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Alone No Longer

Ryoko heard the footsteps, her instincts told her they were Tenchi's. She
knew the sound of his run, and his walk. She closed her eyes and rolled over
to face the wall. She didn't want to see him. She didn't want to see Washu
either. She lays there, listening as Tenchi called Washu out into the hall
way to talk.

Ryoko made no move to acknowledge that Tenchi and Washu had come back into
the cell. She lay there just wanting them to go away. She could smell him,
even after all this time he still smelled the same. She could hear his
breathing, quick and nervous, just like when he was a boy and she would hang
on him to taunt Ayeka. She gave a sharp shake of her head as the memories
kept coming back to her.

"Ryoko I want to talk to you. I have made some decisions and I want you to
hear them Ryoko, please." Tenchi looked at her back pleading.

"Go away"

"Ryoko I really think you should hear him out. Please Little Ryoko just
listen to him." The pleading in Washu's voice was not hidden.

"Fine, you want to talk. Then talk, I'm listening." Came the voice that was
directed at the wall.

Tenchi sighed and began to speak to her back "Ryoko I am going back to Earth,
to live. I am going to ask that you be confined to the Misaki Shrine and
not the cave. Yosho is going back to Jurai to be the Emperor. I have stepped

Ryoko sat up quickly and looked at Tenchi, hope was slowly creeping onto her
face. "What about Ayeka and your kids?"

"They will live there as well. Ryoko I still want you as my wife. Please
Ryoko, I'm sorry. I have been a fool and an idiot. Please, forgive me." He
looked to her, pleading with her. His face full of shame and grief. He
searched amber eyes for a sign.

"I'll think about it Tenchi, but I'm not making any promises." Ryoko replied
trying to sound like her old self but to many wounds were still open, it was
pale imitation.


The day came and soon the trail was underway again. The Prosecution made
their plea for the strongest punishment available and the judge listened.
The Defense made there case as well asking for leniency. The Judge was about
to call for a recess when Tenchi rose and asked to speak.

"Your honor. I am as much to blame as Ryoko. I have been the devils advocate
for much that has happened. I was blind and unaware as to the harm I had
caused. I ask that she not be sentenced to the cave, but to the shrine. As
of today I am no longer the Emperor of Jurai. I have resigned from that duty
and will return to Earth to take over as caretaker of the shrine. I will be
personally responsible for Ryoko." Tenchi addressed the court with the full
authority of an Emperor.

"If you are resigning then who shall take your place?"

"The former Prince of Jurai, Yosho. I can not go into more specifics your
Honor, but if you contact Jurai they will supply the information." Tenchi
stood calm and in control before the Judge.

"What are your intentions toward Ryoko?" Came a calm, but furious question
from the Prosecution.

"I intend to marry her, and correct past mistakes." Tenchi looked at the
Court and dared them to speak.

"Your Honor I object! To allow this would be rewarding the Defendant. True
she would not be allowed to leave the Shrine, but as past records show Ryoko
rarely left before." The Prosecutor stood facing the Judge.

"The court will resume after one hour. I have heard all sides and will make
my decision. Dismissed." The Judge rose and exited.


Ryoko had sat there for the whole hour barely daring to breath. She was in
fact scared. She wanted to live with Tenchi at the Shrine. She wouldn't
mind Ayeka there. She would also have Washu with her. She wouldn't marry him
as of yet. There was still wounds that would take time to heal and trust
would have to be rebuilt. Her fear worsened as they rose to hear the verdict,
when the Judge called them.

"Ryoko the Court here by declares that you are to be returned to Earth and
imprisoned into the cave. I have heard Emperor Tenchi's request but I can
not allow it because of the crimes committed." The Judge looked on at the
fear ridden face of Ryoko. He turned to Washu, who's anger was more than

"Professor Washu, I give you the chance to ease Ryoko's sentence. Can you
come up with a way of leaving Ryoko unconscious?" The Judge waited till he
received a sharp nod from Washu.

"Ryoko tonight you will be transported to Earth, and by this time tomorrow
you will be incarcerated to the cave for the next 1500 years. GP will handle
this from here on out. This court is adjourned." The Judge got up and left
quickly, glad the unpleasant task was finally over with.

Ryoko trembled. She was terrified and slowly her anger started to build. She
would not be held again in the cold and darkness. She would not. She looked
at her Mother. Washu met her eyes and spoke quickly through the link. Ryoko
began to walk with Kiyone and Mihoshi, leaving the court room.

She walked with her shoulders slumped, in defeat. She knew that Washu was
with Tenchi trailing behind her. She would do her best not to hurt them.
With a scream she drew strength from her remaining gem and sent a surge of
energy through the ceiling. She flew up as fast as she could, calling to the
waiting Ryo-Oh-Ki. She glanced back as she left, trying to apologize to
Kiyone and Mihoshi. She glanced at Tenchi and thanked him silently for at
least trying. He had gave her that small glimmer of hope once more and it
was more than enough. She turned and left, heading into space.


