Breathe: A Bulma and Vegeta Story

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Chapter 13 Part 2: Bulma and Vegeta's Wedding

An hour later Bulma wakes up from her long nap. She feels Vegeta's soft fingers going throw her hair. She smiles, rolls over and faces him. She gives him a light kiss on the lips. He smiles and just stars at her. She smiles and stares right back at him. Just when Vegeta was about to kiss her; her phone rang. Vegeta growled as Bulma reached for her cordless phone and answers it.


"Bulma, you supposed to be here twenty min ago."

"Sorry Chi-Chi, I just went back to sleep. But let me get dressed and I swear that I would be there."

"Okay fine, just hurry up; you know the saying. Vegeta can't see you until the wedding."

"Alright Chi-Chi, see you soon."

Bulma hangs up the phone and turns to Vegeta.

"Well I have to go and see Chi-Chi. Well see you at the wedding." Bulma says as she got out of the bed and picks her clothes off of the floor. She then slips on her clothes and graped her suitcase and her purse off the floor. She then walks out of her room and into the nursery were baby Trunks was sound alsleep in the crib listing to Rock-A-Bye baby. She walks up to the crib and gives Trunks a sweet kiss on the cheeck and left out the room. She goes back into her room to tell Vegeta that she was leaving then walked downstairs. After she walked downstairs she walked into the kicthen and tells her mom to call Trunks nanny to come over. Since Her mother couldn't keep him because her and her father have to leave to go to a bussiness meeting later on that day and they won't be back until late, She had to get ready for her weeding and Vegeta of course would be trianning for the androids. She walked out the house and down the sidewalk until she got to her Cadliac Convertable. She hits a button on her keychain and the trunk automaticly opens. She placed her suitcase inside of the trunk and closes it. She then got inside of the car and drove off. It takes her an hour and a half but she manges to pull into Chi-Chi's driveway. She parks her car behind Chi-Chi's green Expodetion and gets out.
She opens her trunk and gets out her suitcase and closes the trunk. She then walks up to the frount door and knocks on the door. Chi-Chi awnsers the door she was wering a pretty velet sleeless dress along with the match ing highhelled sandles. She had her hair neatly tied up in a ponytail.

"Ah Bulma, come in your just in time for breakfast."

Bulma walks in and follows Chi-Chi down the hallway until they reached the fourth door on the left. Chi-Chi opens the two french doors that lead into the kicthen. They walked into the kicthen inside the kicthen was complete with five refegeraters, four stoves, two dishwashers, three giant trashcans hidden in the cabinets.
Chi-Chi showed Bulma to the kichten table where Goku and Gohan eating. Goku had a whole plate full of Pankakes, saugaues, bacon, waffles toped with purple grapes and wipped cream and a thing of hasbrowns. And to top it all off a glass of Abor Mist. Gohan had the same thing except for the Abor Mist, he had a glass of fruit punch. Bulma pulls out a chair and sits infront of Goku. Chi-Chi to the stove and fixed a plate for Bulma and placed it in frount of her with a glass of Abor Mist. Chi-Chi then went back and fix her a plate and sat next to Bulma.

"Bulma, how is Trunks?"

"Trunks is good, he is just so adorble, I love him. Leslie his nanny is so nice to him and she loves him like he was hers."

"How do you know that you can trust her with your child. How do you know that she is not a crazy child molsting bitich."

"Because I did a crimnal background cheeck on her and her record is clean. She seems like a nice middle age woman who loves kids. I looked up her references and they said that she was good no problems.
Besides if she even lays one finger on my son, Vegeta will kick her ass."

"Okay your stright, After breakfast we have to get you fitted in your weeding dress. I want to see how you would look in it before the wedding tommrow."

After they talked and eat breakfast Chi-Chi and Bulma went upstairs while Goku and Gohan washed the dishes and cleaned the kicthen. Upstaris was a hallway the hallway was wide and short with four rooms on eachside. A nice size chandler hung from the celing to keep the hallway light at night. Chi-Chi stoped at the third door on the right.

"This will be your room for toinght." Chi-Chi replies as she opens the door and they walk into the room.
The guest room was a large room. It was complete with a king sized bed with red covers, a dresser with a large mirror with a large collection of makeup, perfume, colone and aftershave, A window with a nice view of the small well to do mountian village community.

