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Resident Evil: Stay Alive

Chapter: 86


Billy, Rick, and myself raced around like little monkeys trying to reach the tower in order to raise the cage holding Chris, Sheva, Hunk, and Steve hostage. We were currently two ladder ascensions, from the lever, on a narrow walkway just by the ship's edge. I took up center while Rick took the lead. Billy was taking up the back.

"Jesus they're everywhere…" Rick breathed while the air he exhaled came out in a faint white cloud. I shivered and looked back to see how Billy was doing. He was fighting three off while more were ascending from the rails around us. I aimed at a Majini crawling over the metallic rail before me and shot. Chris, Sheva, Hunk, and Steve were a bit away and had their own Majini to worry about.

"No help came this day from Chris…" I said darkly in a mocking way. Rick stifled a laugh and shot two more Majini before the ladder we were to ascend. The dark night just made everything much more dramatic. And it was… dramatic indeed.

"Chris has his own shit to deal with, just go! The faster we get that cage to raise the faster we can regroup and fight together!" Billy yelled over a howling gust of wind.

"He's right, let's go!" Rick growled and barreled through another two Majini that had taken the place of the two who he'd shot. I followed after Rick quickly, my hand frozen around my gun. I ascended the ladder after Rick and tried to climb as fast as I could. The platform before the second ladder was narrow and only two people could stand on it so we kept going upwards- up the next ladder. Rick yelped in surprise at the Majini that awaited us before the lever. It had a huge rocket launcher. Rick managed to duck and shoot it just in time.

"Thank Jesus you have Wesker-like abilities…" I wheezed as I stepped up on the final platform with Rick. Rick pulled the lever and we heard faint squeaks of happiness from the group that was trapped.

"Huh. They sound like gerbils." I mused. Billy shot down at the Majini trying to climb up the ladder towards us,

"How the hell DO gerbils sound? Do they even squeak?" He asked. I shrugged.

"You squeak, they squeak…" I mumbled while Rick squeezed by to Billy's side and peered down the length of the ladder.

"How is there even logic in-" Billy began but Rick cut him off in a tight voice,

"We'll be wasting too much ammo, -


"Ammo if we shoot them all like this. I'm sure we're at the end of the game and we need to conserve our bullets… I'll jump each of you down to the rest of the group. One at a time." Rick continued unabated by my declaration. Whatever.

"… Erm. Okay, sounds good. Claire Bear goes first, I'll fend them off." Billy said in a rush. Rick nodded and grabbed me tightly- then reconsidered and hauled me over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. Then we were air borne. I grit my teeth in fear/cold and grunted each time Rick landed hard and then sighed in relief when I was by Chris and Hunk's side.

"Took you jackasses long enough." Chris grinned as Rick sped off to retrieve Billy.


Billy huffed exasperatedly as he kicked a Majini in the face sending it barreling into two more and knocking them off the ladder. He looked back just in time to see Rick land behind him. Billy sighed,

"Let's go." He mumbled. Rick picked him up princess style and hopped over the ledge. Billy's face rushed with heat,

"You had to pick me up like this didn't you-?" He yelled over the winds. Rick just smirked then started singing,

"I can show you the worrrrrlllddd…" He began. Billy punched Rick in the chest and Rick coughed but kept smiling.

"Shut the hell up with that Aladdin shit!" Billy laughed. In another two seconds Billy was dropped beside Claire-Bear and Chris who were patiently waiting. Chris looked like he wanted to laugh but Billy's glare told him not to. Sheva and Steve had no problem grinning. Claire Bear just smiled. Hunk on the other hand was bent over laughing.


Rick and Billy-Bob were back and just in time because more Majini were scurrying their way closer to us. Our good humor was short lived when we heard barking and turned to see three Majini pups run towards us.

"Ughh, the struggle is real." Chris groaned. I laughed and in a few more moments the pups were dead but the Majini were seriously on our nuts so we needed to run.

"Let's go, we gotta keep moving." Chris commanded and shoved Steve forward which caused Steve to look at Chris like, 'Damn I wasn't even resisting' SO, we raced around the tall cargo containers like frightened children, okay that was me and possibly Billy- he didn't look too gracious, and reached-

"Another fucking ladder. I don't know if I'm out of shape or something, but I swear to God, climbing these fuckers are hard…" Billy complained.

