Hermione got lazily out of bed. Her alarm clock had not gone off again, the usual. She had a theory that Harry bewitched it because it woke him up too early. They were both Auroras, Harry and Hermione. Barty Crouch Junior had been right in the forth year.

Ron, Ron was the reason Hermione's own body clock was messed up. She'd been planing his return from an expedition, that lasted two years. He had gone with his brother, Charlie. The fiery haired Ron had agreed to it a year after they all moved in together. The trio all chipped in for a loft in Ireland, just above a candy shop, where Harry and her still lived.

Hermione shuffled to the closet, as usual, to pick out her robes. Crimson it was today. They were her favourite robes, the colour of his blush. Ron, Ron, Ron. You never really notice you miss a person, or even love them, until their missing.

During his expedition, he had kept in contact with Her, Her and Harry. All his letters, pictures and whatnot were saved in a box. She knew what she had for Ron was not the oh-so-called puppy love she thought she had before. She loved the man with all of her heart, but he didn't know that.

She finished pulling on her robes as she turned around she noticed Harry standing there. Shirtless, Glass-less, smiling like he just saw his parents.

"How long were you standing there?" Hermione raised in an eyebrow, in question.

"I didn't see you dress, Hermes," He smiled and swayed back and forth. She now knew what he was up too. His hands were behind his back.

"Harry, is that a letter from him?" She started over to him. He backed up a foot.

"Who?" The messy haired boy asked innocently and stepped out of her room. He knew very well who. Him was Ron.

"Ron," She darted at Harry, who slid down the banister of the loft and onto the ground floor. "Give it!" She darted down the stairs, still barefoot.

"Never, you dastardly witch!" Harry said as he slid into the kitchen. Hermione slid after him, and right into the back of him. She fell backwards while Harry had his balance against the counter. The know-it-all scrunched up on the floor, pretending to cry. Hey, it worked once, why couldn't it happen again?

"Oh, no your not. Your not pulling that on me again," He poked her. While Harry's guard was down, she yanked the letter out of his grip.

"I win!" She smiled, bowed and continued to sit on the hardwood floor. Harry watched her as she ripped the letter open, and soon read it aloud.
"Dear Hermione and Harry:
I'm coming home earlier then expected. I'll be in tonight, around four-ish.
I hope Pig delivered this letter all right. He has been getting calmer, thank God.
Harry, make sure Hermione doesn't go all out. I'm bringing someone back. I'm sure you'll like." The words was smudged, it was either a Him or a Her, "They've changed so much. Well, I've gotta dart, my
Plane. Yes, Harry, Plane. Is taking off soon.
Ronald Weasley."

Harry looked at the teary eyed Hermione. She always expected the worse. Always.

"Hermione...He's not bring a girl here, trust me. He..." Harry was interrupted by sobs. His knees bent next to Hermione and his still boyish arms hugged her around the shoulders. He kept mumbling "Shh." He wasn't so sure it wasn't a her. Ron was quite attractive, you couldn't deny that.

When she calmed down. She looked at him. "Thanks." She wiped her cheeks. Harry stood up and started up the stairs to his room to get dressed. Four tonight, that was only 6 hours away.


"Now Ron, Tell mum I give my regards," Charlie said, in his gruff voice again. A small child of 5 hung on his leg. His wife, Kat, packing sandwiches and giving them to Ron. She kissed Ron's Cheek. Both Ron and Charlie had only seen Kat twice during the past two years.

"Okay, Charlie," He hugged Kat back, who backed away to finish lunch for Charlie.

"No magic on the plane, No magic at the airport, Both of you." He didn't trust the person behind Ron with blonde hair, then again, who did?

"Yah, yah" Draco Malfoy said, pushing stuff into his bag.

"We should be off, Hermione will start to wor--" Ron was interrupted by Jerk.

"Hermione, Hermione, Hermione, What is your thing with the girl?" He snarled as he headed out the door and to the port key. Ron darted after him, waving and yelling good-byes as he caught up to Draco.

"Nothing, She's just a friend," He gruffed. There was something different to Ron. He looked the same, except, you know, the height. His ear was pierced and a small ruby earring was in it. He had the earring in his pocket the day he left.

He forgot to give it back to the carmeled eye Hermione the night before he left. He could still remember it so well. They were riding back from London in a cab, a yellow muggle one. She had fell asleep on his arm and one of her earrings, the one in his ear currently, fell off. He had carried her to her room and laid her on her bed. Even though she was asleep, He told her He loved her, and would always love her, no matter what happened. There was no threat of getting hurt that way.