Bulma walks in and lays on the king sized bed as Chi-Chi went to the closet and got out her wedding dress. Bulma stares at it wide eyed never in all of her life had she seen a dress so beautful. The dress was sleevless covered in beautful diamounds that connected togeter to make flowers. Chi-Chi hands the dress to Bulma who layed it flat on the bed. She gets off the bed and stood infront of the dress.

"Wow this dress is so beutful I never seen anything like it. How did Marrion find this dress."

"Well she spent all night on the internet looking at Sayian woman's fashion and what they wear."

"Why would Marrion do that?"

"Because she wanted to know which dress would have the best effect on Vegeta. Anywhz's she found a dress smilar to this one and she felt impressed by it it was so beutful so mangnifancant. So she skecthed out the dress and flew to California to famous fashion desginer Ralph Lauren. He took the desgin and worked wonders with it. When she got the dress from him it was amazing it was made from the finest of slilks and the finest of diamounds. So come on Bulma go try it on while I go and find the assories to go with it."Chi-Chi says as she went inside the cloest to find her assories. Bulma changes into the dress she was amazed at how beautful she looked in it. She even spent her self around imanging that she was dancing with Vegeta at the wedding recipation. Chi-Chi smiles at Bulma as she layed out of the assories.

"Okay Bulma, you can stop spinning around before you wrinkle the dress." Chi-Chi laughs at Bulma's embressment.

"Oh sorry about that Chi-Chi. I am just so exicted that I am getting married."

"Who would ever thought that you would even civil with Vegeta, let alone marry him. I guess time changes every thing. So try on your veil and your shoes."

Bulma walks up towards the bed and picks up the veil. The veil was as pretty as the dress the crown was made out of 50 kart platmium with little 5 kart diamans surroinding it. She puts it on top of her head as Chi-Chi hands her wedding shoes. They were siver high hilled sandles covered in little small diamounds.
She tries on the sandlas it was a perefect fit.

"Vegeta is going to go crazy once he sees how beautful you look in that dress."

"Yeah no kidding. I look just like a princess out of those fairy tail books."

"Well Bulma, you are officaly going to become the Sayian Princess tommrow. At least you look the part."

"True" Bulma gigges as she gets out of the dress and changed back into her reglaur clothes. Just then Goku walks in and kisses Chi-Chi on the check. Goku was wearing a blue phat farm t-shirt with the sean john jeans and the G-Unit sneakers.

"Well I am going over to Vegeta's place with Trunks to get him ready for the wedding."

"Okay just be back at five to help me and Lanch cook for the weeding. We have to start with desserts to the main course so the food won't taste cold."

"Alright Chi-Chi, See ya."

"Bye Goku." Chi-Chi says as she blew a kiss to Goku and Goku blows one back. Then Goku leaves the room, down the stairs and out the door. Chi-Chi and Bulma walked to the window and watched as Goku got into his 2005 mercdez's benz and drove off.

"Bulma we have to go as well"

"Where are we going Chi-Chi?"

"To the grocery store, To themall do you catch my drift."

"Yep lets go."

Bulma follows Chi-Chi out the room, down the stairs and out the frount door. They stood infrount of Chi-
Chi's two door gagarge. She pushes a button on her garge door and all of a sudden one of the gaurge doors open ed. Thats were a 2006 lexus sports car came into view. Chi-Chi unloked the doors to the sports car and Bulma got on the passgner side as Chi-Chi got on the drivers side and pulled out of the driveway. The first stop they made was to the grocery store where she placed an order. A very large order for every pice of meat they had. Then they went to another grocery store and went grocery shopping. After that they stoped to the Tokyo Mall. Where Chi-Chi brought a weeding present for Bulma with out Bulma seeing it or knowing it. While Bulma was in another store buying the finset landure she could find to wear on her honeymoon. Then she brought Vegeta a special wedding gift. After they ventured in the mall Chi-Chi drove them back home. They unloaded the grocerys first and puts them in the refergator and the frezzer. Chi-Chi then volentered to get the shopping bags out. Bulma agrees as she walked upstars to her guest room.
She lays on the bed and fillped throw the channels trying to find something to watch. She stoped when she saw a celbebrty interview show. The interviewer Lelise Lohan was intervieiwing Bulma about her upcoming wedding. The more she looked at it the more she misses Vegeta and decied to filp the channel agan to watch Lifetime. Chi-Chi comes up there with a big bowl of popcorn and two cans of diet pepsi. Bulma spent that whole day watching Lifetime with Chi-Chi, Playing watervolley ball with Gohan, and Goku while Chi-Chi was cooking for the weeding, Ordered Pizza and watched Saw, Monster's Ball, Mr. & Mrs. Simith and 8 Mile with Goku, Gohan and Kirrlian.