"You're out of shape." Hunk said monotone and ascended the ladder quickly. Billy made a face and followed suit. We raced across the platform and through a heavy metallic door. Once on the other side we were relieved we were in an empty hallway and that there were some crates to help barricade the door. Rick and Sheva blockaded the door while the rest of us did AMMO checks and reloaded.

"Christ." I muttered at the onslaught. Rick sighed and leaned against the metallic wall to the left of the door we had come through.

"It's like we're playing harder than hell mode." Rick exhaled. Chris shrugged,

"My goddamn life is hard mode." He muttered. A small snort was heard. Chris's head snapped up and he glared at Hunk and Billy. They both stared back at him with straight faces.

"Who snorted?!" Chris demanded. Hunk and Billy pointed at each other. Chris just rolled his eyes and turned to Rick while I saw Hunk and Billy grin at each other. Dorks.

"Let's keep moving. You alright buddy?" Chris asked. Rick nodded,

"Yeah. Just took a lot out of me to use that much … uh power I guess?" Rick admitted. I looked up at him concerned,

"But you're okay right?" I asked sadly. Rick nodded and patted my head. Chris nodded once and cocked his shotgun.

"Right, let's go. I wanna end this shit already." Chris said. Basically speaking for all of us. We trudged carefully through the L shaped hallway and collected whatever herbs and AMMO we could find. We crushed crates and so on. We then entered a gigantic maze like room with ladders, overhead walkways, poles, and yeah. It was probably a minor storage room compared to the giant cargo holders on deck. Oh yeah and a shit ton of Majini were present with rifles…

"My life…." Hunk complained and took aim.

"Haha, let's just take this room as a unit-" Chris began, another snort sounded. Chris wheeled on us as the enemy fire began,

"Seriously who is that?! Knock it off!" He growled.

"Duck!" Rick yelled at Chris and we all took cover behind wooden crates and metallic barrels. We proceeded towards the ladder in front of us slowly and climbed down one at a time while covering the person descending. We recognized the red barrels were explosive and obviously didn't use them as cover. When we were all on the ground safely, Chris barked orders,

"Rick, Steve take snipers on the second level, Hunk, Sheva, kill the sons of bitches ahead of us and on coming. Claire Bear, Billy take rear and cover us. I'll take any freelancers and keep and eye out!"

"Aye!"- Me and Billy.

"You got it!" Steve and Sheva.

"Hm." Hunk. What did you expect?

"Got it." Rick.

We moved forward pretty expertly and professionally if I do say so myself. We managed to stay in formation until we reached about the mid point when what I assume is a boss approached.

It was a big ole fat Majini with a Gatling gun! YAY! Like our lives aren't hard already!

"Jesus…" Steve whispered as the Majini made his big old mustached entrance. Chris muttered a 'shit' while Sheva literally said, 'Oh no!' Yeah. That just happened. Let it sink in.

"Chris..?" Steve tore his eyes from the grinning Majini and awaited orders from … well our leader.

"Stay in formation, Rick- you and I got this buddy." Chris said looking at Rick. I pressed my lips together to refrain from protesting. Rick was the strongest member of our group and Chris was really depending on him- but at the same time Rick was getting weak from exerting himself so much… But…

"Go! Don't get distracted and when I say take cover- take fucking cover!" Chris commanded. The Gatling gun whirred to life and it was hard not looking when a machine with so much power and noise was just behind me. We pressed forward while every now and then Chris told us to get down. Debris and pieces of the walls and pillars around us would come raining down on us. I looked at Billy who gave me an encouraging nod.

'Hang in there' he mouthed. I nodded.

I let out a shaky breath and glanced back- Rick was going face to face with the Majini trying to prevent it from shooting at all while Chris was shooting at a midway distance. Thankfully no one got hurt and our group managed to press forward, up a ladder, and through another metallic door.

We were once again outside in the chilly night and stacked silver cargo holders surrounded us. We couldn't see beyond the cargo holders, which were conveniently shaped into a small path and led down a ladder a bit away from us. It was way too quiet too. I mean the howling wind was annoying and I was freezing but there were no moans, groans, or abnormal sounds.

"Alright team, let's proceed cautiously on this one." Chris whispered and pressed forward taking point. We all fell into formation around him while Hunk looked eerily focused. It was like he had a sixth sense.

