1Chapter 7: Lightning Strike

All the Titans hurried to where Beast Boy, and Raven were. And as soon as they got there Robin said, "Raven, Beast Boy report!" "Like I said before, Beast Boy found this place with his psychic sense." Answered Raven. "But, how do we enter?" Asked Starfire. "There's a lock here on this door, maybe if we can get it open." Answered Cyborg.

"Beast Boy concentrate on the lock, and imagine it unlocked." Said Raven so, Beast Boy concentrated on the lock, and imagined it unlocked when suddenly the lock broke, and fell to the ground making the door split open. "Nice going dude!" Said Raven as they entered the secret lare.

"Now we just have to find out where the crystal is." Said Robin.

"Yeah, good luck with that, there's so many doors how do you expect to figure out which one it is, not to mention all the wired cameras probably in this place." Said Cyborg.

"Finally, I shall put this crystal to the test. Once the planets align, and the ray of light hits the crystal I shall gain ultimate power, and no one shall be able to stand in my way. Finally I shall be able to rule over this planet!" Came a voice from behind one of the doors.

"I'm guessing in there." Said Raven pointing to one of the doors. "No kidding." Said Beast Boy as the team entered the room cautiously not to make any sounds but, it was too late, some of the boss's minions had captured them from behind.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Some spies?" Said the boss.

"You know as well, as us that, that crystal doesn't belong to you!" Said Robin.

"Well, for that matter it doesn't belong to you either." Answered the boss. "And now if you don't mind I would like to finish up what I was doing, take them to the dungeon!" Said the boss.

"TITANS GO!" Yelled Robin as he grabbed the villain behind him, and threw him into the wall infront of him.

Raven morphed into a rat, and snuck under the villain, then she morphed into a bear, and punched him into the ground. Beast Boy levitated a garbage can, and threw it at the villain holding him prisoner, and levitated up. Starfire flipped the villain over, throwing him into a wall. And Cyborg fell backwards on purpose squishing the villain, and then stood back up.

"NO YOU IDIOTS GET BACK UP, AND FIGHT!" Yelled the boss as more villains entered the room, and the Titans began to fight with them.

Starfire picked up Robin, and Cyborg, and flew up. Then she flew toward some villains, and threw Cyborg onto them as he shot his sonic cannon at them. Then she flew toward more villains, and threw Robin on them as he started fighting with them kung-fu style. Then she began to shoot starbolts at the other villains.

Raven morphed into an eagle flying up high, and then morphed into a stegosaurus falling on some of the villains, and squishing them, then she tail whipped the others.

Beast Boy levitated boxes, garbage cans, and anything he could get his hands on, and threw it at the villains but, then he spotted the boss running toward the middle of the room where a giant glass window stood above where you could see the planets beginning to align. But, before he could get to the center of the room Robin jumped on him, and held him down with his metal staff, and threw the crystal to Beast Boy. "Beast Boy, Raven, get in the center, and use the crystal, hurry!" Robin told Beast Boy.

As Beast Boy caught the crystal he ran to the center of the room. "Raven come on!"

Raven ran to the center but, just before she got there the boss threw Robin to the side, and grabbed Raven's foot making her trip, and fall. "Beast Boy help!" She yelled.

The planets had just aligned, a ray of light shown down through the window on Beast Boy as he saw Raven struggling to break lose of the boss's grip on her. "Raven!" He yelled as his eyes turned white. "Azarath Metrion Zynthos!" He yelled as a green aurora spread around the boss, and threw him flying backwards making Raven go flying forwards, and knock into Beast Boy making them both fall backwards, Beast Boy on his back, and Raven on top of him, and the crystal in the middle of them. As the light shown above them they felt that tingling sensation again, and the light shined brighter than before, then it faded, and the planets continued to orb.

Now Beast Boy, and Raven were so close to each other that they could feel each other's breath on the other. They opened their eyes, and all they could see were violet, and emerald pools. They didn't want to move, they liked being this close to each other, just as they began to move closer...

"Guys you did it!" Said Cyborg.

"Yes, you are victorious!" Said Starfire.

"Nice job!" Said Robin as he lended his hand, and helped Raven up, and then Cyborg lended his hand, and helped Beast Boy up.

"Well, did it work?" Asked Cyborg.

"I think." Answer Raven. "Dude I got my personality back!" Said Beast Boy." "Yep, it worked." Said Raven. Everyone laughed.

Later when the police finally arrived at the scene, and were walking all the villains to the cars the Titans were outside the lair. "I will be back you hear, I will have my revenge, and when I finally get the blue crystal you five are the first ones to go down you hear me GO DOWN!" Yelled the boss at the Titans as the police put him in the car. "Yeah yeah, whatever you say." Said Beast Boy with his hands behind his head. "Well, I guess we better get going." Said Robin. "We'll be right there." Said Beast Boy as Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire walked to the T-Car.

"Raven?" Said Beast Boy.

"Yeah?" Answered Raven.

"Told ya we'd get our personalities back." Said Beast Boy.

"Yeah." Said Raven. "And, even if we hadn't, I'm glad it was you I switched personalities with." Said Raven looking away from him, and blushing.

"Yeah, me too." Said Beast Boy also looking away, and blushing.

"Well, we better go." Said Raven as she turned around, and began to walk toward the T-Car but, Beast Boy grabbed her arm, and turned her around, gently places his lips on hers. Raven was very surprised, and froze solid but, when she realized what happened she kissed him back. Then they broke apart. "Consider that a second birthday present." Said Beast Boy. "Huh?" Said Raven with a confused look on her face. "Since you destroyed the cake, you get another present." Answered Beast Boy. "Hm, maybe I should destroy your cakes more often then." Said Raven. Beast Boy chuckled a little.

"Guys come on!" Yelled Cyborg from the T-Car. "We don't have all day, I gotta wax my baby!"

"Now we better go." Said Beast Boy. "Yeah but, no more surprises when I turn around, okay?" Said Raven. "Kay!" Answer Beast Boy as they both walked toward the T-Car, got in, and drove away into the sunrise.

The End!


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