Well, here it is, the final installment in the White Crystal, hopefully you have enjoyed it, and you understand now.. All my love, -katie- I am working on the Green Eyed Monster, and after Christmas or so, I plan to invest myself fully in a story called Roses For Sarah, if you care, but for now here it is..

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In Motion

Since it was now Friday Jimmy waited for Cindy, on a bench. It was nearing seven! He had worked many hours on the gift now in his pocket and he was not going to be happy if she just left him here! But he decided that he deserved it if she did just leave him here, he had let another woman kiss him again, but how was he supposed to react, he was pretty much paralyzed due to the force of the White Crystal exploding at his feet, and just then.

" Hey Neutron.." and he turned to find Cindy in blue jeans and a blue tank top, her hair falling just below her shoulders.. She looked in a word, stunning. He smiled.

" Hey.." and he stood up and they began to walk along in the park all alone on the moonlight path.. Soon they had talked about everything except the subject Jimmy was trying so desperately to avoid. They had just come in view of the river and then Cindy stopped abruptly. Jimmy's heart was now pounding loudly in his chest.

" So Jimmy why did I get taken? I told you that you could wait till tonight..." She said as a crimson color passed over her cheeks. Then she spoke again. " Why Jimmy? Why did they take me? Why did they take me when they wanted to get to you? What did April tell them that made them take me? Why did you risk your life to save mine?" she asked as she looked up into his eyes. " You almost died out there, and it's all because of me..." she said and she looked back down at the ground.

" Yeah.. about that.. But first.. There's something I should give you.." he rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he smiled a little bit. He reached for the present in his pocket. He pulled it out. " This is for helping me.." he blushed.

He got the white box with a gold atom engraved on it from her pocket, than took her hand and placed it in her palm. All the while, her eyes didn't leave his. " Well are ya gonna open it sometime today?" She blushed and popped the box open. He could feel his heart racing as she touched the object set in the center of the golden heart locket. She stared at the object in the box.

" What's the stone?"

" It's a piece of the White Crystal..." she looked up and he could swear he could see tears in her eyes. She opened the locket up to find it empty.. " So this way, you can chose who you want to put in there," She ran her fingers gently around the edges, and then up the chain.

" Do you like it?"

" Oh... I love it! Help me put it on!" she responded. He clipped it around her neck, and she gently ran her hands up the chain. " Why did you," She paused. " I'm the reason you almost got killed,"she smiled.

" Well, it's my fault you got taken in the first place, " he admitted while he blushed.

" Why do you say that?"

"Well April told Goobot and Meldar that they needed to attack my heart. And if they took you. She knew to attack someone I cared about you see," he paused. " That if she did so, I'd come running like a little puppy," he paused again. " She knew... I don't... I can't ever.. hate you..." he blushed.

He walked closer and closer.. Cindys' eyes were still on him watching his every move. He kept walking closer to her.. Finally he was standing so close to her that he was only inches from her lips.

" In fact... I don't hate you Cindy.. She told them... that I... I... I." He kept stuttering and Cindys eyes were still locked on his... she had no idea how hard she was making this for him. " I," he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. He was really getting frustrated with himself.. And took one big breath, and then.. " I love you.." He paused.. He tried to read her reaction but it was impossible.He continued.. " I couldn't let you die.. even if that meant losing my own life...and you have to promise never ever to disappear on me like that, I don't think I've been that scared.. In a long time.." He closed his eyes in relief. She looked up at him and a tear fell from her eyes. He felt so incredibly stupid. He wiped it gently away with a finger. Her eyes still were locked upon his.

"I know it's hard to believe when just yesterday I was kissing Betty.. but she did it, but I kind of encouraged her so Nick could see! He knew she's been flirting with me for a long time, so when she kissed me, he could break up with her, no more," he added. She smiled weakily.

" Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you Cindy.. It's just, I needed to tell you.." and then she held up a hand to stop him.

" No Jimmy.. It's just.. I've waited so long to hear those words. It's like a sweet symphony you hear for the first time.." she smiled brightly. " Jimmy." She spoke softly, tears dancing in her beautiful eyes. "You and your big head, your genius IQ, your stupid icy blue eyes... and even your stupid ego.. Truth is Jimmy, I love you to, " she replied so quietly that Jimmy almost didn't hear her..

" I mean I just can't understand why.. " Just then what Cindy had said connected in his brain. He looked down at the blonde who now had turned a deep red. " You, love.. m..me?" he asked.

" Of course I do.." she blushed heavier and stared at the ground.

" But it can't be possible Cindy. It just can't!"

" It's possible!" She added with a hint of fury as she looked up into his eyes.

" Cindy ..please don't play with me.." She just shook her head..

" Love isn't a science Jimmy, you aren't supposed to understand it! And I'm not playing, I am serious." she paused and a soft smile crossed her lips. "Now shut up and kiss me Neutron.." She stated as she placed her hands on his arms softly.

Against his better judgement, he began to bend down. He was very close to this girl he had loved for so long, his heart now beating wildly. But what if she slapped him? He pulled away and he was to distracted by his doubts to notice the obvious dissapointment in her eyes.

" But Cindy, I don't know if I quite belie Mphf!" His eyes widened in shock at the soft touch of her lips. But no more than a second passed before he let himself succumb to the pleasurable feelings rushing through him. He was so lost in her kiss he had no idea how long it had been when she slowly started pulling away.

A moment of soft silence fell over them. He let a satisfied smile cross his tingling lips, and then he gently guided her mouth back to his. He softly slipped his arms around her waist. He felt like the rest of the world had stopped, no! The rest of the world didn't even exist, for this moment in time it was just him and Cindy.

And then he gently, slowly broke away from her.

His lips still numb he rested his forehead softly against hers.

" I do love you James Neutron.. And I never want you to doubt it..." She laughed slightly. A strange bubbly sensation filled his stomach. " And there was no way you were you going to get away with not kissing me. Again, " she finished with a devilish smile locked on her face.

Silence fell in the park. Jimmy adored this girl in front of him, and he could no longer resist not asking the eternal question that burned in side of him..

"Cind. Will you.. I mean.. Will you.." she held up a knowing hand.

"My answer is yes.." she spoke with a knowing smile on her face. " On one condition.."

" Yes?"

"Promise never to scare me like that again.. I thought for sure.That you were dead.."

" Promise.." and then she reached up and kissed him so softly and so quickly, it was like the touch of a butterfly. A butterfly that was made out of fire and sugar. Then they pulled out of the embrace they had been locked in and he took her hand, interlocked his fingers with hers and walked hand and hand all the way out of the park to her house.

He smiled at his new' girlfriend' as they stood on her doorstep.

" Good night Cindy. "

" Good night..." she said quietly and then he bent down and kissed her. Her right hand wrapped around the back of his neck and slightly pulled down, which made his lips a bit tighter against hers and just then she broke the kiss.

" Hey! Watch it there Neutron, don't get too carried away," She teased with a blaze in her eyes.

" Good night.." She turned to open the door, but just before she closed it, she winked at him playfully.

He turned away and started across the street.

He sighed happily once he got in the house. He ran upstairs and collapsed on his bed, and watched Cindys' room. She was his, all his. He picked up the phone to call Libby to tell her the good news. As he dialed he realized, instead of putting his life to an end as Meldar and Goobot had planned, they had done the exact opposite.

They had set in motion a whole new beginning..

-The End-