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This is just a little background information: After the war (Harry had succeeded in beating Voldemort) a lot of people had died. A lot of the dark lord's followers in the numbers. The Parkinson's had lost a mother, the Malfoy's, a father, the Finnegan's a baby girl and the list went on. Not only had people passed on but this had influenced exchange rates and so on. The Bullstrode's were poor and the Weasley's were now rich which meant that their youngest daughter was very much high priced and was to be betrothed. Her father was to make the decision and she was to be notified during the extent of the year. When she had found out this she threw a tantrum, she didn't want to be married off or bought like a cow at the markets but her mother had talked to her (something about rules and securing her future) and that had made her 'understand'. This had all happened in the break between Ginerva's 5th and 6th year, and after finding this out she had spent the last 5 weeks of holidays moping in her room, and that is when it had all happened.

A lot had changed over the summer holidays. Ginerva Weasley, who was meant to be going into her sixth year, had grown up. A lot had changed for instance receiving a letter saying she was to go into her seventh year instead of her sixth though she had only shared this information with her parents and her favourite brothers Charlie, Fred and George. Since fifth year, in fact any year a lot had changed. Since her first year when she was possessed by a power hungry…diary? No one had come near her with the exceptions of Luna and her over-protective brother Ronald and the rest of he golden trio. But this year was going to be different, she could tell. No-one may have seen it but oh yes she had changed very much, she felt as if she had been dead or in a long sleep and over the holidays she had awoken 'very much alive.'

She sat huddled, cuddling her knees next to the window, the rain thrashing against it as if trying to get to her. her head was resting against the window, her eyes closed as she listened to the heavy rain hit the train and the murmur of voices somewhere in the back of her mind. The train was going fast; she had been sitting there alone in the dark compartment for what seemed days, in reality it had been three hours. She had already changed into her new robes and had her hood pulled up so all you could see was a few loose tendrils of her curly red hair. Her physical appearance had changed to. Over the holidays as she her hair had darkened to a pretty auburn colour. It sat curled up to the tips in tight locks. She had lost a lot of her famous freckles with only a few left covering the bridge of nose. Her body had thinned and was no longer pudgy but as a young woman, had filled out in 'all the right places.' Ginerva had changed.

She was lost in deep thought when she heard the compartment door open.

"Oh great, the only compartment not full and it has the Weaselette in it" drawled a voice. She looked up and saw the outline of five seventh year Slytherins standing in the door. The candle light illuminating the compartment cast long shadows over their faces. The stood in triangle formation. Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince and absolute ring leader was at the front. Blaise Zabini Slytherin Quidditch keeper and second in command stood with Pansy Parkinson who had a rep for being a whore close behind him. They were followed by followed by 'Crabbe and Goyle, dumb witted body guards.

"Fuck up Malfoy, sit down and shut up or leave me alone." She was not in the mood for confrontation but if she had to she would take them all on. The five of them chose to sit down seeing as if they didn't they would be forced to split up. Crabbe and Goyle were glaring at her as if they wanted to punch a hole through her body.

"Why aren't you sitting with your beloved Wonder boy and his little play mates?" that was Blaise Zabini. He was the only one who seemed to have a heart, deep, deep down.

She flared up, she did not need protection.

"What you think I can't do anything with out the trio? Is that it? You think I need 'the boy wonder' to protect me or that fucking mud blood whore with her nose in a book? Or are you referring to my over protective brother who won't let me get a drink with out an armed guard to make sure the 'ice doesn't attack me?' I AM CAPABLE OF SITTING BY MYSELF! WHAT MALFOY SURPRISED TO HEAR ME SAY IT?" she didn't know what had just happened, she was shocked with herself usually she would have stormed out of there or something like that. She would NEVER scream and provoke five seventh years! She was even more shocked that she felt hate towards Harry and Hermione.

"What was that? When did the Weaselette learn to stick up for herself" Malfoy seemed pleased with himself for getting such a rise out of her, but deep down her was surprised, shocked and somewhere REALLY deep down there was respect and…lust? After her little rant she returned to looking out the window, pretending not to notice them.

'Come on we gotta be there soon', she said to herself.

They sat in an awkward silence for awhile, apart from a remark or two between the five Slytherin students, when she heard her name outside the compartment.

"I wander where she is? Why would Ginny run off?" that was Ron.

"She wouldn't" the mudblood granger. She used to be nice but over the holidays she had got on Ginny's nerves… a lot.

Flashback it had all started when Hermione had started going out with Harry. Hermione had started looking at Ginny with pity in her eyes. Harry had avoided her or gave her looks that screamed 'don't worry you'll get over me' he just didn't understand that she had gotten over him and was perfectly happy with herself; he didn't want to admit it. She had figured that she never actually liked him but who she thought he was, who all those articles said he was 'Boy Wonder'. But worst of all was the 'knowing looks' all three of them gave her.

When Ginny heard the Golden Trio's voices she gave a flick of her head making her hood fall off in surprise, she didn't want the trio to find her. They were starting to get on her nerves. When they passed and headed down the hall she noticed all the Slytherins staring at her, opened mouthed.

Draco had been shocked by her movement; she had jumped and then sunk into her seat when she heard the golden trio's voices. It was like she was trying to hide from them. What shocked him more was her face that had before been hidden under her new fine black robes. She was completely pale and had darkened shadows around her eyes. Her hair! It wasn't hideous as it was before; it had darkened to an auburn colour and now curled to the tips. It was very different from the orange straight straw-like hair of before. Her freckles had practically disappeared and Perhaps strangest of all was her eyes they had a misty shadow in the back of them. He wasn't sure if it was her hair but they had a red tinge to them as well. She had grown up nicely…not that he would admit it.

