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Ryoko sat aboard Ryo-oh-ki watching the distant planet of Jurai. Today was
to be a festive day on that planet. Tenchi the Crown Prince would marry.She
watched the ships as they flew to the planet. Royals of other planets who
were to watch and witness the joining. The planet it's self was a buzz of

"Damn you Ayeka." Ryoko snarled. Then the snarl faded and she sat there
alone still. 'Tenchi" She thought. A sigh escaped her as she gazed still
upon the planet. 'I lost him. I really did. I was so sure he would pick me.
I mean after all we had been through, but no I'm just a space pirate. You
were so kind Tenchi. Why? You gave me such hope. And now. You break my
heart.' Tears, that only the cabbit saw ran down her face as she thought
about this.

Don't look closely at me with such kindness,
my heart starts to stir.
You are still that remote day,
I regret myself who loved you so much.
If we had more courage,
we would have been a different relation.

'Yosho, you did this. You trapped me in that damn cave. You knew I was able
to see Tenchi and that I loved him. You know that I love him still. I hate
you Yosho. I learned love. I learned not to hate through Tenchi. Now you
give Your blessing to your half sister, who your to cowardly to marry.To
cowardly to take your place as Prince. You taught Tenchi about the sword,
but never once did you teach him how to look closer at people.'

"ARGH!!!" Ryoko screamed in furry as she got up and paced. She
wanted to kill Yosho, to destroy Jurai. She wanted to kill Ayeka,
but she couldn't. It would hurt Tenchi and she wouldn't do that. She
would go down to Jurai and she would attend the wedding. She
promised him she would. She would prove she was strong enough to do it.

I wanted to see you, so I found my way,
but a person who is next to you is...
You give off smiles innocently without harm
you don't know my painful heart.

The ceremony would start soon and Tenchi glanced about nervously. He waited
for something to blow up. He waited for Ryoko to come barging in and try a
stunt only she would be bold enough to try, like kidnapping him.

He was never so shocked in his life when he did see her and Ro-oh-ki walk
in the room, and without a word to anyone find her spot to watch the
cerimony. She was dressed in her usual outfit, tail and all. She looked
bored with everything. Tenchi waved to her, but he frowned when she wouldn't
even let on she had saw him. 'I guess I really hurt her. I'm sorry Ryoko.'

Ryoko saw Tenchi wave, but she resigned herself not to acknowledge him. She
glanced about her, most that knew her were glaring. 'Man I hope one of those
idiots try something.' She glared defiantly at every Jurai Royal who stared
at her.

Scooting over as someone sat next to her, she just looked away wandering
who was foolish enough to sit next to her. 'Probably some fool who doesn't
know who I am' the thoughts drifted through her mind.
"Now Ryoko that's no way to feel about your Mother." Washu in adult form
grinned down at her daughter.
"GAH! What are you doing sitting next to me! And why are you in
adult form Washu?" Ryoko snarled after getting over her shock.
"I wanted to make sure you were alright. I must say I was shocked to see
you here." Washu replied looking at Tenchi, knowing what her daughter felt.
"I'm fine, only reason I'm here 'cause I promised Tenchi I would. You
didn't answer why your in adult form." Ryoko spat out trying to change the
"I chose adult because I felt like it." Was her only reply to Ryoko. 'I'm
in this form because a child can not comfort another child who will one day
need her mother' Washu thought sadly, regretting much of her past attitude
toward her daughter.

In silence after that they watched the cerimony together. Ayeka in full
Royal attire along with Tenchi and the complete Royal Family. After the
Jurai cerimony was held an Earth version was held as well, to make it legal
in all ways. Yosho watched Ryoko wearily as did everyone, expecting her to
stop it, but she never did.

Soon after the ceremonies were held Ryoko phased away and teleported back
to the loading docks. She and Ryo-oh-ki left. Tears wet the floor where she
had been standing. Tenchi walked over and let his own add to them "I am t
ruly sorry Ryoko."

Tonight I'm lonelier than
when I couldn't have seen you for a long time,
I look up at the moon alone.
I deeply utter an incantation,
and if I could go back to that day,
I don't need anything.
We would rather be reflected as well as hate,
you don't know yet.

Ryoko for years after that she wandered space. Her reputation was coming
back as she would plunder ships now and then. She never touched a Jurai
ships or any planet that was allied with Jurai. Just the ones that were
considered hostile or an enemy. She would keep tabs on Tenchi and would now
and then send stuff to Jurai from her, to his daughters.

Washu took up an new floating lab and left the one at the Masaki house. She
always made sure Ryoko could find it and as she hoped Ryoko would pop in for
visits. Washu tried harder and was slowly building a relationship with her
daughter. She kept her own tabs on Jurai and kept Tenchi informed of Ryoko.
She cursed him for not once trying to find Ryoko himself.

Tenchi stood one afternoon among the Royal Trees thinking about his life.
He was happy he couldn't deny that, but always there was a nagging feeling
of regret. 'Ryoko, try again. Come back to Jurai, to me. I have been told
that I can take a second wife since Ayeka has only birthed daughters and can
no longer bare children.' Another nagging feeling came with these thought.
It was called shame.

I couldn't have said "I love you" since I met you,
I have grieved over my heart.
You aren't conscious of it forever,
and you have other dreams.

Ryoko had heard of the problems of Jurai. She knew that Tenchi was openly
looking for another wife, but time had healed her heart as much as it could
possibly. She sighed and headed for Washu's lab. 'Time to go home. Strange I
wander when I started to think of that as home.' She mused as she flew back
with her latest bounty of stolen treasure. 'Tenchi i'm sorry but I will not
be second wife to Ayeka. 'Sides like Jurai would actually let you marry me.

A part wanted to run to Tenchi and to fling her arms about him. To smother
him in affections like always before. She swallowed and pushed that part of
her away. No She was happy now, she was free from the strain of trying to
win a useless battle. She could take off when ever she wanted, fight, go on
raids and not answer to anyone. She was Ryoko the Space Pirate, not Ryoko
who waited for love.

I couldn't have said "I love you" since I met you,
I have grieved over my heart.
You aren't conscious of it forever,
and you have other dreams.

Ryoko walked into the lab with Ryo-oh-ki, when suddenly the cabbit let out
mya of happiness and ran into the awaiting arms of a much older Sasami.
Ryoko paled as she realized what Sasami being her could possibly mean. She
turned to leave quickly when she saw him, but not before she heard him say
her name.

"Ryoko." Tenchi said softly. A weak and nervous smile on his face, just
like when he was a boy.

Again her heart broke, the pain fresh and new at the same time. All over a
simple glance and the softly spoken word that is her name.