These are parodies of popular songs and other songs that you might know of. I tried my best; please don't sue me. Enjoy.


(Olaf song, parody of "1985" by Bowling for Soup)

Olaf just hit the wall

He never had it all

Goes crazy every day,

Why is his life this way?

This anger, woe and dread

It's going to his head

Hasn't got a single fan,

What went wrong with his plan?

He was gonna get their fortune

He was gonna be a star
He was gonna shake his thing

On the hood of Esme's car
The Baudelaires, you see,
They are his enemies.
Looks at his evil life
And nothing
Has been



And fires

They fuel his desires

He torments

The orphans

And wonders if his plan's a blunder


Are crying

As the ropes he's tying

Cause he's had an evil life

since 19-



He's tried all the classics;

He knows every line.

Like "Better give up now,

Before I make you die!"

Makes lots of evil plans;

Not a big "Littlest Elf" fan.

Thought he might get a hand

With all his evil plans.

Where's the pinstripe skirt

That Esme thinks is IN?

And why can't people see the genius that is him?

Why does his acting stink?

How come he's starring

In a movie with


And Browning

(As the Baudelaires)?


(Instrumental break)

We hate him, Make him stop

Why do all his plans always attract the cops?

And when did he start

Being an actor?

Please make him




And stop the bad deeds

And fires

That fuel his desires. No more torment

ing orphans

No wonder all his plans are blunders


Stop crying.

The ropes I am untying.

But he's still preoccupied

With fortunes in his life.

(Repeat chorus twice)