As they stared at her she raised her eyebrows in an inquisitive way. "What?" she sneered at them?

"You- you look well…different" that was Blaise, she had never heard him stutter before

"Well yeah, you're the first ones to notice"

"How could your brothers not notice? I mean I knew they were idiots, but to miss the hair and the non-existent freckles they must be truly just plain stupid." Malfoy was astounded but quickly regained his components with a sneer. She sneered back at him before pulling her hood back up and turning back to the very interesting window. Malfoy had gone back to talking to Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy occasionally shot a look of surprise at Ginny, but strangest of all was Blaise, he kept staring at her. She could swear she saw a small amount of lust in his eyes.

The train had begun to slow down and she realized they had arrived; she was the first one out of the compartment and had to be quick to dodge the golden trio who were still looking for her. she smirked at herself for the first time in her life Harry was paying her attention but it was too late she had after all gotten over him the year before last.

She climbed in a carriage and sat there as the other occupants climbed in. Oh this is just fucking brilliant, first the train and now I have to share a carriage with them. She wanted to scream. Not only that but she was now squished between Goyle and Blaise. It was more the Goyle thing pissing her off, who could be angry about sitting next to Blaise Zabini one of the hottest boys in the school.

"Say Pansy, don't you think that it's strange that potter is finally paying attention to the little Weasley and she's trying to hide from him?" he looked her in the eyes as he said it, a smirk playing across his lips.

"Yes Draco I think it is rather strange."

"What would you know Ferret!" she looked at him, her eyes glazed over with a hate of sorts.

"Aren't you lucky? Not only did you get to share a train ride with me but now you get to sit next to me in a small carriage?" Blaise smirked and put his arm around her.

"Sod off Zabini" she scowled at him before wrapping her cloak tightly around her.

"Aww... Weasley! That hurt! Can't you at least pretend to be happy?" he smirked at her whilst pretending to be heart broken, but what happened next shocked everyone in the carriage.

"Your right Blaise" she purred his name "I should be happy" she sat on his lap and pecked his check and smirked at him before climbing out and climbing the stairs to the Great Hall. She was back.

"Did- did sh-she just kiss me?" Blaise was getting giddy. Of course it was only close friends like Pansy and Draco who knew he had just the slightest lust craving. Blaise didn't love girls or go crushing after them; he just liked to have fun, with anyone who tickled his fancy. He was too cold to love a girl it was just plain fooling around and unlike Draco (who just told them to 'get out' when he was done) he let them know that was all, no attachments.

All through the feast Blaise kept staring at her, lust completely covering his chocolate coloured eyes. She didn't know why she had kissed him in the carriage; it was like something took over.

"Ginny, why are you so distracted?" Ron was once again hovering next to her. "You need to eat more, and pay attention to the sorting!" He said piling her plate with more food.

"Ron! I'm full! Leave me alone for once!" she wished she could get up and leave but seeing as it was the opening feast she had to wait.

Finally as the last plates were cleared Dumbledore got up to make his speech. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts, to our new faces hello and welcome, to the old ones welcome back. I have just a few short announcements before letting you all go to your nice warm beds. Firstly Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that the Forbidden forest is still out of bounds and there is a complete list of all 1007 items that are band from school this year. Other than that I wish to announce that we have some students moving up a grade because of their outstanding achievements in all subjects. These students are 4th year Ren George and Gale Saunders who will now be attending fifth classes, well now make them welcome" applause "and moving into her seventh year Miss Ginerva Weasley." There was more applause; Ron Hermione and Harry though were shocked. Ron sat there with his mouth open looking like a stunned mullet. She smirked to herself, she had not told them because she had wanted to see their faces when they found out and ooh it was worth the wait. They were dismissed after Hearing that the new head boy and girl would be Hermione and Draco.

Ginny waited until everyone had left the hall before walking out of the hall. She decided to take as long as possible knowing that when she reached the Common room she would be forced into an argument with the golden trio.

"well, Weasley nice job getting moved up, now all you need is to get moved to Slytherin and I think your brother would die of shock" Drawled Draco who was leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face.

"ARRRGH! Can't I get away from you people!" she was even more pissed off now.

"Tsk. Tsk. That's no way to speak to the Head boy, he might have to give you detention." The new voice belonged to none other than Zabini. What was with these boys, did they always travel in packs?

"What do you want?" she was aggravated with these boys.

"Well you see err…Ginny no one else may notice but we Slytherins have very keen eyes, you've changed and we wanna know why." Blaise's smirk had become a permanent feature on his face.

"You know, you're a strange lot you are. Sure I've changed I've I guess 'woken up'. I've just decided to drop the good girl image, it's just not me and being all innocent doesn't do much for your… life. Good enough answer? Can I go now?" she went to leave but was held back by Blaise.

"Well, if you're ditching the innocent image maybe I could be of some assistance." He slurred as he pushed up against the wall. He was centimeters away from her face; she could feel his breath on her face. She smirked back and grabbed him by the robes.

"you know I think you can" she then used a maneuver she had seen muggles do in defending themselves, she firmly tapped the back of his ankle making him unstable and then whilst he was recovering his balance she swapped places with him and slammed him into the wall before pushing her lips to his. He kissed back wanting entrance into her mouth. Just as he did this she pulled away and whilst he caught his breath she walked off. Blaise just looked at her as with a swish of her robes, she turned the corner. He looked to where she had been standing and then to a smirking Draco.

"She did it again!" Blaise was distressed in thinking she was the first girl (or boy) to ever play him, Blaise Zabini!

"What is it with that girl" he muttered.

"I don't know mate but she's got you wrapped up." He smirked and started heading up to his rooms, leaving a confused Blaise leaning against the wall. He wanted to see what she was hiding.