The Next Day

Bulma wakes up to Chi-Chi skaking her over and over.Bulma sits up on the bed and yawns.
She looks up seeing Chi-Chi in a pink robe with pink slippers. She then glances at the clock which reads 7:35 am.

"Chi-Chi,why are you waking me up so early."

"Come on Bulma, it's your wedding day. Time for breakfast anywhz."

Bulma slowly gets out of bed and walkes to the closet and grabs a fuzzy white housecoat , walks to the mirror and cheecks her hair wrap making sure it satyed on and it did. She then follows Chi-Chi down the stairs and into the kicthen where Gohan, Goku and Kirrlian was eating sauage biscuts, hasbrowns and fresh scrambled eggs. As they ate breakfast they talked and laughted together. After breakfast the doorbell rung.

"Goku, can you get that for me, sweetheart. It's problery the recpetion crew here to pick up the food for the wedding."

Goku gets out of the chair and anwsers the frount door. Where he sees two men in a plan light brown unform.

"Yes is Mrs. Chi-Chi Son here? I need to pick up the food for Miss. Breifs recipation."

"Oh yes she is here follow me into the kicthen."

After Chi-Chi gives them all of the food for the recipation she walks upstairs into the guest room just when Bulma steps out from taking a long hot bath in the juccusy. Bulma sits in the chair as Chi-Chi unwraps her hair. She styed her hair in beautful curls as Bulma sprys on her new expensive perfume. After Chi-Chi finshes styling her hair she apples all of Bulma's makeup, mascara and lipgloss. Then Marrion walks in the room , pulls up a chair and dose Bulma's nails.

"Okay Bulma,put on your weeding dress." Marrion suggusted.Bulma decides to follow Marrion 's advice and slips on her wedding dress as Chi-Chi ties it up from the back. Marrion gets Bulma's veil and gently pushed it on her head so it won't mess up her hair. Chi-Chi then went into the closet and got out Bulma's wedding shoes and her boquet. She hands Bulma the boquet as Marrion helps her into her shoes.

Two hours later Marrion, Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goku were all dressed for the wedding and they all met up with Bulma in Chi-Chi's living room. Just when the were all about to sit down they heard a loud rattling noise that souned like a jet.Bulma looks out the window and sees a capsle corp jet landing in the middle of the street.

"Okay you guys it's the jet we have to go." Bulma says as she gets up and walks out side.
Chi-Chi and Marrion held the ends of her long beautful dress as she walked from the house and into the jet. Goku and Gohan followed them into the jet. Marrion and Bulma sat in the frount row together while Chi-Chi sits with Gohan and Goku. Bulma's mother and father and her other friends was on the plane as well. But they was futher to the back were they could not see Bulma.
The jet takes off at a high rate of speed soaring through the air. After a couple of of hours Bulma could fell the plane landing on something. As she turns her head to the window she sees that they landed at the back of Kami's lookout. Then an annocment came on the loud speakers.

"We have now have landed safley on the scared area of Kami's lookout. This is where Miss. Bulma Briefs and Mr. Vegeta No Ouji are going to join together in marriage.
For the first time ever in history the Briefs family and Kami have ever let the press flim and take pitures of this meomroble event. Now Will Bulma's family and friends that are not involed in the wedding cermony please get off this jet and into the scared building."

Eveyone except for Bulma, Chi-Chi, Goku and Marrion got out of the jet and headed into the buliding. Meanwhile Everyone was getting settied inside. Kami was standing in the middle of the alter. He wore a royal white robe with the namek sign on the back of his white robe. Vegeta was standing on his right wating in intespation to see his bride. Just then Mariah Carey stood on up on stage and sung Joyride as the bridesmadies and the groomsman walked in. The brides maids wore pretty white strapless dresses made out of the finset silk and they were wering pretty white gloves. They stood on the the left side of the alter as the groomsmen stood to the right of Vegeta. Then Chi-Chi walked in arm in arm with Trunks. Because Chi-Chi was the Maid of Honor and Vegeta chose Tunks to be The Best Man. Chi-Chi's dress was different than the other dresses.
Her dress was a light pink color with the trim of the dress was trimmed with real diamounds. She also wore a crown on her head but it was only platium. Then two little girls came in and did a ballet dance all the way to the alter. As they danced they droped rose peatles down the white carpet. Then they went and stood by Chi-Chi.
As Mariah Carey began to sing 'We Belong Together' everyone stood up as Mr. Brefs walked Bulma down the asle. Everyone just stared there with there mouth's wide open even Vegeta was smiling hard. They just could't belive how beautful she looked espiclaly in that dress. Bulma and her father walked as the reoporters were snapping photos and family members where taking pitures and recording with thier camcorders.

