of flashes- Wesker hitting Rick then Steve…

I turned back to see Jill kick Chris in the face and then head butt Billy and aim her gun at him. Billy dove while I tackled Jill. Jill maneuvered around me and glared angrily at me. I rolled off in time to avoid getting shot in the gut. My survival skills are amazing.

"Jill, please! Stop this!" Chris pleaded, his eyes sad and desperate. Billy's nose bled and he looked one hundred percent done. Hunk this time grabbed her and Chris tried once more to dislodge the robotic bug. The attempt was a little more successful yet not completely. Jill managed to throw Hunk over her shoulder. He gasped in pain.

"Jill! Listen to me!" Chris kept pleading.

"Chris, I'm starting to hate your girlfriend." Billy said, blood dripping down his chin. Hunk was still on his back.

"Me too." He muttered. Jill reached out both arms with her TMP's and turned slowly in a perfect circle shooting. We all ducked.

"Guys shut up! I would do the same for you!" Chris defended.

"Yeah right, your sissy ass would bounce." I grinned. Chris shot me a look. I shut up. So this went on for another five minutes until finally Chris yanked the bug off of Jill's chest. Wesker said something about being a girl, and took off. No just kidding he said he needed to release that virus mcBober so … he pranced off to do that…

"Jill!" Chris laid her down since she went all unconscious on us and shook her shoulders. Billy, Hunk, and Sheva nursed injuries with evil glares cast at Chris.

Rick and Steve came up to us huffing and puffing. Jill slowly opened her eyes and when she saw Chris she smiled. Billy and I gravitated towards each other while we gave Chris and Jill their moment.

"I'm so sorry… I could see everything I was doing but- I couldn't control myself." Jill said looking around at us. I smiled,

"It's okay Jilly!" I grinned while Billy and Hunk glared down at me. I LOL'd.

"Jill where is Wesker going?" Chris asked,

"Chris he literally declared what he was going to do before he left." Rick said with a raised eyebrow.

"WELL, I was a little preoccupied with my girlfriend okay?!" Chris yelled over his shoulder. Rick held up his hands.

"He's going to release the virus into the atmosphere! We have to stop him! I need a minute- I'm too weak to go, you guys will have to-" Jill was cut off by Chris,

"I'm not going anywhere without you!" Chris hissed. Hunk, Billy, and myself rolled our eyes at the same time.

"Chris, dude, we have to go!" Rick exclaimed annoyed. Sheva stepped forward.

"I'll stay here with her and we'll find a way to help when she is feeling stronger." Sheva said. I stared at her not sure if I was starting to really like her. Chris looked torn between being the one to stay and to go because let's face it, he's our leader. With Hunk being second in command but he takes off randomly so maybe Rick. Billy and I were there to look absolutely adorable! Okay maybe not.

"Go Chris! Please!" Jill pleaded. Chris kissed her hard on the mouth and I made a 'eww' noise.

"I love you Jill." Chris whispered against her lips, then let her go and jogged to the elevator while Sheva bent down to help Jill. We all jogged after Chris. I looked back and saw Jill dreamily smile after Chris. I guess every girl wants to be kissed like that. I looked at Steve who was grinning like a goon at me. I stuck out my tongue. He was a maybe. And now he's a NO.

The elevator pinged and we all crowded inside. I was literally pressed against Billy's chest while Steve was smushed right behind me. Rick was trying to look dignified being crushed against Hunk. Chris was laughing since he was smashed against the controls and not someones face.

I looked at Billy who looked at me.

"Billy, you look tired." I said. Billy raised an eyebrow.

"So do you squirt." He retorted.

"It's almost over. Unless ya'll fuck up." I said. Everyone 'hey'ed.

"That's good I need a vacation." Billy muttered. I laughed,

"Me too." I agreed.

"I need a vacation where none of you people happen to be, and where I won't be suffocated like an animal breathing in RICK'S BREATH!" Hunk snapped. We all (some tried but failed) to look at Hunk. Chris started laughing which made Hunk curse and try to hit Chris.

"I'm sorry Hunk!" Rick tried to look up so he wasn't breathing in Hunk's face.

The elevator pinged and we had reached our destination. Hunk was taking big breaths as we spaced out in the dark blue hallway.

"Okay, onward." Chris said, using one of my lines. I just smiled. I was tired. SO, we went down the concrete hallway through another dark red door, and inside was the merchant.

"Where the HELL have you been?" Billy snapped, pulling out all his treasures. The merchant jumped and exclaimed as many times before,

"Ahaha, welcome!" So we all took our turns and once finished, Steve felt cooler because he'd collected so much money he could buy the Hydra shotgun with a shit ton of bullets which I was pretty sure meant unlimited, and a rocket launcher. We all glared at the kid. Thus we said bye to the merchant, and walked through a brown door.

We found ourselves on a metallic catwalk that stretched from one grotto wall to the other into what looked like a control room. Below, maybe thirty feet, was a tanker ship. We all realized it was about to take off so we'd best get down there somehow. Hunk for some reason decided to hook rope on the rail and slide down the rope onto the ship deck since we probably didn't have time to go down there.

A horn sounded. Yeah Hunk was right.

"Claire Bear go after Billy." Rick ordered. I nodded. So like little monkeys swaying in the cold breeze of the grotto, we lowered ourselves onto a big dock, which for some reason no one saw us do. The ship started to move faster and we all took cover behind a large crate.

"Okay, since we haven't been spotted, let's move quickly and efficiently. If we can spare ammunition and not use guns at all, let's do that." Chris briefed us. We nodded and stepped out from behind the crate. Two Majini with machine guns were there to greet us.

