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Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle, although his parents had been taken away from him by a terrible illness, he was fair, trusting and very kind. But then one winter's night, a ragged waif came to the castle, and begged for shelter from the bitter cold. Moved by her despair, he ushered her inside. But the young prince's selflessness did not do him any good.

Prince Garfield stared at the young girl as she was led to the large fireplace in the main hall by one of his staff. She sank into a large armchair and stretched her almost blue fingertips toward the flames. Prince Garfield did not normally open the front doors himself, not because he was a prince and princes did not do that sort of thing, but because most travelers, and even some of his own villagers might be frightened by his appearance.

Garfield was short for his age and appeared and sometimes acted like he was 12, and not 15. But that was not what put people off, it was his pale green skin and pointed ears. These were the major things you noticed when you saw him, but his hair, which was mossy, in all manners in which that could interpreted, and his two rather pointed teeth added to the overall effect. While in fact he was quite handsome when you looked at him awhile, he was quite a shock to most at first.

This girl's eyes however didn't no widen with fear, or narrow in contempt or disgust when he opened the door to the howling wind. She simply smiled meekly at him begged to stay the night. The fact being that Garfield lived in a castle, meant he had many rooms to spare, and he let her in, promising a room and food for as long as she needed it. He could she how ragged her cloak was and her gloves had so many holes they couldn't have been doing her much good at all. His conscious would let him do nothing but be kind to her. When he saw that she was settled in by the fire, he left her there, softly dozing and went to the kitchen.

The kitchen was warm and busy, people rushed about all around him. Though they had dinner to prepare, they all found a second or two to bid him a cheery and loving hello. Though he was sometimes a bit of a jokester, Garfield was a very good prince, and his people loved him, once they got over how looked that is. He refused the various cakes and sweets pushed at him with a polite, 'no thank you', explaining he only came for some dairy free hot chocolate. It was his friend Korriane who finally brought it to him Korriane was a tall redheaded girl with glowing green eyes, and very tan skin, and as usual was wearing a vivid purple dress. She had shown up at his doorstep too, in need of food and shelter. They had become fast friends early on, but he never did learn exactly where she had come from, he only knew that it was very far away. Once Korriane was back on her feet, she had decided to stay on as a cook. He was never sure why he let her be appointed to that particular position.

"Thanks, Korriane, I 'preciate it" he said as she handed him a tray with two mugs.

"You are most welcome!" she said gleefully. Garfield smiled, that girl was something else, even a small thank you would practically have her floating. She liked his jokes too, at least when she understood them, which wasn't often.

The first thing Garfield ever did when he received a tray of food from Korriane

was to inspect it. He sniffed the drinks, expecting the worst. They smelled wonderful, and just how hot chocolate should smell. Still, it could hurt to check.

"Kori, you didn't put mustard in the drinks did you?"

"Oh! This is most horrible! How could I have forgotten? I am such a gresmarsh"

"No mustard? I mean, Kori come on, what is hot chocolate without mustard? One of these is going to a guest too!" Garfield said with so much sarcasm that you see it dripping from his tongue. Kori did not understand, and looked crestfallen.

"I am so a gresmarsh! To have forgotten a thing such as this! I'll fetch it right away!" she zoomed off with a determined look on her face. She returned seconds later, beaming, holding a small jar of the tangy liquid.

"Wait!" he said holding up a hand to stop her from pouring it into the drinks.

"You know what, I think we'll do without the mustard today, but thanks anyway."

Korriane frowned slightly, but then brightened again.

"If that is what you wish, then I will save it for later!"

After brief good byes with Korriane, Garfield headed back to the main hall. Just as he was entering the hall, he past by his good friend, Speedy, the son of his captain of the guards.

"Hey, I'm heading to the training room. Do want to join me for a duel? You might beat me this time." Speedy said with a smirk, landing a playful jab on Garfield's shoulder. Garfield looked up at his friend, Speedy being slightly taller than him, and saw something gold sticking out of his quiver. Garfield grinned,

"I see what you are about. You want to test out some new arrows on me. Your father wouldn't approve, you might injure me."