"Earth to Weasel-breath!" Mr. Malfoy exclaimed hitting the red-haired boy over the head. He grabbed the portkey, as did Draco. It was only a period of a couple nanosecond that they appeared at the airport. No older people noticed. That was a good thing. Kids, on the other hand, always notice everything. Their not as dumb as they look (Then again the younger ones were dressed by their parents.)

"Okay then, Smooth sailing from here on, Weasley" Draco mumbled, taking out his ticket and heading for the port of departure.


Hermione was sitting on the balcony railing, watching everything so very carefully. Three o'clock, one hour. She wondered how different he was. She wondered who the person was, probably a better person then her. Then again, in her world, everyone was better then her.

Harry snuck up on her, pinching her sides. She jumped and nearly fell off of the balcony. He grinned and zoomed past her.

"I'm gunna pick flowers for Ronnie," He called behind him, mocking her, again. She darted after him, grabbing the hose on the way.

"Touch the flowers and I'll spray you, Potter." She growled. Pointing the nozzle backwards, yet, she didn't know that, but Harry did. He poked the flowers. Ms. Granger turned the nozzle and sprayed herself. Harry chortled, running away.

"Argh!" Her robes soaking wet and clinging to here. Hermione quickly magicked the hose to become longer. While she was, a bucket of ice cold water was dumped over her head. A high pitched scream sounded, the bucket over her head to only reflect it into her ears.

"Better change, Ron's going to be here soon," Harry said gleefully, boinged away quickly from her. She dropped the hose and headed inside, sulking. Taking the bucket off her head half way up the stairs.

She headed to the closet, picking out new clothes. Muggle ones. A black baby tee with a rainbow brite on it and baggy black pants. The only clothes she had that weren't dirty or ruined. Her black Nike's were darting downstairs to the door as it ranged.

"Please let it be Ron, Please let it be him," Her mind kept mumbling. When she opened the door, it was Mr. and Mrs. Weasley along with Ginny and the Twins with thier giggling, blushing girlfriends hanging off them.

"Hello Sweetie!" Mrs. Weasley offered a triple decker custard pie which Hermione took in gratefully.

"Hello Mrs. Weasley!" She hugged her tightly, being extra careful not to get her full of custard. She let them in as Harry came down the stairs. The redheaded girl blushed and rushed to Hermione as she was setting down the pie.

The twins sat down on the couch with thier girlfriends, Alicia and Katie. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley took the love seat.

Ginny hopped on Hermione's back. The brown-eyed girl supporting her and herself. She had to go through a hell of a lot of training to be an aurora. Ginny was nothing compared to that.

"He's dreamy!" Ginny whispered into her ear.

"Who?" She said blankly, looking at the ham she had put in the oven.

"Harry!" She squealed and jumped off her back.

"Well, it's nice to know I'm loved," A voice rang from the entrance. Ginny blushed and raced out of the kitchen to her family. Harry entered the kitchen. He took out glasses and the liquor. Hermione walked through another door and out of the kitchen.

She was followed by footsteps. She was too worried even to notice. She stood in the empty dinning room, pacing. She didn't want to loose Ron. She didn't want to tell him She loved him either.

"Don't let it be a girl, Don't let it be a girl. Don't let it be a girl," She continuously muttered. A pair of hand slipped over her eyes. They were big, like a man's. She assumed it was Harry.

"Now is not the time to kid around, Harry," She tapped her foot patiently. "Now let go before I flip you."

The grip didn't loosen, rather, the person moved closer, as if smelling her hair. She heard a laugh. Hermione grab the person's wrists and flipped him in the direction of the Kitchen.

She opened her eyes to see red hair flattening against the hardwood floor. She moved in, beginning to talk. She hoped she hadn't flipped Mr. Weasley or one of the twins.

"I'm so Sorry! I thought you were Harry." She poked her head in to see Ron. Ginny was at the portal to the kitchen, giggling madly.

"You got beat up by a girl again Ron! And She wasn't even related to you!" Ginny fell on her bum laughing, causing the Living Room group to come running into the Kitchen.

The whole red headed family was there, misusing well, Charlie. Bill sat there covering his mouth from laughing. Percy had a straighten face with a hidden smile, the same with Mrs. Weasley. Harry and Ginny were having a ball laughing there ass off. George and Fred pointed and snickered. Their giggling girlfriends were now giggling like maniacs. Mr. Weasley stood there, grinning.

