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Ch.5: How could this be? Part 2

Amy, Ivy, and the four boys ran to the address that Nichole had left for them. Amy had healed her hand, but nothing at this point could mend her broken heart. She still couldn't believe Nichole, the person who had practically raised her, had betrayed them all and kidnapped Mari.

They arrived at a large warehouse, when they walked in Mari was lying on the floor and she appeared to be unconscious "Mari!" Amy shouted as she ran to her, but stopped when Mari turned to look at her with a wicked grin. "What the hell?"

"Ha! Like animals to the slaughter!" Mari laughed as specialized force fields came up, separating and capturing everyone in the group.

Drac walked out with a few minions and another well built man. Drac had dark red hair and his once green eyes were red, this new man had brown hair and eyes. Drac snapped his fingers, when he did a large motorized hook came out carrying an extremely battered Nichole on it, being held there with chains. "Nichole!" Amy and Ivy cried out in unison.

"Aw, how touching," The new man laughed, as he wrapped his arms around Mari's waist from behind and nuzzled her neck.

Akira's ears came out and folded back like a dog that had done something wrong. A small whimper escaped his mouth when he saw Mari kiss the man passionately. "Why?" He howled quietly.

"Oh, that's right you have not met. Akira this is Donahue, a strong and powerful were. I'm sorry boy, but I like men, not puppies." Mari patted the force field and laughed. Akira's mouthed formed into a dog's as he attempted to bite her, but was thrown back from a strong electric shock. "See what happens when puppies are bad?"

"Stop it!" Ivy screamed, with tears falling down her face as she watched poor Akira be tortured.

"Poor sweet little Ivy, I pity your existence." Mari looked at her with emotionless eyes. "How you trusted me and quickly turned against your lifelong friend, tragic really."

Ivy glared at the traitor. "Don't pity me; you are the one who needs it!"

Drac got closer to Amy's cage. "You son of a bitch, when I get a hold of you, you will suffer!" She hissed. She couldn't believe she let one guy bring her down.

He laughed lightly at her antics and anger. He reached in, completely unharmed, and ruffled her hair. Drac pulled his hand away, as she cringed. "Now, now my pet, do not say anything you may regret."

"I am not your pet! Just because you and your whore used me, does not mean I am your anything!" Amy growled at him.

Drac laughed louder. "Maybe not now, but after some proper education you will be," He went to go touch her again.

"Don't you put a damn hand on her, you bastard, I will kill you!" Mitsuru hollered.

Drac withdrew his hand and went over to Mitsuru's little cage. "Why do you care? You are nothing but demon trash!"

"Because….I…care about her!" Mitsuru struggled to say, as he turned red. He did not back down, for he knew he had to be strong and not run from his feelings anymore.

"Well, isn't that sweet?" Mari walked up to Amy to toy with Mitsuru. She drained some of Amy's life force.

Mitsuru growled as he watched Amy fall to her knees in pure agony. "Amy…Amy, are you alright?!"

"I…am...alright…" Amy voiced weakly. She picked herself up and stood without faltering. "You will not bring me down, never again! We will not give in to either of you!"

"We will see," Drac spoke, as him, Mari, and Donahue walked away, leaving the broken group alone for a bit.

Nichole's violet eyes fluttered open. "I am so very sorry…" She said with what little voice she had.

"Don't you dare be sorry!" Nozumo practically yelled at her. "This is not your fault!"

Nichole smiled at Nozumo and he returned it, until they all heard a clicking noise. The floors opened up under everyone, including Nichole, separating them further.

Ivy was the first to awaken, since she was able to quickly make some grass and moss grow to soften the blow. "Where the hell am I?" She asked out loud. She saw an emerald on a stool in front of her, inside appeared to be her name and memories floating around. She was drawn to it, but she knew she had to fight it and walk away for nothing was safe here.

Little did Ivy know everyone else saw a gem as well; Amy saw a diamond, Mitsuru a sapphire, Akira an amethyst, Misoka an opal, and Nozumo a topaz. The group could not fight the pull of the gems as Ivy had, they each touched the jewels and in unison said, "We relinquish our powers." The jewels took their powers and vanished.

Drac's laugh could be heard throughout the entire place. "Now you are all just human! We have the gems and you will never see them again!"

Mari walked into Amy's room. "See, in the end you truly are nothing, but a worthless slut!" She shook her head at Amy.

Amy came up and kicked Mari in her stomach so hard it knocked her to the ground. "I don't need any powers to kick your dumb ass! I don't need you!" Amy growled.

Mari picked herself up. "You little bitch!"

"Thanks, but little is your title." Amy smirked. She was not about to surrender to the traitor. "Why are you doing this? I trusted you and you were my friend," Amy fell to her knees and felt hot tears sting her eyes.

Mari mentally threw Amy across the room. Amy hit the wall and then the floor. "I have no friends," Mari told her.

Amy attempted to get up, her body was weak and bruised. "I am sorry you feel that way, but you were never alone," Amy spoke softly and tears ran down her face.

"Shut up!" She wrapped her hands around Amy's throat and slammed her against the wall, refusing to let go.

"Why is it so much easier for you to blame us, than yourself?" Amy asked. "You…must…hate…yourself…" Amy was quickly losing her air supply.

"You know nothing!" Mari screamed.

Drac walked in. "Put her down, I don't want her dead."

Mari dropped Amy's limp body and walked out with Drac.

Amy awoke feeling a cool wind on her face. Once her eyes readjusted she saw a friend. "Ivy?" Amy tried to sit up. "How did you get in here?"

"It pays to have to power of elements on your side," Ivy smiled. She grew some herbs, made water, and fire to make some medicine for Amy's wounds. Ivy treated Amy and patched her up. "Why did Drac say we lost our powers?"

"You haven't?" Amy winced a bit from pain. "Did you touch the jewel that was in front of you?"

"No," Ivy shook her head.

"That is why you still have your powers. The jewels took our powers when any of us touched them said that we gave up our powers," Amy stared at the ground feeling like an idiot.

Ivy grew roses in the ground and sent them to the others, except for Nichole for she was in a throne room and Ivy could not get to her. "Everyone should be able to hear all and communicate. How is everyone?"

"All things considered, just peachy keen," Nozumo growled.

"All right Ivy, as I hope you are," Misoka answered.

"I am not sure," Akira whimpered.

"I will kill them! Amy, are you alright?" Mitsuru asked.

Amy smiled, pleased to hear all their voices. "I am fine, powerless, but fine."

"As are we I believe," Nozumo sighed.

"Yes," Everyone said, except Ivy.

"I have not lost my powers, but I did not touch the jewel." Ivy remarked, then she went into deep thought for a while. "Those must be our connector jewels. They are part of our souls, they affect our powers and energy among other things.

They sighed, knowing the only thing they could do to get their powers was by getting their jewels back. "Alright I will attempt to turn you al into shadows so you can drift through the walls and come to Amy and I." Ivy began to meditate and found each of the roses and in turn the boys, making them each shadows.

Everyone finally made it, and she let go turning them back to normal. It was too much stress on her body and she fell into Misoka's arms. He sat down and put her head into his lap. "What can we do?" He asked.

Mitsuru wrapped his arms around Amy, refusing to let her go or let anyone touch her. "We will have to come up with a plan, and fast.

Nozumo stood up. "I think I have an idea."