Bulma and her father stoped in front of the alter. Kami cleared his thorat then began the ceromony.

"We are gathered here today to join Miss. Bulma Briefs and Mr. Vegeta no Ouji the Sayian Prince in holy maturmony. Do you Mr. Briefs give your daughter to this man."

"I do" Mr Briefs responed as he lets go of his daughter. Bulma nevorusly walks up to the alter and jonied hands with Vegeta. Vegeta was wearing a beautful white suit with a Princely badge attched to it. She looks into his eyes she never seen him look so happy ever. Kami then looked at Vegeta firmly and responds.

"Vegeta, will you take this woman as your wife? To be with her for better or worse;
In sickness and in heath until death do you part."

"I do" Vegeta says firmly

"Bulma, will you take this man as your husband? To love and to honor him, for better or for worst, for sickness and in heath into death do you part?"

"I, do"

"Will the ringbearer please come foward." Kami requsted. Gohan then walks down the asle and presented the wedding bands. Vegeta grapped one of the wedding rings and placed it on Bulma's wedding finger.

"With this ring I be wed."

Then Bulma graps the other ring and placed it on Vegeta's finger.

"With this ring I be wed."

"If anyone her objects for these two becoming man and wife speak now or forever hold your peace." Luickly for them no one objected

"Vegeta, you may now kiss your bride." Everyone who was watching the weeding held in thier breath. Vegeta slowly lifts Bulma's veil and stars into her eyes fo a few secounds. Then he leans into Bulma and kisses her with a firey passion. Everyone looks on with an shocked look on thier faces. Even Miari Trunks looked at them kinda funny. A few min later they finally broke apart.

"May I present Mr. and Mrs Vegeta No. Ouji."

Everyone clapped as Vegeta and Bulma walked down the asle hand in hand. The bridesmates walked down the alse with there boyfriends/husbands. Except for Trunks who walked off Janet.
Vegeta flew Bulma back to Capsale Corp as Everyone elese took the jet back. The recipation was filled with food, dancing and peformances. That all took place in Bulma + Vegeta's backyard. The performances were from Mya, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Fantisa and Trey Songs.
After the recpetion Everyone stood in the frount yard watching as Bulma and Vegeta steping into the limo. Bulma waved at everyone as Vegeta just sit there listening to all of the racket.

"Chi-Chi, take care of little Trunks for me while I am gone." Bulma hollered out of the window.

"Don't worry I will. Have a nice honeymoon."

Trunks could only look on as the limo drove away taking them on thier honeymoon. He couldn't belive that his parents would actully get married. In fact it semeed impossbile."

'Father you have changed so much. At first you were so bent on destyoing the world.
Until you met my mother who is just as stubbron as you and Goku things began to change.
You still even now want to supass Goku and you still have that I am better than everyone else attuidue. But now at least you have made room in your hurt for two others. My mother who you call 'Onna' and me your son. And for that I will always love you father.'

Gohan then walks up to Trunks and decides to make converstion with him.

"Hey Trunks I think your parents make the perefect couple. Now that you think about it.
Bulma and Vegeta have bad tempers at times and they both are extermly stubbron. But Vegeta has power to go along with his."

"True but my father loves my mother to much to ever hurt her, Gohan. I think that he loves her because she dosen't take any shit he throws at her."

"True, even when she was with Yamcha she would give him hell."

This is the end of Breathe. I think I did a good on this story. I am glad that you guys liked it and everything. I hope you liked my ending. Like I mentioned before I am going to write Sweet Apple Pie...A Son Goku and Chi-Chi story. I don't know how I am going to write it but I will figure it out when I watch DBZ agian. I am also going to write Crazy in Love with U. A Kirrlan and 18 story.
I know how this one will start I just need to write it out.

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