Breathe...A Bulma + Vegeta Story

By: Tenchu Girl 16

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ if I did I won't be writing this. Funmatioion and Arai Toyamama own DBZ. This is just Fan fiction.


After returning from Namek, Bulma sees Vegeta setting by a tree. Since we had no where to stay she invites him to stay at Capsule Corp. Vegeta reliantly aggress to stay. But once he moves in Bulma and Vegeta have been fighting like Cats and Dogs. They couldn't agree on anything. But as Bulma's so called relationship falls down the toilet. The guy who she has come to rely the guy she couldn't stand before.

Chapter One

"WOMAN, that damn machine has broken on me again, go ahead and fix it!" Vegeta screams from the hallway. Bulma was in her room sitting by the mirror curling her hair when she hears Vegeta yelling from the second hallway.

"Fix that Gravity Machine your damn self, Vegeta. I have to go on a date with Yamcha!"

"You mean that weakling of yours, you call a mate. He is properly gawking at some blond bimbo right about now."

"Yamcha is not cheating on me. He has been faithful to me for the past four months."

"Whatever just fix my gravity machine; when you come back from your five min date? After you see Yamcha gawking at some woman or cheating on you."

"Damn you to hell, Vegeta."

"Humph..." Vegeta scowled as he walked down the stairs and out the back door to train outside.

'Vegeta is such a royal pain in the ass. I wonder sometimes why he is so cold. I know that deep down inside of him he has a heart. Too bad his pride has his heart in a choke hold. I wonder sometimes why did I even invited him to stay at my house.'

Bulma's Flashback

Bulma was hugging Yamcha gently glad that he came back with the help of the dragon balls. Then she lets go of him and looks at Vegeta with a look of I feel sorry for him.

"Excuse me Yamcha, I have to go and see someone. I will be right back okay."

"Sure babe, I will go and see Tien."

Bulma left Yamaha's side. She walked down to the tree that Vegeta was sitting under. For some reason she was no longer afraid of him. Vegeta on the other hand was feeling upset. He was mad that Goku not him was the one who defeated Friza. He became Super Sayian before him.

'Damn you, Karorat you become Super Sayian and deafted Friza. I am supposed to become Super Sayian, I am. I am the Prince of Sayians but I am deafted by a third class solider. I must surpass you Kakorat...I must.'

Vegeta looked up and sees Bulma looking down at him. Her beautiful straight blue hair came down to her shoulders. She was wearing a red tank top, short blue jean skirt along with matching flip flops. He stared in desire for a second then suddenly his princely pride kicked in at full force.

"What the hell are you gawking at woman."

"At you, listen to me Vegeta and listen to me good. My name is Bulma B U L M A not woman! Second thing is that since you don't have anywhere to stay how about you stay with me?"

"I do not want your pity woman."

"You asshole. you are so argent for someone who is homeless. Listen I will make a deal with you it is one you can't refuse. I will make you a gravity machine. You can use it to train and even become super sayian. Plus you will have your own room and we won't bother you. Unless umm you need food or any thing. So how about it will you stay?"

"Why are you being so nice to me? I almost concurred your planet. My henchman Nappa killed your pathetic boyfriend."

"Vegeta, the reason I am helping you because I know that deep inside you are not evil. If you were truly evil; you would not be alive right now. Since Goku wished for only the good to be restricted."

"Don't...tell me that kind of bullshit. I am a warrior not a mushy human. Woman, I will accept your offer. Now leave me be after you tell me were do you live. I will be there shortly. I must train with that gravity machine of yours.

"I live ninety three miles southeast of here; In a large building called Capsule Corp. you can't miss it."

End of Bulma's Flashback

Bulma counted getting ready for her date. Thirty min later she was ready and just in time; because Yamcha was expected to be here in five min. She looks at herself in the mirror one last time and added a little more pink lip gloss to her lips. She then got out of her room and walked down the stairs. She then made her way to the living room where she sees Vegeta stretched out on the couch. He was eating out of a large bowl filled up with popcorn, while watching a DVD of Kill Bill Vol. 1. He was unaware of her presence until she walks by him to sit on a chair. He noticed that her blue hair was tucked neatly into a French bun. Her beautiful face was even prettier with the makeup and the lip gloss she was wearing. His eyes moved down even further to notice that she was wearing a thin pink tank top that showed a little stomach and leaving the rest to the imagination. She also wearing a white mini skirt that went perfect with her white high hilled expensive Paula shoes. As Bulma sat down she noticed that Vegeta was staring at her.

"So Vegeta, how do I look? You think I look gorgeous don't you. I see you staring."

"Woman, you must be out your mind. I think you look disgusting."

