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How could he do this, how could he not trust her, it felt like a knife had been plunged into her heart and twisted till the wound was so disturbingly perfect, the knife didn't tear the skin anymore.

It's amazing how the body could feel so pure in blood, pain made it all fade into nothingness. She had an insanely calm but psychotic smile across her lips, it was finally going to end, her pain would be over.

Her eyes were drooping as if going into a slumber that she had waited for, for far too long.

She was beginning to fade as a voice laughed in the distance.

Not too long now. It whispered. Not too long before she would be gone forever, the pain she had caused him would be repaid in her death, it was her debt to him.

Even in his death thoughts of her plagued him. He did not love her, no that thought was laughable, disgusting how people could think that. He hated her, if it wasn't for her persistence to stay alive, he wouldn't be trapped in this place. She did not know the potential her mind held, no one did. Most only used one quarter of their brain and he hated it, he had wanted absolute power, but he couldn't get that now.

At first he had thought of completely possessing her and using her to get what he wanted, but as he saw his follows slowly lessoning and Potter slowly destroying himself he had laughed. It would be so much easier to end it, and while he was at it, destroying the one girl who had stood in his path. He would kill her.

Ginny was jerked awake by someone roughly shaking her shoulders.

"What the fuck was that! You bloody bit my shoulder, there's blood everywhere!" Draco was screaming in her face.

Ginny pulled away from the hysterical boy before climbing out of the bed clutching her head. Why did she feel so disgusting and faint, like she wasn't completely there? Her thoughts were interrupted by Draco's voice.

"Be ready soon, we got a Quidditch match to win here."

Shit, she knew she had forgotten something, that something was the game.


Ginny was walking down a deserted corridor near the back of the castle. She slowly trudged along alone as everyone was at breakfast, her thick black robes covering her new Slytherin Quidditch robes. She rounded the corner as Wonder boy; proudly displaying his number seven Quidditch robes strode up next to her, hands ringing out his gloves as if he was nervous...

Fucking great! He just has to come doesn't he; I was hoping to have some time alone.

You're never alone, you've always got me.

You don't count your part of me!

Or am I?

You said you were last term!

Was I lying?

I don't know, were you?

I don't know, I thought you did!

"What Potter, I don have things to do!" she kept walking, slowly hastening her step.

"I just wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings about being kicked off the Quidditch team and to say even though your in Slytherin I hope you'll be cheering at least for Ron, he is your brother is he not?" he was tactless, truly tactless, a real idiot with pure luck.

"Being kicked off the team? Nice wording, really know how to make a girl feel special don't you? And no there are no hard feelings about being kicked off Gryffindor team; I mean I would've had to leave anyway huh? Well I want to get a…good seat so ill maybe see you later!" she gave him a fake smile that hinted murder by Avada Kedava if he wasn't careful and bounced out of the oak doors. He had no idea what was going to hit him, she was the Slytherin surprise and as beater, Potter better stay far away. She hadn't forgotten their unfortunate run in, but he would get his just desserts.

After getting her club and new broom from the shed, she made her way into the Slytherin locker room to hear Draco give his…pep…talk, which included the words 'win-good, loose-murder-by-naked-mudblood-Granger.'

The Gryffindor team stood in them middle of the field gaping as Slytherin strode onto the field. As they got closer Ginny smirked in Harry's direction as he stood once again open mouthed, eyes bugging out of his head. No wonder she had had no hard feelings towards him. She made sure he was watching as she leant over and hungrily kissed Draco. As they broke it off Draco became aware of why she had done that so randomly and in return smacked her playfully across the arse making Slytherin laugh outright and Gryffindor glare as they were incapable of sneering.

"Captains, shake hands, I want a nice clean match today." Madam Hooch ranted as she did before every game. Harry and Draco grasped each others hands as daggers darted between their eyes. This match was going to be one to remember.

They kicked off the ground as Gryffindor took possession of the quaffle and started to speed towards the goals. Draco had soared up high and was circling the field whilst keeping a close eye on Potter as usual. Harry himself was dodging bludgers every thirty seconds directed from a crazed Ginny.

"No hard feelings Potter? Careful though, if a bludger hits you, you will have no feeling," she yelled as she flew passed to catch a rogue bludger.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Four and a half hours into the game, the score read 265-215 in Slytherins favor. Everyone was tired and hoping that someone would catch sight of the elusive snitch. Ginny was particularly beat as she had been chasing bludgers away from her team mates and aiming them at Potter, she was sick of the wind and her chapped lips were dying for a drink. She finally had had enough.

"Hey Malfoy! If you don't catch the damn snitch in the next ten minutes I won't fuck you brainless tonight!" she screamed from halfway down the pitch. Everyone had stopped playing and cheering and were now staring at her as if she was mad. The silence was over powering as glanced around. It was like time had stopped and everyone's eyes were darting back and forth from Malfoy to Ginny. Their betrothal was widely known through the school now as they shared rooms were but most had assumed the marriage was unwanted and forgotten about. For Ron, whose face was slowly turning purple and Harry who had almost fallen off his broom, thoughts of this couple had been of Ferret-boy brainwashing her, the comment she had just made was like icing on the cake, and that cake was a big one.

Draco scowled at his team mates as they quickly started playing again, stealing the quaffle off Gryffindor and making a 'run' for the opposite end.

Potter caught sight of the snitch awhile later and started to speed down the other end of the pitch with Draco chasing after him. He had caught up and they were neck and next, pushing and shoving with hands outstretched as they attempted to grab it. As Potter just touched a wisp of its fluttering wings Draco muttered 'She's mine' and bucked the back of his broom and sent Wonder boy spiraling to the side. Malfoy outstretched hand grasped itself tightly around the golden ball as he landed with such grace that it could not be taught. The rest of the teams touched down as Malfoy held his prize in the air smirking as Potter trudged over to him.

"That was a fucking cheap trick Malfoy! You don't deserve that!" he spat as Malfoy slowly moved towards him.

"You think I care Potter, Slytherin remember? besides I won the game and…" he leant in as close as he found he could without throwing up from the sight of his ugly face, "the girl, I saw you staring at her as she made that…comment, I would say I'll be thinking of you tonight but, I just couldn't with making myself sick." He pulled back and walked back to his celebrating team before heading off into the locker rooms.

0 0 0

Everyone had left the locker room by the time Draco left the showers, he hated talking to people after a game it was his time.

By now they would be starting up the celebration afterall it was the first time he had caught the damn snitch while playing Gryffindor. So they would be awaiting him but knew he wouldn't turn up for hours, he would have plenty of time to enjoy it seeing as Slytherin celebrations always held up till the wee hours of the morning.

He had just dressed in his robes when he realized there was someone in the room with him. He turned around and noticed a smirking Ginny lazing on a long bench meters away. She pulled herself up and sauntered over to him. She pushed up against him, kissing him feverently as she rubbed her body against him. He was beginning to think of all the ways he wanted to celebrate with her when she reluctantly pushed off him. Biting her lip she pouted and spoke.

"You know it's a shame you took twelve minutes to catch the snitch, I was kinda lookin' forward to tonight. You-need-to-get-on-top-of-your-priorities-or-your-never-gonna-get-anywhere-in-life." She poked him in the chest with every heart breaking word.

She walked out of the room leaving an aroused Draco leant up against his locker.

Damn fuking wench. He thought to himself

He calmed down took off his robes and went back to the showers to have a nice, long, cold shower before returning to the castle.