1The Blue Crystal

Chapter 1: A Great Find

"There it is! Get it!" "I'm trying but, it's locked with security." "Since when has security stopped us?" "Fine, pass me the glass claw." There in the museum stood two villains but, who were they? One of the villains grabbed the glass claw, and made a hole in the glass. Then carefully the other villain switched the object that was in the glass with a can so, that the alarm wouldn't go off.

Then they ran off but, one of the villains tripped, and fell on a heat sensor, and made the alarm go off.

"RUN!" Screamed one of the villains as they began to make a run for it. They jumped over every obstacle course, and finally got outside. "What do we do now boss?" Asked one of the villains. "Uh, over there!" Said the other villain pointing at a wooden boat.

They both jumped onto the boat, and began to paddle with their hands. But, the villain that was holding the valuable crystal accidentally dropped it in the water. None of them noticed that the crystal wasn't on the boat anymore until they got back to their secret lare.

"Boss we have retrieved the blue crystal just like you asked us." Said one of the villains. "Good let me have a good look at it." Said the boss. "Sure here...I know I put it here somewhere." Said one of the villains while searching for the crystal in his pocket. "You do have it, right?" Asked the now frustrated boss. "Hmmm, it must have fallen out of my pocket when we were on the boat...um...hehe." Said the now frightened villain. "It WHAT!" Yelled the now angry boss. "I send you to do one simple job, and you can't even do that! What am I supposed to do with you two?" Said the now furious boss. "You know what? I'm taking you both out of this team. Take them to the dungeon, and have them locked up for good!"

"No! Please boss!" Pleaded one of the villains. "Give us a second chance!" Cried the other villain.

"This was your second chance!" Said the boss. And with that they were sent to the dungeon.

"Alright! Now that that's taken care of. Let's find that crystal before somebody else does." Commanded the boss.

The next day the Teen Titans were at Titans Tower just hanging out. Robin was on the table studying the newspapers that Slade was in so, he could find a way to finally defeat him. Starfire was eating on the table right beside Robin. ( Don't ask me what she was eating because, I have no clue ). And finally Beast Boy, and Cyborg were playing video games in the living room. Then suddenly Raven walked in the room.

"Ahhh! Raven's here!" Said Beast Boy. "And your point is?" Asked Cyborg. "You'll see." Answered Beast Boy.

Then Beast Boy got up, and got a cake from the refrigerator that he had made especially for Raven, and walked over to where she was.

Raven by now was walking toward the couch.

"Oh Raven." Said Beast Boy. "I've got a surprise for you."

"What do you want?" Asked Raven sarcastically. "Here, this is for you." Said Beast Boy

"I don't eat sugar." Said Raven. "But, I made it especially for you." Said Beast Boy. "No." Answered Raven. "Oh, come on. Plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee. You know you want to try it." Said Beast Boy. "I said NO!" Screamed Raven as the cake got surrounded in a black aurora, and blew up.

Beast Boy just stood there watching Raven, and how she blew up the cake that he had worked so, hard on for her.

"Uhhhh look Beast Boy. I didn't mean to..." Said Raven but, stopped talking as soon as Beast Boy just ran out of the living room.

"What's his problem?" Raven asked herself. "Well, you did go a little hard on him you know." Said Cyborg. "Yeah, and after he worked so, hard on that cake for you." Said Robin. "Since when does Beast Boy like making cakes for me?" Asked Raven sarcastically. "Don't know. Maybe BB just felt like making something." Answered Cyborg. "Oh joyous day! Now friend Beast Boy, and me can cook together." Said Starfire. "Um star, it's Beast Boy, and I. And I don't think he wants to cook." Said Robin. "Oh." Answered a depressed Starfire.

"Hmmm, maybe I should go apologize." Thought Raven in her mind. "I mean he did have all that hard work making that cake, and then I went, and just blew it up." So, she walked out of the Titans Tower, and started her search.

She started to fly over the whole city looking for him but, couldn't find him anywhere until... "There he is!" Said Raven. "But, what's he doing at the beach?" So, she flew down so, she could land right behind him. Then she started to walk towards him.

She sat right beside him, and started to watch the sunrise. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Asked Beast Boy. "Sometimes I come here when no one wants to hang around with me." "It truly is a wonderful sight." Said Raven. "Look I'm sorry for blowing up your cake. I know you worked really hard on it, it's just that..." "It's just that what?" Asked Beast Boy. "It's just that... since when do you make stuff for me?" Asked Raven. "I don't! It's just that... remember when it was your birthday but, I didn't know about it until the Titans made the party?" Asked Beast Boy. "Yeah." Answered Raven. "Well, when I did find out about it it was already too late to get you something so, Cyborg let me share his gift with him." Said Beast Boy. "But, then I just didn't feel right not getting you something of my own so, I decided to bake you a cake, and give you a late birthday. Well, like I always say, 'better late than never' hehe."

"Sorry Beast Boy but, I didn't know." Said Raven. "Nah, it's alright. Anyways it was your birthday present not mine." Answered Beast Boy.

Raven was just about to answer him when suddenly a blue crystal floated on to the shore. It landed on the sand right in the middle of the both of them.

"Raven, what's that?" Asked Beast Boy. "I don't know." Answered Raven.