Ryoko was fighting, she was tired of fighting. GP had been chasing her for
two days now without a sign of letting up. She was exhausted, mentally and
physically. She knew they were going the direction of Earth, it was too
familiar. She knew the stars on this path without thinking about it. She
had come this way from habit. She would fly past the Earth she thought.
Deeper and deeper into space. Eventually GP would give up she hoped.


Ayeka was saddened by what her husband was telling her. She looked at his
face on the view screen, he was tired and emotionally a wreck right now. She
would be glad to have him in her arms again. She talked to him softly and
spoke with nothing but kindness. She told him that the journey to Earth was
going smoothly. The children were excited. She was excited. She told him
how she wanted to view the Earth together with him and their children. Ayeka
would be waiting for his ship to join with hers in a hour or so and they will
finish going to Earth together. She would hide her sadness till she knew
Tenchi was safe with her.


Tenchi was at thankful for his wife's support, he couldn't have handled her
anger right now. She was radiant and the children he watched play in the back-
ground. He smiled at them, despite his heartache. He had neglected them and
had much to make up for when they reached Earth.

"I love you too Ayeka, I'll see you in a hour or so" Tenchi smiled to his
wife with as much joy as he could muster.

He watched the view screen change back to space as his Royal ship made it's
way towards Ayeka's. He just stood there watching the tiny specks that were
stars fly past when he noticed something. Ryo-ohki was ahead of him and was
headed in the same direction as Ayeka. He yelled to the pilot to catch up to
the fleeing pirate. He prayed to Tsunami that nothing happened to his wife
and children. He didn't see the GP battle cruiser following Ryoko.


Ryoko saw the Royal Cruiser, she cursed. Why them, why now? She growled, and
took aim when suddenly she saw it. A Gp battle ship. She screamed desperately
to Ryo-oh-ki. "We have to get away from here now!" She fired on the Jurain
Cruiser. She didn't see the Royal Ship of Jurai that was carried Tenchi.


"Their Captain!" The crewman pointed to the fleeing ship. He started to aim
the main cannons, centering the sights on Ryo-oh-ki.

"Stand down, I'm taking over the main cannon!" The Captain shoved the crew
man away and took the seat. Realigning the cannons he took aim. Watching
Ryoko he fired when she did. He watched as her blast rocked the Jurain ship,
crippling. His shot was true to aim. It hit Ryo-oh-ki. Sending the into
Ayeka's ship.

He ignored the screams and protest from his crew screaming for their silence.
"I will, at the cost of innocents insured that Ryoko will die when she
is caught." He turned away from his spot and sat back down. "Continue the
chase." He would avenge the family he lost years ago to Ryoko no matter what
it would take. Even killing the Royal Family of Jurai.


Ryoko was pissed, she didn't want to get this close to Ayeka. She wanted to
only slow pursuit down. Not kill anyone. She could feel Ryo-oh-ki weakening
and she tried to comfort her friend. She hated to do this, but she knew that
they would not survive a long fight. She urged Ryo-oh-ki to turn around and
charge the GP ship. She would end this now. They had gone to far, killing
her was one thing. Trying to kill Ayeka and Tenchi's children was unforgivable.

"Ryo-oh-ki! I know this will be hard, but we have to do this. Charge!" She
gave a final battle cry and sent them into battle.


Ryo-oh-ki was tired and she was slow thanks to the damage she had sustained
but she also had a purpose. She would now let these people hurt her sister
again. She screamed out in pain as she pushed herself harder not avoiding the
attacks of the GP. She never held back and she didn't wait for Ryoko's
command. She attacked with everything she had and last of her strength she
flew past the spot the GP ship had occupied a moment ago. She had won and
now she could rest. For the cabbit's battle was over.


Ryoko could feel her ships pain, she knew how much she hurt, she also knew
that this was the last fight for her friend. To much had happened, she had
pushed Ryo-oh-ki to her limits and beyond and never once did the cabbit

The battle was brief but hard. Ryoko knew the other ship didn't stand a
chance against them. What worried her was that it was firing at Ayeka's ship
as well. Ryo-oh-ki had felt her concern and every shot that would have hit
the Jurian ship, the cabbit took.

Sinking to her knees Ryoko knew the fight was over, she had watched the GP
ship be destroyed. She reached out and touched on of the floating crystals
and let her tears fall on her dying friend. She heard the cabbit's farewell
and said her own. She told Ryo-oh-ki how proud she was, of everything and
she thanked her. Ryoko looked up just as the viewer faded to black to see
Tenchi's ship come into view.


