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- - Summary - -

After their first meeting with Jakotsu, InuYasha and the others let him go after he gave them some useful information about Naraku. They meet up with him again, only this time, he is injured. Kagome, being the girl that she is, insists that they take care of him. In about a day, he gets so completely obsessed with InuYasha, he makes the decision to go with them on their travels. InuYasha strongly disagrees, but Jakotsu persuades Kagome, Sango, and Miroku with how much he knows about Naraku's whereabouts. As they head out in search of Naraku and the remaining Sacred Jewel shards, friendships form, memory's are born, and things change.

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Chapter 1 - Restless

"InuYasha, my feet hurt! Can we please rest?" Yelled a tired young miko.

"What?" InuYasha turned and looked at her with disbelief. "You're tired already? We just started walking?"

She sighed. How fast time passed for half-demons was beyond her. "InuYasha, as much as I hate to rest, you know I'm only human. She took a seat on a nearby boulder and exhaled happily.

"Kagome! Come on! Were almost there!"

Her eyes narrowed. He'd been saying that for the past 2 hours. "InuYasha…" She sung in a deadly voice. "SIT! I'm gonna rest if I want to! So SIT down and stop whining!" She emphasized the curse more than the rest of the sentence. She wanted to rest and if getting the point through to InuYasha meant sending him to the other side of the planet, she would.

InuYasha growled as his body hit the ground with much impact. But he obeyed her nonetheless, hoping she wouldn't say that dreaded word again.

It was a wonderful day out. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and there was a gentle breeze. Miroku wasn't being pummeled by Sango, Kirrara and Shippou were playing a game, and InuYasha was laying lazily on the ground muttering something about how weak humans were. All was good in Kagome's world.

Well, at least most of it was. InuYasha sprung to his feet. His hand found its way to Tesusaiga's hilt. "Kagome, are you done resting yet?" he asked sniffing the air.

Kagome straightened her back and her brows furrowed into a frown. She felt a sudden feeling of uneasiness wash over her as she watched InuYasha take on his battle stance. "Why?"

"I smell blood." Tetsusaiga was out now, ready and willing.

"InuYasha, what's wrong?" Miroku stood shielding Sango, who was holding onto Hiraikotsu. A frightened Shippou was perched on her shoulder, sniffing the air just as InuYasha was doing. Kirrara growled and transformed. She could tell it was human, but the smell of death lingered.

"Blood…" Shippou whispered.

"Lots of blood. And it's getting stronger." InuYasha confirmed.

"Is it a demon?" Kagome asked, now armed with her bow and arrow.

The half-demon shook his head. "No," He sniffed again. "It smells human." Something about the way he said this made Kagome and the others feel like he was unsure what it was.

With a sigh, Kagome let down her guard. "Well then, we have nothing to worry about. It's probably just some villager injured in battle or something." She waved the matter aside and sat herself back down on the rock.

InuYasha growled, but he sheathed his weapon and sat back down, still keeping his gaze locked onto the horizon, awaiting the injured creature.

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InuYasha jumped up from the ground. This startled his companions. "We're going now!" He demanded.

"InuYasha, wha-"

"The scent of blood's getting stronger, and, this time, it's not human. Besides, we've wasted time resting. Come on, let's go."

Kagome, Sango and Miroku followed, who were, in return, followed by Shippou and Kirrara.

"InuYasha, I sense a jewel shard." Kagome pointed to the west.

InuYasha's eyes narrowed. That's where the scent blood was coming from.

He took off into that direction, leaving Kagome pedaling on her bike and Miroku, Sango and Shippou riding on Kirrara.

"InuYasha, wait for us!" Yelled Sango.

"InuYasha! Stop!" Before he could answer Kagome's reply, he was thrown to the ground.

"What the-" Before he could finish, a giant oni brought his club down, intent on hitting him. InuYasha dodged the attack quickly by rolling to the side. As soon as he looked back up, the oni had forced him into the ground with it's giant hand. "Ahh…" The monster breathed. "You must be InuYasha, the half-demon."

"So what if I am?" He struggled.

"InuYasha!" Kagome released a purifying arrow which bounced off of the ogre and back towards her. She jumped out of the way in time.

"Stay outta this Kagome!" InuYasha yelled as he held the hand above his head. He was pushing up and the ogre, pushing down. The skies grew dimmer and dimmer and the clouds thundered. Rain lightly fell. That mist quickly grew to a loud pouring.

"It is all over InuYasha!" The Oni pushed harder and InuYasha felt his knees shake.

"InuYasha, be careful! Kagome shouted.

"Yeah…right!" InuYasha used up most of his energy to push the hand off of him. As he did, the larger demon stumbled backwards but quickly caught himself from falling.

He growled and slammed him onto a nearby tree. InuYasha grimaced in pain. His back hurt. It felt like something was ripping.

"InuYasha! You will not defeat me so easily! I have beaten many demons, I shall overcome you as well! Naraku has sent me to kill you." He looked over to Kagome, then to Sango and Miroku. He eyed them hungrily. "Hmm…This is really not as fair as I hoped it would be. All this work and no one has permitted me to eat a thing. Although…Naraku did fail to mention what I should do with these delicacies , And it would be a pity for me to kill you and leave them unharmed."

"You leave them alone, you bastard!" With a quick swipe of Tetsusaiga, he let free an enormous wave of light.

The monster put his arms up to try to defend himself from the Wind Scar, but failed miserably. As soon as the air cleared, the ogre fell to the ground with a large crash. "H-h-how?" he stuttered.

Panting, InuYasha showed his fangs in a tired smirk. "You may've killed other demons before me, but everything has its limits.

The ogre stared at him in awe, a questioning look as well as a light smirk on his face. "Does-does that mean you have your limits as well, half-demon?"

"I- Of course not. Now shut up and die already." And with that, he sent another Wind Scar the ogre's way. It's scream echoed its way through the trees and was drowned due to the pounding of the rain.

Again the air cleared, and the Oni was on the ground, struggling to stay alive. Never before did he think he would lose to something so small, and a half-demon nonetheless.

"You-are not," He panted" what I…thought you to be…InuYasha…" And with that last declaration, he let loose his last breath.

InuYasha stumbled and fell to his knees. His breathing was ragged. An earlier wound from a snake demon had reopened and was not bleeding freely.

His ears twitched as they picked up a voice calling to him. It was familiar, but very faint. His head pounded in rhythm to the rain. Again the voice called out to him. This time he could make it out slightly. It was very feminine.

"Kagome…?" He collapsed onto the mud and allowed the rain to wash away the stained blood and cool his wounds.

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