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Fake fiancé

"No, I won't do it. I don't care. No! don't look at me like that," Buffy argued.

"Buffy I know it's a little … um", willow tried.

"Gross, disgusting, morally wrong, probably illegal, and so not going to happen," Buffy supplied.

"Yeah… but think of dawn. I know she made a mistake," willow continued, ignoring Buffy's snort "but, this is the only way. Especially after what happened last time;" Buffy grimaced. LAST time she almost lost Dawn. She completely messed up with the social worker. Buffy sighed.

"Why can't my life ever be normal?" Buffy asked.

"Come on, Buffy," willow said, knowing that she was close to winning this argument.

"He won't agree," Buffy said.

"Yes he will. Besides he likes dawn," willow said.

"What about the blood and the sunlight," Buffy said.

"We'll tell them he has a disorder and we'll hide the blood!" willow said a little harsher then she meant. Buffy already knew this, but she kept arguing. It was getting a bit frustrating watching her friend fight this. She had been doing better then last time but still really needed the help, and she knew Buffy did not mind being around him. Willow had even started to suspect Buffy had more then friendly feelings towards him. But couldn't understand why she denying it. Hopefully this would help make her see a different side of him. Buffy dissevered to be happy.

"Come on it's are only choice", willow said a bit kinder.

Buffy gave another sigh, this one bit bigger then the last and said "fine. But you're asking him".

"I already did. He will be here at six, have fun. Ohhh," willow said, "xander and I will be here before we leave, to say goodbye". She then walked out the door leaving a very nervous slayer on the couch. But Buffy couldn't help noticing it wasn't because of the social worker.

He was smiling as he packed his bag. He couldn't believe his luck. Willow had just left an hour ago, which meant it was almost time to go meet his fiancé. It still felt like some kind of dream for him He was still a little shocked. He kept going over it in his head. He was going to be engaged to the women he loved. This was his chance to show her how it could be with them. He was not going to screw this up. He was going to be absolutely perfect. Plus, he got to help the nibblet out, too. He thought of the girls he loved. Spike's smile grew wider as a walked out of his crypt and into the cemetery.

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