Barbara Gordan stared out into the night. The steady rain cloaked her surroundings in misty grays and yawning blacks, punctuated occasionally by the feeble yellow light of a few apartment windows. She shivered slightly, drawing her short cape closer about her athletic body, and shifted her position in the vain hope of getting somewhat out of the downpour.

This part of Gotham's dreary enough on a nice evening, but the rain's making it downright depressing. She sighed and wondered for the hundredth time why he wanted to meet here. By comparison, even the Cave was more inviting.

This was going to be their first meeting since she finally got her Masters degree from Grad school. True, she had been away for over a year, but that was no reason for him to be so standoffish. She was going to set up shop in Gotham permanently now, both as a civilian and Batgirl. After all, with Dick having struck out on his own and Robin hanging out with the Titans, someone had to keep Batman company.

Not that she really minded that role. In fact, she was looking forward to it.

Just Bruce and I, all alone in the city . . . in the Bat Cave . . . in the bedroom . . .

She giggled suddenly. "Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we, Babs?"

It had been a long, torturous road emotionally since she had become Batgirl. Initially, she had been infatuated with Batman, but eventually she fell for Dick. Things had been progressing well until that fateful night where everything the three of them had built seemed to fall apart. Dick quit being Robin and disappeared. Bruce withdrew into himself like he always did.

It was touch and go for the better part of a year.

Eventually, he took a new Robin under his wing and things got back to normal. Dick returned as Nightwing and there was a reconciliation between the two men. But Dick had never forgiven her for staying with Bruce. He never came right out and said it, but his eyes told her enough. He felt she had betrayed him.

They were through.

It hurt, but she was a big girl. Time did, indeed, heal all wounds.

Batman had allies again and she decided to finish her schooling. Dad's gentle hints were becoming more and more insistent, and Bruce seemed to be in a good place. Besides, it was only a year or so. Somewhere during the Fall semester, she realized how much she missed him.

Absence did indeed make the heart grow fonder.

When she kept dreaming of him, she knew what she had to do.

This isn't like it was before. I'm older, more mature. We've been through a lot together. I'm no longer just a sidekick. I can be his partner, in every sense of the word. I just have to convince---

"Batgirl," A deep voice said from behind.

She jumped in spite of herself. Damn! I HATE when he does that.

Batgirl stood up from her crouch and turned to face him. As usual, he was standing in the shadows, with only his cape and the eyes of his cowl visible within the inky blackness. Despite all of their time together, Batman could still creep her out sometimes.

But what really shocked her was that he wasn't alone.

The woman was beautiful. Tall with long dark tresses and a perfect, well-honed body, her costume (what there was of it, anyway) clearly indicated that she was in the Business. Even in the pouring rain, she carried herself regally, as the droplets streamed down her flawlessly smooth skin. Barbara suddenly felt herself intimidated by this newcomer and she resented Bruce for bringing her to their first reunion after such a long time apart.

"Hello, Batman. Who's your friend?" She hoped desperately that she didn't sound nearly as jealous as she felt at the moment.

"This is Wonder Woman--"

--You've GOT to be kidding me--

"-- a colleague of mine from the Justice League."

Wonder Woman took a long stride forward and extended a perfectly manicured hand, "Please call me Diana, Batgirl. It's a pleasure to meet one of Batman's partners."

Polite and gracious, too. I'm hating her more already.

Batgirl took the hand immediately, unconsciously straightening her posture as she realized Wonder Woman was easily a foot taller, not to mention better endowed.

"Uh, sure, Diana. Same here." That's a pretty firm grip you have there, honey.

"Wonder Woman, thank you for the lift. I'll see you at the next meeting."

She turned and smiled, white teeth practically glistening in the rain.

It was all Barbara could do to keep her face impassive. She had given him a ride? Since when did Bruce rely on others for anything?

"Hopefully we'll have some down time now. There's still so much I have to learn about Man's World. Good night." she turned back to Batgirl, "It was nice to meet you."

Barbara was about to respond when she noticed Wonder Woman was rising up into the sky. In a moment she disappeared into the clouds. A second later, she couldn't help but notice Bruce was staring after her as well.

"You've got to be kidding me! She flies, too?"

"One of her many talents, Batgirl," Batman activated the remote on his utility belt. Soon the Batmobile would arrive and they could return to the Cave.

Barbara couldn't believe what she was hearing. That almost sounded like a compliment. What the hell had happened in the year she was away? Catwoman was one thing, but how the heck could she compete against THAT?

"Bruce, would you mind explaining what's going on? I know I've been out of the loop for awhile, but--"

"Do you remember the alien invasion a few months ago?"

"Of course. I took down a couple of them myself before you and Superman finished the job."

"It wasn't just Superman and I. There were others, including Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman."

"Okay, I guess I remember that vaguely. The news reports weren't exactly comprehensive at the time. But the alien threat was eliminated. Why are you still--"

"We decided to form something a little more permanent, so we won't get blindsided like that again."

Barbara's eyes widened. "You mean, you've formed a team? You, the ultimate loner, on a team of metahumans? I gotta admit, Bruce, I don't understand."

Did this Wonder Woman have something to do with your decision?

Batman glared at her. "Someone has to keep them honest. They were going to do it anyway. Besides, I'm only in the League on a part-time basis. It shouldn't interfere with my duties in Gotham much, especially now that you're back."

"Nice to know I still have place in your life, Bruce." It came out snottier than she had wanted it to, but if he noticed it he gave no sign.

The belt beeped quietly, and Batman unhooked a grapple.

"Come on, the Batmobile's here. I've done some modifications to the Cave since you've been gone and I want you up to speed as quickly as possible."

"Okay," she followed him on his graceful descent to the street below, "Just one more question."

"What is it?"

They both touched down on the wet pavement.

"Why meet here? Why not back at the Cave?"

"I was with the League when I got your call. It was just easier this way."

"You mean, you don't trust them completely yet."

He shrugged, as the headlights of the approaching Batmobile outlined them, "Clark, yes. But the others? They haven't earned that kind of trust yet."

Barbara smiled to herself as they both got in the warm and more importantly dry confines of the Batmobile. Take that, Wonder Bimbo. He may be interested in you, but I'm the one he's taking home tonight.

Still, her uncertainty lingered. How much impact was this Justice League going to have on them?


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