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Chapter 7:

Half-way up the stairs he turned around and said goodnight to a very jealous Melissa, then lead Buffy up the rest of the stairs. Buffy felt as if she were in a dream. She was floating. Their hands fit in each others perfectly. It felt so right to Buffy. He walked them to their room, and turned around and locked the door. They just stood there still holding hands. Spike looked a little nervous wanted to say something but he did not want to say anything to make her stop holding his hand. But he felt he needed to explain why he locked the door so he said that he did not want Melissa snooping or something. Apparently he did not trust her either. That made Buffy's feelings toward him grow even more.

She pushed spike down on the bed, and covered him with her body. She began kissing him wildly. She want to tell him how she felt right then, but was feeling so strongly that all she could manage was few 'thank you' s in between kisses. Suddenly spike pushed her off him and got up from the bed.

"You don't have to do that", spike said in a monotone, heading towards the door. Buffy sat on the bed wondering what just happened. Why did he push her away? He looked almost… hurt. What had she done? Then she got it. He thought she was just thanking him for what he did down stairs. She quickly got up from the bed and grabbed him back in side the room, but in her eagerness to make him understand she pulled a little too hard, and sent him to the ground.. She again jumped on him, and gave him a quick kiss.

"You are a wonderful, sweet, caring, gorgeous person, and I am sorry I did not see it before. But I do now, and this isn't like… Some tip, or something. I have seen it… I have seen you for a long time, and maybe I want to kiss you." She told him, not quite getting to her point. Spike was shocked. 'She called me person', spike thought in a slight daze. Buffy leaned in and kissed him again. He began kissing her back, but not all the way. Whatever she felt it wasn't love, and he could never have her. He tried again to stop her, but this time with his words.

"Luv, I am trying to be good but if you keep moving like that…." he growled, voicing his thoughts from yesterday.

"Like what?" Buffy said, with a smile, pushing her hips down. Spike growled again and pushed her away, unable to stand it any longer.. He wanted her. But he wanted all of her. He could never have her, and he wasn't going to be used by her. Buffy sighed. 'Man, he's stubborn' she thought. She knew she had to tell him. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

"Look, lately I have been having these feelings for you. I realized I care for you. I think… I love you." she said in one breathe.

And that was it, there she was, Buffy the vampire slayer telling William the bloody that she loved him. Sitting there waiting for a reaction, as vulnerable as a child feeling scared and alone, afraid of what would happen next. And in the few seconds it took spike to look in her eyes, and decide if he believed her or not, Buffy's head quickly filled with thoughts of doubt. Was it a mistake? Will he believe me? Does he even feel the same? Buffy now armed with these with petrifying thoughts, began to regret her decision, and started to get up, completely ashamed and embarrassed. Only to be pulled back down, by an utterly ecstatic spike. Apparently he believed her. He quickly flipped them so he was on top. He began kissing her all over. Moving from her lips, to her chin, and down to her neck. He stopped there, and looked up into her eyes.

"Say it again", he mumbled. She smiled at him and caressed his face with her hand. Still starring into his eyes she said "spike, I love you". Then he was back to kissing her all over. Buffy was finally glad that he was not holding back, and was very disappointed when he moved away from her. 'Now what?' she thought.

She looked up to see he was standing at the window. Before she could question him he walked over to her and picked her up. Then he jumped out the window and walked down the street with Buffy still in his arms. Buffy was so intent on the feel of his strong arms around her, that It wasn't until he kicked his crypt door open and cared her in like she was his bride, that asked him what he was doing. It was not in a demanding or sarcastic way. It was full of trust, love and curiosity. Spike noticed this and couldn't help but begin kissing her again. He leaned down and nibbled on her ear, before he whispered, "I don't want any more interruptions. I want you, and only you."

"You have me", Buffy said, looking into his eyes, before his lips came crashing down on hers. How they managed to get down stairs and into the bed is anyone's guess. But they did. And they stayed there for a long time.

Buffy woke up wrapped up in spike arms. She smiled, and snuggled closer to him. She felt content, and happy. Spike hugged her tighter, as she snuggled to him. He had woken up earlier to watch her sleep. He still could not believe she was his. He was not going to let her go, ever. Buffy knew he would stand with her through what ever she had to face. With that thought, Buffy became very aware that they had stayed out much later then they should have. They had to get back to the house before any one woke up. So with all of her will power she untangled herself from spike and got up. Causing him to moan loudly, and try to pull her back to him.

"Spike, we have to get back. The sun is almost up" Buffy said, pulling her self away from him, and looking for her clothes. He pouted a little but got up. Once they were dressed they ran all the back to the house, smiling the whole way.

Buffy and spike made it home just before sunrise. No one noticed they were gone. The next morning Buffy got a very interesting call. Apparently Melissa was a fraud. Some one (cough dawn cough) had called to complain about her, and she was brought to their attention. Melissa had worked for them, but was fired three weeks ago, for sexual harassment charges. They said they were very sorry and would be sending the proper authorities over to get her.

By the time they got there Melissa was more then willing to go with them. Buffy wondered if maybe it would become a habit of hers to scare social workers. It was very fun. Although it was really spike who did it. Flashing her very toothy smile. However that was not the case because the next social worker was very kind, and approved of Buffy, and her family. Spike was accepted into the gang with only slight resistance at first. After a while Buffy and Spike decided to make their engagement real.

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