"My father wouldn't know fun if it hit him in the face. You know as well as I, you can easily dodge my arrows anyway." Speedy said scoffing. Garfield laughed,

"Don't think saying that will make me go easy on you, but I have to go do something. I meet you in the training room in a bit."

Speedy looked down at the tray in the Prince's hand. He smirked, nodded and walked off. Garfield shook his head in exasperation, and gave a little laugh and then he walked into the main hall. Prince Garfield walked over to the armchair that the girl was sitting in and set the tray down on a table next to the chair. He saw that the girl was still sleeping. He left the tray there in case she wanted something to drink when she woke up, and walked off to the training room. He would talk to her later, for now he would let her sleep.

A little while after the Prince Garfield left the room, the young girl woke from her nap. She yawned and stretched in the cozy armchair. She breathed a sweet sigh, she couldn't remember the last time she felt this comfortable. Then she noticed the mugs on the table. A lovely scent was seeping from their contents. She desperately wanted whatever it was but didn't want to take it with out asking. She looked around the room. No one was there, so she snatched the china mug and held it close to her. It smelled wonderful, she breathed it in, and she blew on it to cool it and then took a long swig. It tasted as good as it smelled. She was soaking in the warmth of the fire and drink, appreciating it immensely, when a voice behind her made her jump.

"Oh, good you're awake."

She turned around to see a lean boy, with long sleek black hair, and dark blue and black clothing. He had cold eyes.

"Ummm..ummmm." the girl mumbled, she was afraid for being scolded for taking the mug. But the boy smiled at her and his eyes warmed up.

"Come on, I'll take you to Prince Garfield."


The black haired boy laughed and wide grin crossed his face, "The green skinned kid."

"Oh, and umm.who are you?"

"Aqua lad, my dad's head of the household here."

"Aqua lad, that's a strange name"

Aqua lad sighed, "Yeah, I know."

The girl stood up and followed Aqua lad down the hall; she sipped her hot drink as they turned down various corridors until they stopped at a pair of two large doors. Aqua lad pushed them open with more than a bit of an effort, for they were very large doors.

"A training room, indeed!" he said to himself, "just opening the doors is training!"

When the doors opened a piece of blond hair fell to hang over the girl's face, covering one of her eyes as she gapped. A boy with short blond hair stood on one side of the room with a drawn bow, the girl watched open mouthed as he let the arrow fly, straight at the green boy. Then, all at once he was gone, and a green cheetah stood in his place. The cheetah easily dodged the arrow and ran toward the blond haired boy. The cheetah though became a dog in the blink of an eye as he tackled the blond haired boy. The green dog stood over his prey slobbering in his face. Both the girl and Aqua lad burst out laughing. Neither of them seemed to be able to stop. Then the blond haired boy kicked the dog off of him. Which in mid air changed into an armadillo, which rolled around in a ball dodging arrows.

"Get him Speedy!" Aqua lad shouted playfully at the blond haired boy. Almost as if in reaction to Aqua lad's comments Garfield changed into a green raven that flew around the room, missing all the arrows easily. Suddenly Speedy stopped.

"Okay, I've hit all the targets." He said with a grin. Garfield changed back into a human or at least as close to a human as he could be. He looked around the room, taking note that all the targets, which were placed randomly all over the room had arrows in the dead center of them. Garfield crossed his arms,

"Well, you didn't hit me!"

"I wasn't trying to you moron, I could have hurt you! If you want me to hit I will!" At that he took an arrow from his quiver that had padding instead of an arrowhead, he dipped this in a nearby barrel of bright red powder and began banging it on the prince.

Aqua lad was laughing uncontrollably at his friends' banter, but he noticed a depressed look had become lodged on the girl's face.

"What is it?" he said in a concerned voice.

"I was just thinking how it must be nice to have friends like that" she said in a voice completely flat. Aqua lad stared at her not sure what to say. She wasn't shaken from this mood, until Garfield and Speedy who had spotted them after a while came over.