Hermione stood there, stunned. "I"m so Sorry! I'm really, really sorry!" She sounded pathetic, more like a girl rather then a women. Ron blushed and stood up.

"That was one of the oddest greetings I ever had," Ron grinned, trying to make the best of it. She really had gotten strong. She was beautiful, as always. Her brown curls making the best of all her features.

"You started it so..." She stuck out her tongue and smiled. Childish. Why was she acting this way? The Weasley's started out, talking about their jobs, families, friends. A regular family gathering. The only two left in the kitchen was a scared and stunned Hermione and a blushing Ronald.

The brown-haired girl narrowed her eyes, looking at the piece of red on his ear.

"What's that?" She moved closer to him. He automatically moved closer. It felt so good being near her. He wanted to reach out and hold her.

She stood on her tippy-toes, placing a hand on his shoulder for balance. She smiled being this close to him. Nice and Warm him. She placed a finger behind his ear and she went down to her feet, smiling.

"You pierced your ear!" She smiled. "And that looks like my missing earring.."

"It is. It fell in my pocket the day I left," He started to take it out to give it to her.

"Keep it." She brushed against him to get to the stove. Nope, not done yet, the ham, that is. She turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow.

"No hug? No *Hey Ron! I've missed you*? Maybe I'll go out on an expedition again," He grinned. Granger stood up straight and turned around.

"If you ever try to leave again, I will sit on you." She poked him. "And you don't want a little old hug from me...You have the person you brought to do that.." She looked at her feet, trying to smile. She failed at it. Failed? Hermione? Fail? Yep. That's what she did.

"I am not getting a hug from Draco. And I want a hug from you, if you sit on me, I'll-" He was interrupted by Hermione.

"You brought Draco here? Do you know how dangerous that is? He could kill us!" She kept her yelling down as not to disturb people in the living room.

"No, No, Hermione. He changed. He's the third person we went on the Expedition with. He's really nice if he doesn't try to be an asshole.." Ron smiled.

"How do you know that?" She crossed her arms, leaning against the stove. Her eyes gazed out the window.

"Well, I don't know..It could be I spent two bloody years with him!" He didn't bother to keep it down. Mrs. Weasley scuttled in. Both Hermione and him shouting at each other back and forth. It was undescive.

"Honestly, you two fight like your married!" Mrs. Weasley walked in between the fighting couple.

"We do not!" They both yelled and quickly apologize.

"Okay, Okay! Just kiss and make up. We have some catching up to do." She walked to her youngest boy and hugged him. The old woman scuttled back to the living room with some cookies that was made. She had visited a lot over the past two years. She knew where everything was.

"Sorry," Hermione looked away. She was always the first to apologize. Then again, most girls were the first to apologize.

"Yah..Sorry.." Ron rubbed the back of his neck, looking down.

"Now kiss.." The voice of Draco echoed the kitchen. He was levitating over the sink. Hermione jumped back and hit the stove, burning herself on the burner. Shit, Harry didn't turn it off.

"Ow!" Hermione jumped forward and into Ron. Who caught her, and himself from falling back.

"Draco, go..by Harry. We were trying to have a conversation.." Ron said, lifting up her elbow. Malfoy headed to the living room. There were bits of arguments about the new guest. Ron and Hermione didn't notice.

Ron kissed her elbow and headed to the living room to explain. Hermione followed after. Her burnt elbow being totally ignored. She heard the explanation again. She heard the lengthened details of the trip. The girl had taken a seat on the floor, next to Ron's arm chair.

After about an hour of details. Dinner was ready. It was just like Hogwarts, misusing the House-elves. Ham, Chicken, beef. The veggies. The fruit salad. The pumpkin juice. The dessert, provided by Mrs. Weasley. Scrumptious.

Following Dinner, the cleaned up the kitchen, her and Harry. Ron offered to help, but was denied. As soon as they were done, the went to the living room. The twins and Alicia, Katie, and Ginny left. Mrs. and Mr. Weasley were left, and Draco, of course. They talked to Ron for an hour. Hermione fell asleep soon after she sat down. Her head on Ron's shoulder. Draco stood in the corner, watching.

Ron moved curls out of her eyes as she Slept. He couldn't keep her eyes off her. Harry, and the parents, noticed this. Mrs. and Mr. Weasley left around 8. They kissed their son, and Harry good-bye, nodded to draco and left.