"Come on Vegeta admit it I look sexy."

"Admit what that you look like a slut." he replies with a smirk on his face while Bulma gives him that look.

"Go to hell." She simply she replies as his smirk grew bigger. For some strange reason he liked it to make Bulma upset with him. They counted to watch the movie in silence not saying a word. A few minutes later a loud knock was on the door. Bulma indemnity jumps up and runs to the door; hoping it would be Yamcha. She opens the door and sure enough Yamcha was there. He was dressed in Nike shirt and Sean John jeans. He was holding a bouquet full of roses and hands them to Bulma gasps and gives Yamcha a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Babe, I see you like the roses."

"Yes Yamaha, I love them they are so pretty. Wait here for a secound."she responds as she runs back to the living room and puts the vase full of roses on the coffee table. Vegeta looked at the roses with pure disgust.

"Who gave you the vase, woman."

"It's none of your damn business, Vegeta. But since you asked they are from Yamcha. I am leaving am going on a date with Yamcha. If you want dinner call the Pizza delivery guy got it. Well I have to go." Bulma says as she left the room.

"But what about the..." Vegeta then stopped after he heard the front door slam shut. He growled as he counted watching the rest of the movie. But for some reason he could not concrete on the moive. He kept on staring at the vase full of flowers that Yamcha gave Bulma.

'I wonder why dose that woman put up with that cheating mate of hers. Why should I care anyway all she dose is bitich at me all day. But not even Bulma deserves that. She desevere better. Damn it that woman is on my mind again. I wonder what kind of spell she has put me under.'

Meanwhile Bulma and Yamcha walked hand in hand to his car. Yamaha's car was a black 2005 ford mustang. Yamcha opens the door for Bulma and helps her in. He then walked over to the diver's side and backed out of the driveway.

"Bulma, I wonder how you put up with his shit."

"Who are you talking about, Yamcha."

"Bulma, don't play dumb I was referring to Vegeta."

"He is not as bad as everyone thinks. I know that deep inside of him lies a good person."

"We are talking about Vegeta here. If he had any good in him he wouldn't murdered so many innocent people and threaten to take over earth. So why are you letting that jackass stay with you and why are you helping him train. I mean you and your father built training equipment only so he can destroy it."

"Yamcha, you're not getting this are you. Vegeta may be a royal pain in the ass but he strong.

The second strongest fighter on Earth. Plus he can help us out with the battle with the Andriods comming up in three years. If he gets stronger than a super sayian then we can stand a chance."

Yamcha sighed in defeat, he knew Bulma was right. He hated the fact that Vegeta gets to stay with her and not him. What if Bulma grows more attached to him well it's only natural. Then Yamcha shakes that thought out of his mind. 'Nah that can't happen Vegeta and Bulma can't stand each other. A few min later Yamcha pulled into the Kline's parking lot and parked in front of it. He puts the car in park and gets out. He then made his way to his way to the passenger side and opened the door for Bulma. Bulma gets out and closes the door behind her. Yamcha locked hands with Bulma as they walked inside the elegant French restaurant.

Meanwhile Vegeta cut off the movie and decided to train outside again. He walked out of the living room, down the long elegant hallway and out of the back French doors. Outside the doors was a pool deck leading to a very large pool. Vegeta took off his jeans and his black t-shirt and dived into the pool. He began to swim laps around the pool as fast as he could. Then suddenly Bulma have popped in his mind.

'I can't stop thinking about that woman and the feeling that Yamcha is going to screw things up why do I care. I am a warrior I can not think of such bullshit. Why should I care she obtusely doesn't know how to treat a Sayian prince. She is loud, argent, rude...beautiful, gentle, sexy as hell, doesn't take any shit I throw at her. Eggh there those thoughts go again. Maybe I should go and see how the date is going. It's like I have nothing else to go besidesI need her to fix the GR.' Vegeta thought to him self as he got out of the pool and dried himself off with his ki. He then slipped back on his Nike tennis shoes, his phat farm jeans and his Sean John t-shirt and flew off into the night.

Meanwhile Bulma and Yamcha were sitting at a table by the window waiting for the waitress. A few mins later a waitress came to them. The waitress wore a white short sleeve shirt along with a short mini skirt. Yamaha's attention was all on the waitress. But one evil look from Bulma and he stopped staring at the waitress.

"May I help you, Yamcha?"

"Yes I would like two 4 oz steaks, mash potatoes and a glass of A laze."

"What would you like, miss?"

"I would like a salad, crackers, a cherry pie and a glass of Hennessey."

"Okay I would be back with your orders." the waitress responded as she slipped Yamcha a note. The note says.