"You look like a Christmas tree!" Aqua lad said, cracking up again. For Garfield, by this point was covered in red dots. Both Aqua lad and Speedy said their good-byes, laughing the whole time, and then left. They need to lean on each to stay upright as they walked down the hall they were laughing so hard. When they were halfway down the hallway though, a shout reached Garfield and the girl's ears, "No way man! I am a much better fighter then you!" Speedy shouted at Aqua lad, who gave a slightly quieter response that could reach their ears. And by the time they turned the corner they had gotten into a fistfight. The prince shook his head in exasperation.

"I should have them locked in the dungeon" Garfield growled softly. Then he gave a laugh. He turned to the blond haired girl, smiled, and gave short bow,

"I'm Prince Garfield, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Terra." She said simply. Garfield smiled again.

"Like I said you can stay" Terra cut him off.

"I just want to say thank you for letting me stay here. I mean you just took me in, no questions asked, and I just want to say, I really appreciate it."

Garfield turned the color of the various dots on him.

""Ahhhhey did you see me fight? I'm pretty brilliant aren't I?" he laughed, changed into a gorilla and flexed his muscles. The two of them broke into uncontrollable laughter.

Terra then began looking around the training room.

"So this is a training room?" she said in awe, Garfield nodded. "The ground is dirt right?" she tapped the floor with her foot.

"Uh, yeah, umm." Garfield wasn't sure what to make of her. Terra was running around look at everything, her blue eyes shining. Suddenly she whipped around; her ragged cloak came flying off. Garfield noted that she was wearing a very worn black dress and that she had very nice long blond hair.

"Will you duel me?" she asked eagerly. Garfield stared at her a bit surprised.

"Come on!" she pleaded. "Please!"

"Uh" Garfield said. Terra grinned and then her eyes began to glow. The ground began to shake, and the floor was torn apart, Terra stood wide-eyed on a boulder, that was floating higher then the rest. Still in shock of this new development, Garfield responded mechanically and changed into a bird. He dodged in and out of the rocks coming towards him.

"Come on!" he heard Terra shout through the confusion. "Stop dodging, fight!"

Garfield changed into a howler monkey and jumped from rock to rock trying to get close to Terra. He was just a step away, and he changed into a Panda. He jumped at her and knocked her down. She caught herself, but just barely on a small rock; it was almost a pebble. She held on to it and zoomed around before she landed herself on another boulder. Garfield flew around as a dragonfly for a bit, but then turned into a large eagle. He wove around the rocks, in and out; he thought it extremely fun until

"No, stop, rock stop! Prince! Watch out!"

Garfield turned around to see a huge boulder coming right towards him. They collided with a sickening thud. Garfield fell spinning toward the ground in eagle form and as he hit the ground he just barely missed being hit by the rock.

He changed back to himself as Terra came running over with a stricken face. His whole body pounded, it was a miracle he was not knocked out, but maybe not a blessing. His legs threatened to collapse under him.

"Oh! I am soooo sorry! I.am so sorry!" Terra hung her head, Garfield could see she was crying. Garfield gave a weak laugh, "Come on let's blow this Popsicle stand." And they walked out of training room, leaving it filled with rumble and the floor all grounded up and walked out to the gardens. Well Terra walked and Garfield limped. Garfield collapsed under the nearest tree by the pond. Terra sat down next to him.

"I am so sorry!" she said at once. She stared at her lap. "I really don't have total control over my powers. I shouldn't have suggested we duelthat was stupid of me." Tears leaked from eyes. "It's just you and Speedy seemed to be having so much and I. I just wanted to join inI'm sorry. Please don't tell anyone about my powers, pleasedon't tell how I messed up.I just couldn't stand if.that ..what happened before.happened again."

Garfield wasn't sure what to say that. He reached out to pat Terra on the shoulder, to tell her that it was okay, that he wouldn't tell anyone. But he found he had something in his hand. It was a beautiful black rose that had a faint purple glow to it. It was in enchanting, and he found himself offering it to her,

"Don't worry, really I'm okaydon't worry I won't tell anyone, okay? Don't cry."

She took the rose and smiled, "I trust you, and thank you." They smiled at each other.