We then realized our suspicions were correct. Something was up. As we approached the ladder and peered down at the platform and various cargo holders below, we saw oh, I don't know, a fucking mountain of dead corpses piled up. We stared down in horror and froze. Sheva let out a small cry and Chris forced himself to move forward and descend the ladder. Rick gave me a look, which had so much in it. He obviously didn't want his fifteen-year-old sister seeing shit like this. Well, too late bro…

We took turns descending the ladder in silence and pretty much just approached the large mound in silence.

"Are there any survivors?" Sheva whispered. I held my gun tightly while Chris looked grim as hell.

"I don't think so but we should make-" Chris was cut off by a giggling noise. He looked back at us,

"Whoever the fuck is giggling at this needs therapy, okay?" Chris bellowed, obviously revving up for a bigass dad like speech.

"Look!" Billy grabbed Chris's face and turned it to look at a walkway from the other side of the mountain of death. It was a woman in a very nice white dress. Her black hair was held up in what seemed to be a bun and she wore gold jewelry.

"You're too late!" She giggled, and smirked down at us.

"They always say that." Steve sighed. I nodded,

"Seriously after a while its just sad." I whispered. The woman was Excella-, which was an interesting name. It reminded me of Soul Calibur and the names in that game.

Excella went on about us being late, Uroboros, how great she is… blah blah, and then she basically said it was time for us to die which made us all pretty upset.

"I don't think so princess." Billy rumbled and aimed his handgun at her. She suddenly looked very sick and began coughing. I raised an eyebrow. Alright, this was …

"Aw shit. When they cough they usually turn into-" And I was cut off as Excella began throwing up black tentacles and goo and in a matter of minutes became a giant fucking lard clump of black and dark green goo and tentacles. Yellow sacks of puss or I don't know, something gross, hung from the tentacles and God, It's like every game the monsters just get sicker and sicker. My eyes were offended.

Tentacles snapped at us, which resulted in us racing back and towards a door with a red light over it. We were ducking and weaving like crazy to avoid getting hit. We made it through the door in time as a thunder light noise snapped against the door.

"S-shit." I whispered and felt the ship churn and weave. Round stereotypical windows to our left looking out to sea exploded and cracked with the pressure while lights flickered and went out. Water began entering the ship and we stumbled for balance.

"We gotta keep going she's right on our tail- keep running and keep focused!" Chris ordered. I nodded shakily.

"I'll take point." Hunk said in his oh so concerned voice. I don't get how he can be so calm.

"I'll go next." Steve declared while the rest of us just followed after. We ran, as quick as our conga line allowed and every now and then Hunk and Steve had to duck and avoid a tentacle that would either come through the roof of the ship or one of the windows. The lighting was red with emergency lights and blue with whatever lights had managed to stay on. We raced along the pathway that the ship allowed until we were forced left through a door when a tentacle blocked our way. We entered a cramped walkway since the room was ruined and only provided a path among the debris. We stumbled through the clutter quickly and managed to enter the command center of the ship. Documents were strewn about and surprisingly the large windows overlooking the waves in front of the ship were still intact.

"Everyone spread out and find whatever could be useful- we're running low on time and this bitch is right behind us!" Chris barked. We all fanned the area while I ran to some documents to my left on a desk. Nothing useful… Hey!

"Chris, look- Wesker needs medicine. Some bullshit crap that'll keep the prototype in him at bay but-!" I was cut off as Steve cut in while reading from his documents,

"If it's excessively administered it can act as a poison! There's two here in a box beside the documents." Steve finished. He just made us look like losers. Like eager beavers trying to impress their teacher. Steve handed Chris the box who took both syringes with red fluids out and put them in his pocket. Chris smiled,

"Great, there's a way to kill this shithead. Even if they were conveniently placed." Chris said. Rick nodded with a small chuckle.

"We gotta get pretty close to inject him." Rick said. Chris nodded in thought.

"Chris! I found a key card!" Sheva declared. Hunk came from around a corner,

"And I'm assuming it's for this door. It has a key panel." Hunk announced. Chris nodded,

"Good we got a way out and information on how to kill this prick." He stated looking a little less tense. Billy and Rick were collecting AMMO and herbs while Steve and I were shifting through some more documents. The ship made a lout metallic screeching noise and all heads shot up.