Tenchi had watched with horror as Ryoko was assaulted and the ship carrying
his wife and children was caught in the fight. He screamed at the GP to
cease the attack but they didn't acknowledge him. He tried his hardest to
get to them in time. He had been helpless to stop this.


Ayeka felt the first attack and she gathered the children and whisked them to
a safe area. She could feel the ship being rocked by the fight but she was
unsure as to what was going on. She had heard someone yell that Ryoko had
attacked them and she was sure she would never see her husband again. She
tried to keep the children calm and soothe their tears when she heard them
yell that it was the GP attacking them.

She was lost in the confusion until she realized there was only silence. She
had told the children to stay put and to be as quiet as they could as she
went to see what had happened. The sight she was greeted by was the last
thing she ever expected to see.

"Hello Princess or should I say Queen Ayeka, long time no see" For there was
Ryoko, standing in the middle of the deck.


Tenchi boarded the ship in time to hear Ryoko's greeting and had his weapon
drawn ready to defend his family as he ran between Ayeka and Ryoko. "Ryoko
I have no idea what you are planning on doing but I won't let you harm them."

Ryoko was startled to see Tenchi, and was crushed to see him act the way he
did. She shook her head and forced her old smile to come back. "Why Tenchi
is that any way to greet me? I'm not here to hurt anyone so relax. I just
came to make sure Ryo-oh-ki's sacrifice wasn't in vain..."With that she
fell to her knees, exhaustion winning as she passed out.

Tenchi let go of his weapon and looked at Ayeka who was herself near fainting.
She smiled weakly at him and finally spoke. "Will someone please tell me
what has happened?"

Ryoko awoke to find herself in Washu's lab, her old one at the Misaki house.
In many ways it surprised her. She figured next time she awoke she would be
in the cave. She sat up and moaned feeling her strength gone.

"Well I was getting worried about you Little Ryoko." Washu came into the lab
looking at her daughter in concern as she sat next to her.

"Mom...I'm sorry..I...." Ryoko just grabbed onto Washu and buried her head into
her Mother's shoulder sobbing. "I..Ryo-oh-ki..I have never ..not..it's so ..
empty...nothing..she is really..gone.."

Washu just let her daughter cry, her own tears mixing soon as she let her own
grief poured, a second child lost to her.


Tenchi and Ayeka sat in the still living room, they had put the three girls
to bed and were talking softly.

"Tenchi, as much as Ryoko has done, can we really sentance her to the cave?
Ayeka was the first to approach the avoided subject.

"No..but what can be done, I mean how do we undo the damage done? She saved
your life and the children, but does four lives make up for the hundreds
lost? No one will see it that way." Tenchi had found the saki left from his
last visit home and was pouring him and Ayeka a cup.

"Actually Tenchi some do see it that way." Kiyone and Mihoshi stood in the
door way of the house looking at them. "Where is Ryoko?"

"She's in my lab resting. She's exhausted. Now then, what doesn't see what,
how?" Washu took her seat on the couch near Tenchi and poured herself some
saki. Green eyes rested on Kiyone waiting to hear her answer.

"We recovered the data recorder from the wreckage of the incident. GP has
seen what happened and knows the truth. In light of what took place and our
own shame in what has happened, Ryoko has been granted life here on Earth.
She can remain at the Misaki shrine but can not leave the grounds unless
escorted by someone. If Ryoko wants to leave the Earth GP has to be notified
first, but we can go over details later." Kiyone flopped into a chair, giving
up her official exterior.

"Guess what Tenchi!! Kiyone and I are going to be living here on Earth too!
We have an apartment in Tokyo and we won't have to struggle with rent like
last time. Ohhh with the money saved up and the new salary of being Ryoko's
parole officer we won't have to work a bunch off odd jobs and get fired all
time! Won't this be great! Just like old times!" Mihoshi was oblivious to
Kiyone and the people holding the green haired woman back.


Everyone was laughing when Washu looked over and saw Ryoko leaning on the
door to the lab watching everyone in confusion. "What's going on?" She tried
to avoid looking at Tenchi and Ayeka.

"Oh nothing much my Little Ryoko, just discussing new living arrangements, you
know this and that. The house will have three children living here now, plus
I have to get my lab back up and running. Let's see since Mihoshi and Kiyone
will live in Tokyo my lab will be safe. Tenchi and Ayeka of course will be
sharing a room." Washu grinned at her daughter feeling the rapidly mixing
emotions in her. "Now that just leaves you Little Ryoko. You can either have
the rafter again, your own room for a change or the couch? Which do you

Ryoko just looked at everyone blinking, everything slowly sinking in. "You
mean I'm not to be sent back to the cave?"

Tenchi rose and walked up to Ryoko, he stopped a few steps in front of her
and smiled to her as he bowed. "Welcome home Ryoko."