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Chapter 15: Sinking into the Darkness

Yoh woke up as he slowly sat up from where he was laying on. It was already night time and the room was dark. He felt movement beside him. He looked back to see Hao still unconscious. Yoh was still worried about Hao's condition as he placed one of his hands on his forehead. It was warm until he felt something wet. He removed his hand quickly and placed it in the dim light. He saw thick purple liquid falling from his fingers. Yoh's eyes widened and checked Hao's head was filled with blood.

'Oh my god…' Yoh thought to himself as he immediately ran out of the room and went down the stairs. His heart was racing as he took a basin and filled it with water. At the same time, he took some medicine out of the closet.

Hao slowly opened his eyes as pain struck his body so he closed them again. He felt something warm on his forehead so he reached out his hand to his forehead. He touched it, as he felt liquid on his fingers. He brought it to his mouth and licked it. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. He was bleeding. He then heard fast footsteps getting louder and sounds of dropping items along the way.

He heard the door open at his left. He felt that it was Yoh. He then felt a substance that was cooling his forehead.

"Aniki…" Yoh whispered. He tried all he can be wrapping bandages on Hao's forehead. The bleeding lessened as he sighed to himself. Hao was obviously calm about this matter. Yoh then took a towel and placed it in the cold water. He let the towel absorb the water for a few while then he twisted the towel, letting the excess water pour out. He then folded the towel and placed it on Hao's forehead.

Hao raised his left hand and said, "Yoh… Where are you…" He then felt two hands wrap his left hand. Yoh held Hao's hand and smiled. Hao sensed this as he smiled too. Yoh placed Hao's left hand on his face and said, "Koko ni iru. Aniki." (I am here Aniki.)

Hao felt warm with his left hand and opened his eyes. He can't see anything and he tried to focus his power, but he can't. The pain on his forehead went back again. He stopped focusing his power and said, "Yoh. I'm blind again. Since someone broke into the pentacle, the Fire element was broken." Yoh looked at Hao in confusion. He didn't know what Hao meant. Hao read Yoh's mind and explained, "I can't focus my power that well like before. My head really hur-"

Hao stopped talking as he felt Yoh's warm lips press against his own. Then he felt warm drops of water on his face. Then, Hao slowly raised his right hand and patted Yoh on the back. Though he can't see, he felt Yoh was there, beside him. Yoh broke the kiss, as he whispered in Hao's ear, "Hanasu wa yamete. Aniki no zutsu wa yada dakara… Oyasumi Aniki." (Stop talking. I don't want Aniki to have a headache. Goodnight Aniki…) Yoh's voice sounded a little stern as he laid down beside Hao and hugged him close.

Hao's eyes closed against his will as he slept, with the comfort of his younger brother beside him. Hao winced at the pain on his forehead. He just ignored the pain and slept from the whole night.

---The Next Day---

Hao heard the alarm clock ring and it stopped after a few seconds. He felt Yoh get out of the bed and the door open. Yoh closed the door and Hao heard Yoh's soft footsteps.

"Hello? Manta… Sorry if I called up so early…" Hao heared Yoh say this. "I won't go to school today." Yoh continued. "Just tell sensei that I don't feel that well." "Ok. Thanks Manta, you're the best."

With that last line, Hao heard Yoh put down the phone. Hao still felt weary but he tried to sit up. At least the pain on his forehead was gone and he felt a little better. Then he heard the phone ring again.

Yoh looked back at the ringing phone as he went back and picked it up, "Oyahou, Asakura Yoh desu." (Good morning, this is Asakura Yoh.) "Ah… Anna…"

Hao continued to listen to the conversation while he sat up on the bed.

"Eto… Oh… Daijoubu dayo…" (It's fine here.) "Eh? Atode?…" (Later?) "Hai Anna…" "Hai."

Yoh put the phone down again as Hao heard a loud sigh from upstairs.

