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Hey! I am writing another story, and I am using the name Amy again. Deal with it! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

Nozumo wiped down the counters. He was daydreaming about finding the right woman as usual. A young woman walked in at that moment. She had long flowing brown hair which reached the middle of her back. Most of her hair was pulled up in a high bun, but a tad was left down. She had the most entrancing green eyes, that shined when ever the light hit them. She had on a dark green halter that bared three-fourths of her back, with blue jeans and short black boots, with a slight heel.

The young woman smiled and looked Nozumo in the eyes, she smiled at him. The girl batted her eyes at him. "You see all I want is a small little cup of coffee, but I have no money!"

"Here, this one is on the house. Before I can give it to you I need your name," Nozumo no matter how hard he tried, could never resist a pretty face.

"Well I usually don't just give out my name to any guy, but I will make an exception. My name is Mari," she sipped the coffee. Mari knew he wanted to know why she was there. "I am waiting on a good friend of mine to show up," she closed her eyes.

Another beautiful woman walked in. She had brown hair with lime green highlights. Her hair was down and straight, it reached a quarter ways past her shoulders. Her eyes were sky blue and filled with such love. She had on a dark rose red tank and a black long skirt. The shoes she had on resembled Mari's boots. Mari ran up and squeezed her. Amy returned the hug. "Amy it has been so many years. You dyed your hair, what did I tell you about that?" Mari glared at her, while Amy bowed her head in shame. Both just started laughing.

Nozumo thought he recognized Amy's eyes from the moment he saw her. "Excuse me, you said you dyed your hair. If you don't mind me asking, what is your natural hair color?"

Amy smiled at him, "My natural hair color is blond like my mother's." Nozumo grinned as he handed Amy a cup of coffee. Amy gave a blank stare. Akira and Oboro came down stairs to see what all the commotion was all about. "Hello I am Amy and this is Mari," Amy introduced the both of them.

"Hello I am Oboro, this is Akira and you have already met Nozumo. It is a pleasure," Oboro smiled kindly. Amy let the mug slip out of her hands and smash to pieces on the tile floor. "Oh my! Dear are you alright?" Oboro asked. Misoka and Mitsuru walked in the door at that time.

"You-You're the Lunar Race! You worked with my mother, Mahiru Shiraishi!" Amy could only stand there. Mari did all she could to could to get Amy to feel better.

The boy's mouths dropped to the ground in shock. "Are you really Mahiru's daughter! How is she doing and when did she get married!" Akira questioned her.

Amy swallowed hard. "Well she fell in love with my dad a year after she left you guys. Then another year later they got married. Some time after that my mother had me, but due to some birth complications we lost her. I don't even remember her!" Amy burst into tears. Akira walked over to Amy, he hugged her to try and comfort her. "What about your father?" Akira asked.

"He died three years later in a car accident. I live with a few friends," Amy looked at everyone in the room. They looked as sad as she felt.

Mitsuru approached Amy. He gave her such a hateful glance, "There is no way a whiny brat like you could be Mahiru's daughter!"

"Mitsuru!" Nozumo shouted as Mitsuru ran up the stairs to his room. Everyone just stood there waiting to see what Amy would do next.