"Let's move guys, we don't have time to stay." Rick said and nodded towards the door Hunk had been. We raced forward as the ship lurched sending us into the left wall and onto each other. Chris took a deep breath and helped Sheva up while Rick and Steve untangled from each other.

"Let's go, let's go!" Billy yelled over the ships moans.

Eventually we were sort of trapped outside because we're losers with two platforms we could ascend to via two ladders on opposite side of the doors we had come through. The giant Uroboro monster was literally right in front of us and screeching angrily. It began to rain like a motherfucker and the wind whipped sharply around us.

"Hunk, Myself, Steve, and Sheva cover the upper platforms and use those machine guns or whatever the fuck it is to take down this thing! Rick, Billy and Claire Bear stay on the lower level and shoot at the yellow puss! DO NOT GET HIT!" Chris yelled over the rain after a couple minutes fighting the monster already. He'd apparently found something on the upper levels.

"Got it!" Rick yelled over the wind and squinted through the rain. I ducked as a tentacle tried to crush me against the wall behind me.

"You selfish assholes better not die!" Steve yelled, being the last one to ascend the ladder. We nodded gravely though our chances seemed very small. This thing was at least one hundred feet tall.

"I feel like he's still bitter about what happened…" Billy said to me as we shot. I pulled out my magnum and readied for the recoil.

"Yeah he's bitter as shit." I admitted. Rick chuckled.

I dodged another tentacle and heard someone scream overhead. Rick's head shot up automatically, fearing the worst.

"Concentrate guys! We'll assess the damage after!" Billy ordered. Rick and I both nodded and kept on track. When the hell had Billy become … well he always had leadership qualities.

A loud boom was heard and the monster screeched in pain. We heard a, 'Fuck yeah!' from above and grinned. Obviously our team was fine and figured out a quicker way to kill what had formerly been Excella.

In a matter of minutes the creature died and slid off the ship and sunk into the depths of the ocean. I breathed heavily from all the hard work and nursed a deep cut in my upper right arm. Billy had a busted lip and Rick was okay.

"Get up here guys, it's this way!" Steve yelled. We ascended the slick ladder and grinned tiredly at our teammates. We made it. They all looked worse for wear but we were ultimately okay. A door stood behind Chris and Chris nodded at us to follow.

"Let's get out of this rain… I'm soaked." Chris said. Another snort sounded. Chris whirled on us all,

"I will cut whoever keeps doing this…" Chris threatened. Hunk smiled and Billy put an arm around Chris's shoulders.

"Let's go buddy." He laughed.

We reached an engine room and proceeded through unabated by the Majini that tried to kill us. Along the way we picked up herbs, AMMO, and awesomely enough, a rocket launcher.

We proceeded through another door and entered a hanger. It was super dark and over looked a platform below with crates and a small chubby plane. The logo TRICELL surrounded the walls. Oh and just in front of us was Wesker. He looked really pissed. Pissed but badass with his leather Matrix coat on. Our group jogged up behind Wesker,

"You're done Wesker!" Chris yelled while we all had our guns aimed at Wesker. Wesker was holding on to the rail in front of him and let go, agitation evident in his shoulders.

"Don't you miserable cretins ever tire of failing?" He asked while turning to face us. He looked pissed.

"Well… I mean we don't really fail. We stop you every time." I said. Wesker barred his teeth at me. Oookay shutting up.

"I'm really getting tired of you inconveniencing me." Wesker hissed and threw his shades at Chris who caught them with a confused look on his face. I was suddenly air borne and thrown over the rail that Wesker had been standing by and down to the lower levels. I hit the ground with a loud groan and coughed. Billy, Steve, and Sheva immediately joined my side while Hunk, Chris, and Rick remained fighting with Wesker above.

"Jesus I didn't even blink and I was flying…" Billy moaned and struggled to stand. I groaned and held my left shoulder. Billy was at my side in a second and asked if I was alright.

"Yeah… ugh, fine!" I moaned and sat up just as Rick, Hunk, and Chris came crashing down. Rick looked genuinely offended.

"How the hell is he this strong?" He asked while sitting up and then standing in a flash. Chris moaned and spotted a syringe with red fluids inside beside him- he'd dropped it but it hadn't broken. Thankfully. Butterfingers Chris. He grabbed it and shoved it back into his pocket.

Sheva was still nursing her side and grumbled,

"He's lost his damn mind."

