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Admitting Love.
Chapter three.

The red-haired man stood by the window towards the backyard. The candy shop was closed for Sunday, but the working Hermione was as busy as always. She had been cleaning all morning, and this afternoon was working on 'her' garden. 'Her' sanctuary. Some Carmel coils would fall in her face every once and a while, but she didn't move them, and it made Ron's heart ache. It ached like it never did before. He tore his gaze away out of spite. How could she hurt him like this, without even words. Was it even possible? It was true, even with the many times his foolish pride made him deny it, he loved her. His sky-blue eyes looked at her again. Still planting, getting dirt under her nails, treating the garden as if it were an only child, spoiling it rotten with love. Love that should've belonged to him. Again, he leaned on the edge of the window, watching her, thinking on to make her know.
Soon, he was interrupted by the banging of feet against the hardwood of the stairs. It was Draco in his boots, and low and behold in Ron's robes. His best robes. Draco was heading for the backdoor, the way to the garden. Ron got up from his position against the window and headed towards Draco.
"What do you think your doing?" Ron tried not to sound angry, but Hermione was his. He would rather die then loose her to some...creep like Malfoy. The albeano ferret-boy turned to the redhead, grinning and showing his sharpened teeth.
"Well, you see, I'm going to help her. Maybe she'll trust me then. She certainly doesn't trust you," With those words said, he turned the brass handle on the door and headed down those whitewashed stairs and towards the flowered sanctuary. Ron followed. We'll show Malfoy who she trusts. More so me, than an evil potential dark lord, who could offer protection, food, money, and basically anything she wanted, except, it was widely known to the wizarding world. No Malfoy had ever loved, the only thing Ron could offer more so then that...rodent could.
Hermione looked up at them both smiling. One was wearing the baggiest flannel pants he could find and the other in best robes. One was shirtless, probably just got up from lounging around. Draco well, he was still in Ron's best robes. Ron sunk slightly and frowned. It wasn't that he was badly built. Heavens no! He was quite muscular from the trip, and from his genes. He slouched because it hurt. Hurt to know she was just smiling at both of them, not at him.
Ron sunk to the ground next to the brown-hair girl, leaning onto her. That shaggy red head on her shoulder, and his eyes closed. Hermione just smiled at him, wipeing strands of hair out of his eyes.
"Good Gaia!" Draco shouted and those icy eyes narrowed at Weasley. . Ron straightened and started pulling out random weeds, and digging holes for a few geraniums to go into. Hermione went back to planting her rose bush as Draco watched, afraid to stick those manicured nails in that dirty soil. After much complaining, Hermione had leaned over Draco and took his hand, which sent the green eyed monster in Ron up, and pressed his pale skin into the soil. She returned to sit next to Ron. The three of them, planted the until four that night. Three hours of digging and working in that sanctury. In that time, Draco had hit on hermione, flirted and tried to make her notice him. As for Ron, he got up once and while, claiming to stretch his legs, but he did it because if he didn't cool down himself, he would hit someone. Namely Draco.
When the trio entered the house, Harry was boredly working on the couch and watching TV. After a good washing of the hands. The two boys joined their male comrade, while Hermione shuffled upstairs, tired as normal, and needing to work on her papers.
Ron scaled the stairs, while the other two boys were interested in the recap scores on football (soccer, I believe in American terms) and walked to the Hermione's room, quietly, hardly noticeable at all. Ms. Granger was sitting on her bed, a laptop in her lap and a glitter in her eyes as she typed correctly. Something neither of the boys could do. The red-head crawled onto the bed and she looked up slightly. Her eyes sparkling at him, and him alone. Something that raised his heart, and soul, and the feeling of love. His love for her.
"Hey, Ron. Are you tired? I mean, I can always go somewhere else. God knows there's no one in the dining room,' The girl babbled as she started packing her stuff. When the laptop was off her robes, Ron pulled her over.
"I just want to sit with you," Ron mumbled into her hair as he wrapped those strong arms around her and pulled her into his lap. The beautiful man, buried his face further in the thick curls, as his arms clung to the woman for dear life.
"Ron," She leaned against him. Her mind and heart battling the futile battle. No one was going to win. Her mind was too stubborn to believe anything and her heart was so gullible. "Is there a bet going on or something? Because your acting odder then normal, and with all due respect, that's bad." A chortle from him blew some of her hair away.
"There's no bet. I just want to sit with you. I want you to know something, but--" He raised his head from the curls and looked at the girl, now taller then himself, from the extra height the lap added. Those brown eyes watching his own blue closely. "You have to promise not to get angry or not believe me, for what I am about to say, and every bit of it's true."
Hermione moved his bangs. She loved his eyes, she loved everything about him. His arms, his face, his hair and blush, his being. "I won't get mad, and I'll try my best to believe you." The man clung tighter to her, hiding his face behind her back, hearing every thump of her heart.
Ron brought his head up to look at her. That pale mouth opened. Opened to tell her that he loved her. Loved her with more then his heart could handle. Those brown eyes gazed thoughtfully at him. Hoping, praying, those three little words that ment the world to her would be spoken. Ron straighted his back more and leaned foreward. She leaned foreward too, her shoulders slumping so her head could meet those lips. Lips that she had been longing for since fourth year. As both leaned closer, Ron placed a gentel hand on her cheek. There lips barely touched when a cough sounded from the door.
"Weasley, I need to talk to you now." He was tapping his foot impatiently.

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