It was another day of complete darkness. Hao can only rely on his other 5 senses. (The 6th one is the Shaman Sense. Meaning, he only has the sense of hearing, taste, smell, touch, and the Shaman Sense.) The blindfold was still on his eyes and he still can't see. His power, somehow, was unsealed and he can't control it that well causing him to be handicapped in using his blindfold. For short, he has become blind again.

Then from Hao's front, he felt Yoh there. Hao reached out his hand into the air as he slowly stood up and walked forward. Yoh looked at his older brother with pity. He didn't want to see people who are hurt. He reached Hao's hand and whispered to his ear, "What do you want?"

Hao smiled at this and replied also in a whisper, "I want to go out." Yoh laughed a bit and said, "It's early in the morning. I would suggest you to sleep more until later." Yoh slowly pulled Hao's hands into the direction of the bed. He let Hao lay down on the bed. While Hao pulled away from Yoh's hands.

"I don't want to sleep anymore." Hao said. "Why not?" Yoh asked. "I'm scared of being alone already." Hao replied. "Scared? Why? I won't leave you."

"That's a promise, right?" Hao said as he raised his pinky in the air. Yoh did the same and placed it with Hao's pinky, moving it up and down one time. "Promise." Yoh replied.


Both of the twins were lying on the bed while talking to each other since they can't sleep. "So… Why didn't you go to school today?" Hao asked.

"Well… Because no one will take care of you here."

"Anna called, didn't she?

"Um… yeah… About that…"


"She'll go home later."

"What time?"

"I don't know, but if I was her, it would be 5:00 p.m. for sure."

Hao stopped at this and pulled the blanket over him. His eyes became droopy as he tried to keep awake. The dark seemed to make him sleepier than ever. Yoh was, in fact, not that sleepy at all. He was just used to waking up at these times.

"Aniki…?" Yoh asked.

There was no response as he looked at his side and saw Hao sleeping. He turned to the side to Hao and hugged him. His Aniki was warm and it gave him comfort.

"Atakai…" (Warm…) Yoh whispered as he snuggled and slept.

---In the morning---

Yoh woke up and Hao wasn't beside him anymore. He looked around to see Hao sitting on a chair. He was quite amazed at first since, he knew that Hao couldn't see anymore. "You've awaken Otouto." Hao said at a low voice. "Indeed I did." Yoh replied as he stood up from the bed and fixed it. Hao continued to sit on the chair like a behaved boy while Yoh looked up and saw that the sun has already risen up.

"Oh yeah. How were able to stand up and go to that chair?" Yoh asked. "For some reason, I can see with my other senses. Not only sight. I don't know." Hao replied. "I don't get it." Yoh said. "I don't get it either." Hao said.

"It's something far beyond my knowledge." Hao replied as he stood up. He reached forward as he tripped and fell face first on the floor. Hao stood up on his legs and said, "I guess that my legs are still pretty weak." Yoh watched as Hao was walking towards his direction and was reaching forward. Yoh reached his arms forward as Hao just continued to walk and fall on Yoh's arms.

"Oops. Sorry about that." Hao said as his voice was muffled by Yoh's clothing. Yoh placed both of his hands on Hao's shoulders as he lifted Hao from his body. Hao tugged on Yoh's shirt and said, "I'm bored. Can we go out?"

Yoh looked at Hao and asked, "Why do you want to go out now? I thought that you weren't feeling well."

"I could feel much better if I go outside." Hao replied. Yoh sensed that Hao was plotting something. With that tone of voice, Yoh knew that Hao was smirking inside. "Sure, why not?" Yoh replied as Hao smiled and said, "When can we go out?"

"Probably later, as soon as we're done taking a bath and eat breakfast." Yoh said as Hao nodded, while Yoh was pulling both of Hao's hands and slowly went down the stairs.

Once they reached downstairs, Hao laid down on tatami floor of the living room. Yoh went inside the kitchen, while wearing his yukata and started to cook. Yoh was humming some tone of Boblove while Hao continued to lay down on the floor, thinking about other things.

Hao touched his lips by his hand and thought, 'Why did Yoh kiss me last night?' No one answered his question as he put both of his arms behind his head while he waited for Yoh to finish cooking…

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