dragson Disclaimer- Max Steel doesn't belong to me, it's the property of Mattel, Sony/Tristar, and Foundation Imaging. This poem, if you can't guess, is Dragonelle. Yes, it's another sonnet. The title is in Chinese, chosen mainly because the motif on her armor is a lot closer to Chinese than Japanese. I don't speak Chinese. This was done with the help of an online dictionary. If I've screwed up somehow, and you DO speak Chinese, please write to me and tell me, and I'll fix it. Thanks.

Xuan Long Ge
(Black Dragon Song)

Sweet as poison, black as rain
At midnight, soft as velvet's kiss,
Like a dream of fire and bliss,
A shadow's touch, as pure as pain.
Let me take away your dreams
And give you darkness, pure and deep,
And I will send your heart to sleep
And turn your tears to empty streams.
Come and lose yourself in me
And I will shield you from the light
That burns and blinds, its fire too bright
With hopes for things you cannot be.
Turn your back upon the day,
Let night take your pain away.