"You said it." Steve agreed while we looked up in time to see Wesker fly down at us. Just as he landed, the platform moved up and above us shutters opened to allow the platform to rise. We rose slowly while Wesker laughed and taunted Chris.

"Do you really think you can kill me?" He laughed while Chris glared at him. We were once again outside in a lighter rain but same amounts of wind. Large convenient spotlights aimed for us and the plane pretty much-suggested Wesker's means of escape.

"I really do, asshole!" Chris yelled and began firing. Wesker used his ninja moves to dodge the bullets. We all tried and failed to shoot Wesker and ended up looking like pinballs being hit and sent flying across the platform into beams, boxes, and other hard surfaces. I moaned and saw Wesker standing above me. I glared and aimed my gun at him just to have him smack it out of my hand. He stooped quickly and grabbed my neck then stood and raised his arm up so my feet were off the ground.

"Any last words, cretin?" He hissed. I choked and coughed,

"M-Mr. Anderson… the r-red pill… or the b-blue p-pill?" I asked and Wesker sneered,

"That is the last joke you will be making-" I was immediately dropped as Rick tackled Wesker. He held Wesker in a hold with his arms over his head,

"Chris now!" Rick yelled and grunted as Wesker tried to break free. Chris raced forward with the syringe. Rick was hurled towards Chris and they went flying.

"Damn, close but no cigar." I mumbled and shot at Wesker again. Rick grabbed the syringe from Chris and turned angrily towards Wesker, his eyes yellow and fierce.

"I'm so ready to go home." He growled and raced at Wesker, faster than I had seen him move before- and plunged the syringe into Wesker's neck. I stared in horror as I realized Wesker plunged another syringe into Rick's neck. Rick gasped in pain as both super human beings collapsed before each other.

"W-what did you do to him!?" I screamed and raced to Rick's side. Wesker groaned and held his neck then backed away from us.

"I'm taking back my power!" He grinned evilly. I stared at him. Billy and the others looked confused.

"Wait. So… you healed him?" Billy asked slowly.

"So he's human again?" Hunk asked.

"Completely?" Steve asked, jealousy tinting his voice. Wesker glared.

"Completely." He smiled satisfied. I raised an eyebrow.

"You realize we're happy with this right?" I asked him. Wesker bitch slapped me and hopped away like a bug and onto the chubby plane, which was a bit away. Steve and I forced Rick up while Chris screamed at us to get to the plane.

THUS, we all ran like crazy to get to the moving plane. The cargo hold was our aim… Rick's nose and ears were bleeding due to the strain he was putting his body through and losing his powers. His eyes were back to blue.

"You're… normal!" I wheezed as we ran. Rick nodded with a tired smile,

"Yeah!" He smiled. We all managed to get onto the plane without leaving anyone behind. It was a very tough task considering there are seven of us. I mean, do you realize how insane that is? But I digress,

The cargo hold was small but lit up with yellow lights. As it closed, we noticed Wesker standing inside not looking to well.

"I'm saving the world you fools… Have none of you considered overpopulation?!" Wesker growled as we caught a second wind. I raised my hand.

"I have." Billy nodded,

"Me too but I mean I'm not gonna be a douche and- ACK!" Wesker cut Billy off by grabbing his throat. And then all hell broke loose. Fighting immensed and no one wanted to shoot in case we shot one of our own since there were seven of us and it was a small space.

I kept back and watched as primarily Hunk, Billy, and Chris fought. The rest were trying to get a good shot in, and Rick had the second syringe.

Billy, Chris, and Hunk managed to hold Wesker down while Rick raced forward to inject Wesker. Wesker threw off Billy and Hunk who crashed into me and held Chris up by his throat. Rick leapt and injected Wesker in the thigh. Wesker hissed in pain and dropped Chris.

I got up from the dog pile that had consisted of Billy, Hunk, and me. I saw a lever behind me and shrugged.

I pulled it.

The cargo hold began to open and all wind started to rush about us and sucked everything inside out-

"Thanks for the warning!" Chris coughed, while I looked at him guiltily.

"ERRRRR, sorry…" I grinned, "Now everybody hold on to something! This ain't gonna be pretty!" I declared. Thus the plane began losing altitude and swerved. Wesker was super pissed and bounced around the plane since he didn't grab anything in time but neither did Rick, Chris, Steve, or Sheva.

"STEVE!" Billy yelled as Steve was sucked out of the plane. I stared in horror where I had seen Steve last.