"Here," Garfield said and he picked up a rock, and threw it over the water. It skipped once and then sunk into the pond. "YES!" Garfield said, pounding a fist in the air. Terra giggled and threw a rock in the pond too. It skipped, once, twice Garfield followed the rock with large eyes, he let out a sigh when the rock sank after 20 skips. They both laughed, then

"Oww!" Garfield hissed and grabbed his ribs, he sunk to the ground.

"Oh my god! Prince Garfield! Are you alright?"

They both turned around to see a pretty girl with dark skin wearing a yellow dress with black trimming.

"Yeah, Bee, I'm fine." Garfield said weakly. The girl shook her head,

"No you're not, come on. Transform so I can carry you" she said bossily.

"No I'm fine, I can walk!" Garfield stood up, took a step and promptly fell flat on his face, and after a stern look from Bee transformed into a cat. Which she picked up and walked off, as Terra hadn't existed.

Terra at once set off to follow them, but some how managed to loose the taller girl. She ended up wandering around the castle, completely lost. After a while she found someone who gave her proper directions and she made her way to the Prince's bedroom. On her way there she came across a very pretty girl with glowing green eyes and long red hair. The girl stopped and stared at Terra, or rather the rose Terra was holding closely to her chest.

"Ummexcuse me," the girl said, but Terra in her haste ignored her and sped onward to Garfield's room.

She turned the corner and knew the next room was the Prince's. Instead of bursting in she stopped, she heard voices.

"We have to get her out of here." said a cold, crisp male voice.

"But Rorik, it wasn't her fault." That one was the prince's. Terra peeked around the corner; the prince was in his bed covered in bandages, she felt a twang of guilt. Sitting next to his bed was a very handsome young man, not much older than herself, maybe 18 or 19, with the whitest hair she had ever seen. It was certainly not from old age. The man reeked of old magic, she could not control her powers and did not know much about magic, but this man's powers were so strong she actually noticed them.

"But that is precisely it Garfield, she has no control, she is a danger, to you, to this kingdom. She has to move on."


Terra could believe it! They were talking about her! Garfield had promised, and then turned right around and told this man! She couldn't believe it. She was so angry, and hurt. Oh, she was very hurt. Tears streamed down her face. She trusted him! She felt the rose pulse in her hands. Faster and faster it went. She stepped into the room, her eyes glowing, her hair flying everywhere, rocks, floating all around her. The castle was shaking, she heard screams.

Oh, she was so angry!

"How dare you! How dare you! You promised! I trusted you, I trusted you!" she shrieked at Garfield. He stared at her wide-eyed.

"Terra! I didn't"

"No excuses! I heard you!" she shouted.

She turned to the young man, Rorik. Magic glowed around him, she could see it, he was going to do something.

"And you! Don't you talk about me that way; you don't even know me! No control, huh? Well I have control enough for this!" The rose pulsed in her hands, and there was a great flash of light and where Rorik used to be stood a great dragon, tied down in chains, a huge awful beast, there for everyone to gawk at. A dragon contained.

"Your true colors." She said maliciously.

Garfield stared at her in horror as she turned on him, she looked insane. She grinned wickedly, her eyes glowed, her rose glowed as well, and Garfield realized it was very stupid of him to have given it to her.

"Terra, listen, it's not what you think, Rorik found out about by himself. He saw the training room, he saw me, he put two and two together, he's sharp like that. Terra, it's okay, just calm down, it will be alright, just listen to me!"

But she didn't listen. The last thing Garfield heard before he was consumed by a awful light was.

"Now, no one will ever trust you again!"

The prince tried to explain, but she was blinded by rage and pain. As punishment for a crime he did not commit she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there. Ashamed of his monstrous appearance the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. He became hard and learned to trust no one, as no one would trust him. The rose he had offered her was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty first year. If he could learn to trust another and earn their trust in return by the time the last petal fell. The curse would be broken, if not he would be doomed to live as a beast for all time. As the years past, he fell into despair and lost all hope for who could ever learn to love, a BEAST.