Wait for me in the men's bathroom; I will be there in a min. I have to drop off your order.

Just say to Bulma that you will have to go to the bathroom.



Yamcha was excited and couldn't wait to ditch Bulma. He could feel him self getting bigger at the thought of Jasmine.

"Bulma, I have to go to the bathroom I will be right back okay."

"Okay just be back soon."

Yamcha got up and walked over to the bathroom. Vegeta was staring at her throw the window trying to figure out why Yamaha was so egger to go the bathroom. Then he remembered the not that the waitress slipped to him. 'Oh so he has the woman waiting for him at the table, while he goes in the bathroom and screw some woman crazy. I think that Bulma may catch him in the act this time.

A few minutes later another waitress laid out the food they ordered. She then gave Bulma the bill. Which read 50.87? Bulma reached in her purse and handed her 51.00 and told her to keep the change. As she started eating the salad she noticed that Yamcha still wasn't back yet. It was UN orthodox for some one to stay in the bathroom that long. She gets up wondering something's bad has happened to him. She made her way to the back of the restaurant into the hall where the restrooms were located. The further she walks she started hearing strange sounds coming from the men's bathroom.

"Ahh ohh!"

She paid it no mind at first.' Can't they just wait until they get a hotel room?' Then she heard something that made her pay close attention.

"Oh Yamcha, yes give it to me!"

Bulma felt like a knife has been stabbed right through her. She then opens the door to the men's bathroom and sees something she shouldn't have. She sees Jasmine's naked body on top of Yamcha. There clothes were scattered everywhere. They were doing it right in front of her and didn't seem to know that she was there. Tears flowed through her eyes as she watches them. Suddenly she hears Yamcha calling out Jasmine's name over and over as he reached his climax. As Jasmine rolled over and laid beside him. Yamcha finally noticed that Bulma was there and she had seen his beytral.

"Yamcha, you no good son of a bitch!"

He gets up quickly and runs over to Bulma.

"Bulma, I am so sorry! I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing."

Bulma slapped him silly. Yamcha could feel the force from her had slap. He rubbed his right check And winced at the pain.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry! I will make it up to you, promise."

"Too late Yamcha, we are over. I wish never to see you or your bitich ever again. Go ahead finish screwing each other. I am so threw with your bull shit." Bulma groaned from threw clenced teeth. She then stormed out of the bathroom with tears following threw her cheeks. Just then she bumped into Vegeta. He had a frown on his face and looked at Bulma with a look of symtpay.

"What are you doing here, Vegeta?"

"I'm here to take you home, woman. This date is over."

Bulma did not have the strength of arguing with Vegeta. Especially in front of all of these people. So she reliantly followed Vegeta outside of the restaurant. Vegeta then guided her to one of the benches by the restaurant windows. He sits down on one and gestured her to sit down next to him. She sat down next to him trying hard to not let her tears flow. She did not want the 'Sayian Prince' see her crying over the 'weakling'.

"Bulma, tell me what happened on that date and tell me now."

Bulma noticed that Vegeta finally was calling her by her name and not the acoustical woman that he us lay calls her.

"Well Yamcha says that he had to go to the bathroom. So I thought nothing of it so I sunt him on. Well after I waited for a long while I deiced to check up on him. Then I heard weird sounds coming from the bathroom so I decided to check them out. That's when I found Yamaha screwing the waitress."

"Leave him to screw his whores. You deserve better than that woman. You have something over him if he is always coming back to you. So you have the power to make him pay where it hurts. Come on lets go home." Vegeta replies as he got off the bench. Bulma got off the bench behind him and followed him. Yamcha came running towards them with a serious frown on his face. Bulma stopped dead in her tracks and folded her arms as Vegeta stood behind her and smirked. Thinking to himself 'This shall be interesting.'

"Bulma, I am sorry please take me back. Wait a min why is Vegeta here?"

"Well since you asked, Vegeta is here to take me home."

"You don't have to go home with him. I can take you home. On the way maybe we could talk this out. Besides Vegeta is such a jackass."

Vegeta was furious he was going to beat the shit out of him. But Bulma stopped him.

"I got this. She says to Vegeta then turns her attention to Yamcha. The only asshole around here is you." She replies as she walked closer to him and kicked him in his genitals. Yamchacried out in pain. Vegeta was laughing heavily his laugh made Bulma laugh as well." Take me home, Vegeta."

He picks her up and holds her in his arms as he flew off in the evening sky.

"You know what woman; you are just like what a Sayian woman would be."

"I am?" Bulma asked smiling.


That is the end of chapter one.

Tell me how much you like or dislike the story. I will come up with Chapter 2 shortly.

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