"Where am I sleeping?" Draco stood straight from leaning against the wall.

"Your going home, Malfoy." Harry snapped, pointing to the door.

"Oh, Didn't Ron tell you? I am going to be staying with you for a while, Potter." He sneered. Harry looked at Ron, who nodded, and quickly went back to gazing at Hermione.

"Well,.." Draco waited, patiently. Patiently? Draco? ooh huh...true.

"My bed, I'll sleep on the couch," Ron whispered, moving another fallen strand of
hair out of Hermione's eyes.

"Fine!" Harry stormed off to his room. He wasn't happy with Draco staying. Draco stared at him leaving and then turned to Ron.

"Show me." Draco started up the stairs. Ron laid the sleeping girl down, ever so gently so he didn't wake her up. He brought the blonde boy to his room and nodded. Draco entered the room and closed the door.

Ron traveled back downstairs to the living room. He saw the brown-haired girl laying there, sleeping. No snores. No nothing. He walked over sliding his arm under her legs and the other under her own arm. Her breath was light on his neck. Stimalating.

He climbed the stairs carefully, his eyes on her all the time he was. He opened the door to her room. It was just as he had left it. Organized. Clean. He walked over to her bed and set Hermione down.

She rolled over and opened her eyes, looking at him adoringly.

"Hey..." She said softly

"Hey." He moved a coil out of her eyes.

"Is it morning?


"Oh my!" She sat up straight, "Did I fall asleep? I'm so Sorry. I've just been so--" She was interrupted by a fore and middle finger on her lips. She watched him. He quickly withdrew his hand and put it in his pocket.

"I should go sleep now. On the couch...Draco took my room," He said, heading out the door.

"Don't be silly. You can sleep on my bed, I can sleep on the couch. I can't believe
Harry would let you sleep on the couch," She began to gather her pillow, one of the many, and a stray blanket.

"No. You stay there."

"Well, I'm not letting you sleep on the couch, and that's final!" She stood up straight, placing her hands on her hips.

"Well, I'm not letting you sleep on the couch, and that's final!" He leaned on the wall.

"Well, then I'll sleep on the floor and you take the bed." Hermione commented.

"Nope, I'll take the floor and you take the bed," Ron said.

"Here's an idea. You take half the bed, I'll take the other.." Hermione nodded to him, and pulled back a blanket.

"You sure that's...proper?" Ron raised an eyebrow.

"Since when were you proper?" Hermione smiled as she headed to the bathroom with her nightgown.

"But..." Ron raised a finger in protest.

"But nothing, I've slept by you before. This will be no different," Hermione exited the doorway and headed to the bathroom. She changed into her lilac nightgown. It wasn't showy. It was silk though. This would be different though. She actually admitted to herself that she had loved him. Every time she used to bring it up, it was puppy love and it would go away soon. But, she loved him.

Ron stripped out of his robes, shirt and pants. He wore black boxers. He hesitated with wearing just that, but She had seen him like it before. He had always loved her. Since she laid eyes on her the first time on the train.

Hermione headed back in, laying her stuff neatly on her dresser. Ron looked at the short nightgown on her. He had to control himself from his eyes bugging out. She had legs. You could never really tell since she wore long dresses if she had to where one.

"That's new..." He nodded to the nightgown.

"Ron, You were gone two years. Of course it's new.." She rolled her eyes and climbed into bed. She blushed at Ron. He was very attractive. Very VERY attractive.

Ron reluclanty climbed into bed with her. It was true the had slept next to each other on many occasions. But, they never planned on it.

In the fifth year, Hermione had fell asleep on his chest in the shrieking shack.
Harry was having a meeting with Sirius there. When they woke up. No one was there, but everyone at school knew. It was humiliating, but Ron slept good that night.

Hermione laid on her bed. She was uncomfortable but didn't want to show it. He
was her friend. He was her love. She could never tell him though, even though it felt like she was back in the third year. What if he didn't love her back? She couldn't tell him. Insecurity.

She quickly fell asleep. Then again, she usually fell asleep quickly. She worked hard, she read a lot, and she still studied like crazy, which bug the hell outta Harry.

Ron leaned over her, running a finger through her hair seeing if she'd wake up. She didn't. She was dead asleep, or at least it seemed. When he had touched her. She was semi-concious.

"Hermes," Ron kissed her cheek as gently as a gust of wind, "out of all the things I missed, I've missed you the most." He laid back down on the bed. Wrapping his arms around her.