"Well shit…" I mumbled. Billy smacked the back of my head and I growled annoyed because now I would have to redo my pony tail (whenever we landed) because moron number two ruined it.

"He's like Wesker he will live." Hunk said. Everyone went back to panicking about the crashing plane. I'm pretty sure Steve is gonna be pissed again about our lack of concern for his well being but… anyway! Wesker clung to Sheva who tried to be all self-sacrificing which was actually kind, but Chris did a cool matrix move and caught her, and then Wesker went AWWWWW and flew out the plane.

"Jesus we're headed right for a volcano!" Billy yelled as we all tried to keep our grips on the beams or whatever we were holding on to.

"Great. I die here with you people." Hunk sighed. I glared.

The plane crashed right into the side of the volcano and tipped so we landed inside, but it was totally cool cause there were rocks and shit so we didn't die.

The plane was definitely out of commission and electrical wiring around us sparked angrily. Rick ran to me to make sure I was okay. I nodded and stood slowly. Chris motioned for us to exit the cargo hold towards the volcano.

"He may still be alive. Stay alert." Chris said. Sheva nodded and followed Chris.

"Steve is gonna be so pissed." Billy said with a shit-eating grin on his face. Chris whirled around before jumping down from the plane.

"Oh my God I know. Can you imagine? Shit!" Chris laughed. Hunk grinned too while I felt a little guilty. If I'd warned them about pulling the lever Steve may still be here. Well, they had a point; he was like Wesker now, so he'd live.

We all took turns jumping down onto the volcanic rock and were slightly confused why there were crates on a volcano. It was extremely hot, like holy crap hot. Probably 110 degrees. It was a strange difference from suddenly being freezing on the ship an hour or so ago. Lave flowed lazily between the black volcanic rock and in a particularly big opening just yonder from us. It was still nighttime.

"Let's go." Rick said, his eyes drooping. We walked carefully along the volcanic rocky ground, and helped each other up on ledges.

At a particular point, the volcano shook and rumbled angrily. We tried not to fall and die in the lava, but while we were stumbling, the rocked ground we had been standing on cracked and separated us. I was now with Sheva and Hunk, while Chris, Rick, and Billy were together. I took a big gulp.

"Shit!" Rick cursed and I knew he wished he had his powers at that particular moment in time.

"Doesn't matter! We'll find a way ahead to reconnect!" Hunk called. The other side nodded,

"CHRIS!" Came a loud, very ANGRY voice. Wesker.

Wesker stood on a high-sloped ledge- no shirt, metal pieces in his torso, burns along his face and arms, and uh, well his arms were black tentacles. The light of the lava below gave him a menacing appearance.

"Yah?" Chris grinned, probably happy he foiled Wesker's plan. Wesker yelled loudly in anger and charged, let's call them group two. Hun turned to Sheva and I,

"Quick, we gotta keep moving. The rocks are sinking into the lava and we need to help Chris and the others." Hunk directed. I nodded and Sheva pulled out her shotgun.

"Shit it's hot…" I groaned, as sweat dripped down my face. I did notice the lava was sinking whatever was left of the rocky rock we could walk on. Wesker was suddenly at our side and trying to murder us.

"Ugh!" Hunk groaned as Wesker punched him in the gut. I shot at the glowing yellow heart in Wesker's chest. Gross.

"Hey! Wesker! I thought we had unsettled business! You and me!" Chris yelled, being closer a gap and to us. We would have to jump down to the others. Wesker growled and leapt back to Chris's side. Chris unloaded shotgun round after round into Wesker.

"I'll catch you!" Billy yelled as he raced to the base of the ledge where we would jump down. Rick and Chris kept firing at Wesker. At this rate we could beat Wesker pretty fast. Seven against one? Great odds!

We reached the ledge and Sheva jumped first. Just in case… you know.

"Gotcha." Billy breathed and set her down. Sheva raced to Chris and helped them take down Wesker. I jumped down second and Billy caught me.

"Lay off the donuts!" Billy joked,

"I WILL KILL YOU." I growled. Billy set me down and looked a little worried. He then turned to Hunk. He grinned, probably remembering back to Code Veronica when we had to exit the crashed plane.

"My, how the tables have turned…" Billy grinned. Hunk sighed,

"Indeed." Hunk muttered and jumped. Billy caught Hunk and ophh! And gave him a side hug. Hunk grumbled and jogged towards Chris and the others.