"Oh come on!" Chris bellowed and immediately we ducked away from the extremely loud machine gun's bullets. Billy laughed and pulled out his rifle.

"Sorry Big Cheese." He said. Steve and Rick with their inhuman speed snapped the Majini's necks. Chris looked touched that they had done what he'd wished but of course I'm always here to ruin his moment,

"You batches didn't have to do that, their loudass gunshots already gave up our position." I said grinning evilly at Chris who glared.

"Wha? We just wanted to see who could snap the Majini's necks fastest?" Steve said which Rick agreed on. I laughed.

"Were none of you listening?" Chris growled,

"Define… listening…" Rick said slowly. That was how for the next five minutes we had to keep Chris from throttling Rick who couldn't stop laughing which just made Chris angrier.

"Enough, we have to stop Wesker!" Hunk hissed. So we all continued about the ship deck looking like scolded children.

We then rounded a crate and came face to face with a single Majini. We laughed, yeah, us six against this little guy.

"You know alone they're kinda cute." I joked. Billy laughed,

"Yeah poor lil' guy." He grinned. The Majini suddenly smiled. We all looked scared since that was never a good sign.

It… exploded… and turned into what looked like a boney meat ball/ venus fly trap… So technically it still had the human looking legs but from navel up it was a boney ball of a venus fly trap. In which the jaws would open and snap a mafaka in half. It also had a weird meaty looking tail.

"ONE, TWO, THREE, I CALL THE NAME! Let's call this one Snapper Jacker." I exclaimed excitedly. Everyone looked bummed they couldn't name it.

It charged us and we all ducked out of the way except Steve who was all 'what, I'm superman now, I can take this- OH MY GOD ARGHHH'.

And 'ARGHH' he did exclaim. The Snapper Jacker chomped down on his torso like a crocodile chomping down on a zebra. A really fat, ugly zebra.

"Man I just bought this first aid spray too…" Chris groaned as Steve was flung back the way we came and crashed against the rail of the ship. I ran to help Steve before I even knew what I was doing. Chris threw the spray after me and hit me in the back sending me sprawling. I rolled over,

"YOU BITCH, WHY'D YOU THROW IT AT ME IF I WASN'T LOOKING?!" I yelled while Billy, Hunk, and Rick were trying to breathe through their laughter. Chris had both hands over his mouth and was looking at me wide eyed.

"I thought- I thought you saw me holding it and was gonna catch it- I don't-" Chris blubbered. I grabbed the spray and glared daggers at him.

"I'll kill you later." I snapped and raced to help Steve while the laughter continued. I sprayed the unconscious Steve quickly and waited for him to come back. While I waited I looked back to see how the others were doing.

"Shoot it in the legs, bullets does shit on the head." Billy instructed. The others went for the legs and soon enough the creature was dead. Steve at that point regained consciousness and groaned,

"Jesus, I guess I got a little carried away." He said and looked at me sheepishly. I shrugged and helped him up.

"It's okay, happens to the best of us." I said. Steve looked down at me weird and then kept walking. We soon reached a wall of just cargo crate thingys. Like big silver indented crates. We saw a switch to the left and pressed it. A crane moved a cargo shipment in the middle creating a path. As we ran through, we spotted two different ways.

"I guess we're splitting up." Chris said, and turned to the rest of the group.

Billy and I automatically stepped together. It wasn't even conscious, we just always were lumped on the same team. Chris saw this and smiled evilly.

"Claire Bear, myself, and Hunk. Team two, Rick, Steve, and Billy." He said. Every eye went to Billy and myself. We suddenly realized what was said.

"HEY!" I exclaimed while Billy glared at Chris.

"You being real, man?" Billy asked venomously.

"Yeah Chris, you can't do that!" I growled. Chris stared at us then turned to Steve,

"They really are codependent." He said,

"YEAH WE KNOW BATCH." I yelled and Billy nodded,

"Yeah Chris! So quit dickin' around man!" Billy spat. Chris rolled his eyes while I saw my bro look at me really sad. I frowned about to ask why he was all emo, when Chris was all,

"Billy, C.B., Rick, and Hunk, Steve, and myself." Chris said and led his group to the left. We went right and climbed up a ladder that would leave us on top of the cargo shipments.

"Uh, guys… what do you think will happen when we're done with this game?" Rick asked. Billy glanced back at Rick,

"You two go home." He said his voice heavy. I didn't catch on,

"Yeah Rick duh." I said and followed after Billy who jumped across a small gap between two then stood close to catch me if I fell. I jumped. Billy then waited for Rick. Rick jumped easily,

"Yes… but you two do realize you'll be leaving each other right?" Rick asked quietly. My heart dropped into my stomach and I realized we would be. We were on the last game. There wasn't any 'oh we have another game left no worries' this was it. And we were close to beating it too…

"Yeah Rick, what about it?" Billy asked, a snap in his voice. Rick didn't say anything. I thought about it. I didn't want to leave Billy. I didn't want to leave any of them. On the other hand I wanted to see Catrina, Marie, and my parents. And friends again. But … I looked at Billy who was glaring at Rick. This suddenly became the hardest decision of my life.

"Nevermind. Let's-" Rick was cut off when we heard a loud 'clank' and turned around to see the others in the center of the ship dock below- trapped under a large rectangular cage. Rick sighed heavily while Hunk looked like he was ready to kill someone.

"I guess we should help them." Rick sighed.

"HURRY UP!" We heard Hunk yell angrily as we ran to help.

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