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Genre: General/Angst

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Main Characters: Akito

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"To them…I am the closest thing…there is to God. The one who controls the Zodiac. The master of their souls. That is who I am." – Akito, chapter 65, volume 11

My beloved Juunishi…

My pets…

What is this feeling surging through my veins? The feeling I feel whenever I think of them? Is it…love?

Or something else entirely?

Perhaps…it's the complete and utter control. It pulses through me like some kind of drug, bittersweet and addictive. I can't be in anything less than absolute and complete control. I was not born to do anything other tan to rule and die. It is my only purpose.

My beloved Juunishi have no choice. I was born for this, as they were born to serve me, to be controlled, to be mine. It has always been that way, since the beginning of time. It cannot be otherwise.

They each have their place in this web of cursed darkness; Yuki, the rat, is the most favored while Kyo, the cat—the monster—is hated. And I… I am obeyed. I command because it is my right, it is my place, it is my duty. It is all I know. It is all I have.

I am nothing if I loose this control.


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