And, as we all shot at Wesker, the ground beneath his feet gave way and he fell into the lava with a screech of pain. We could hear the sound of a chopper approaching as we sighed in relief. It was over.

As the chopper circled ahead we looked up and saw Josh and Jill. Chris looked absolutely happy to see Jill and waved. A roped ladder was thrown down to us and we all took turns going up. When it was just Billy, Rick, and I on the ladder, large black tentacles grabbed the legs or whatever they're called, of the chopper and held it from leaving. The jerk made the ladder swing and I yelped. I looked down to see Wesker half submerged by lava and glaring up at us.

"CHRISSS!" Wesker yelled angrily.

"Jesus, would you just die already?" Billy moaned.

"Chris!" I looked up with squinty eyes to see Chris and Sheva holding rocket launchers. They aimed and fired.

"HOLD ON!" Rick yelled down at Billy and myself. I held on for dear life.

The explosion send a wave of energy towards us and shook the chopper making us wave around like rag dolls.

"Jesus… It's…it's over." I whispered and closed my eyes. Billy smacked my boot with his hand.

"Not yet kiddo. You need to get home first." He said. I smiled weakly and climbed the rest of the way up into the chopper. We were greeted with hugs and smiles. And before anyone could say anything- a blinding light erupted at the left of the chopper, which before the light was an exit. The sharp light made us squint and the light stayed. All eyes went to the exit but also to the device causing the light- it was an old typewriter.

"What the fuck is that doing here?" I asked.

"That's your way out! Go!" Chris yelled over the helicopter's loud engine and blades. I looked at Rick sadly. Rick looked pretty sad too. Through all the hard times, the blood, the tears, and the laughs- we'd made new friends. A new family. And now we had to leave. I looked around the helicopter at the sad but smiling faces. We were all covered in dirt and very tired. Josh looked confused as fuck from the pilot seat.

"I'll see you guys…" Rick said quietly and hugged Chris, Jill, Sheva, Billy, and Hunk. I followed suit but saved Billy for last.

I stared at him and couldn't stop myself. I started crying and clung to him for dear life. I had been through so much- everything with this man. He was my best friend. And now I had to leave him. Billy's arms wrapped around me tightly and I heard someone sniffle. Billy pulled away knowing I wouldn't.

I stared into his strong face- the face that had initially held a cold ferocity but now held care and love. His dark eyes shone with tears and he laughed a little while a tear escaped his eye.

"I-… I'm gonna miss you kiddo…" He whispered. I cried and could barely form a sentence,

"I'm gonna miss you too Billy…" I wept. Billy reached up and pulled off the dog tags he wore around his neck. He handed the warm metal plates to me and held my hand for a moment.

"So you won't forget." He said roughly. I smiled sadly.

"I'll never forget." I said sadly and hugged him one last time. Rick pulled me up and held me close as we backed towards the light. Jill was the one tearing up while Hunk actually looked sad. Chris looked pretty upset too while Sheva and Josh both looked a little confused but sad because everyone else was. I took a deep breath and with one last look at Billy, entered the flashing white light.

The light engulfed Rick and I and for a second we lost track of where we were- Rick just held on to me tightly while I grasped the dog chains in my right fist hard. Then the light was gone.

We were back. Back in the grey living room with the old couch and bean bag I had been sitting on what seemed like ages ago. It smelt faintly of coffee and cookies from the staircase to our right leading downstairs to where I knew my mom had company over. I looked up at Rick's dirty face and saw mirrored in his- sadness.

"It worked. We're back." Rick said quietly. I nodded and looked over at the T.V. the bloody letters 'YOU DIED' were still across the screen. I sat on the grey beanbag and picked up the controller, which was face down. The only clue that we had been gone since I dropped it. Rick watched me stare at it.

"Claire Bear…" He whispered. I looked up at the screen and-… I smiled widely.

"Why are you smiling?" Rick asked and followed my gaze. On the television screen, what should only be two options: Quit and Retry, had turned into three.

I smiled at Rick.

"Wanna go say hi to those miserable bastards?" I grinned- happiness enveloping my whole being. Rick grinned wide. Realizing too that the typewriter was the option back on the other side, and that we knew the others would keep it.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun." Rick chuckled. I looked back at the options: