Logan in Newport

Chapter 11

By: Amanda

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"May I see him Doctor?" Veronica asked.

"Yes that will be fine," Logan's doctor told her.

Meg stopped Veronica before she went into Logan's room, "Your dad said he's on his way here."

"Thanks Meg," Veronica said.

Meg followed Veronica into Logan's room. " Veronica maybe you should go be checked out. All this stress can't be good for the baby."

"I'll go later. Right now I want to sit with Logan," Veronica said.

"You dad will be here soon," Meg reminded her.

Veronica had her back to Logan so neither girl noticed that Logan had opened his eyes. "Listen to her," he said, startling both girls.

"Logan you're awake." Veronica wrapped her arms around him being careful of his ribs.

"Yes I am and I want you to go get examined. I promise to still be here when you get back."

Veronica relented and told them she would go get examined.

When Veronica was out of the room, it became very quiet. Meg was the first to break the silence.

"I'm sorry Logan," she said.

Logan appeared confused. "What for?"

"It's my fault you're here," she told him.

"How?" he asked.

"Duncan overheard a phone conversation I had with Veronica." she paused.

Logan nodded at her to continue.

"Well he went nuts. He started screaming at me. He said that if it weren't for me then it would be his child that Veronica was having. He asked me where she was and bent my arm backwards and pulled my hair until I told him. He stormed out after that and the next day Aaron escaped. Apparently Duncan wanted you gone." Meg was in tears by the time she finished.

"Why would he ask my dad for help? I mean he killed Lilly, Duncan should want him dead," Logan said more to himself than Meg.

"I told Veronica that Duncan knows about the baby, but she doesn't know the rest," Meg said.

"I think he may come after you again."

"Thanks for not telling her Meg. She doesn't need to know that. I t will be too much for her to handle and could affect the baby," Logan said. " We need to tell Mr. Mars though."

Neither of the two noticed the person standing in the door. " So you told him," the person said.

Both were shocked to see Duncan standing there.

"Duncan how did you find out where we were?" Meg asked.

"Mr. Mars told me," he said simply.

He started toward Meg and knocked her to the floor. In the next instant his hands were wrapped around Logan's throat. Logan was losing consciousness when Keith came in the room. He managed to get Duncan off of Logan and pushed Logan's call button for the nurse's station. When the nurse came in the room, Keith told her to call for security then examine Meg and Logan.

When security came Keith filled them in on, what happened and they led Duncan out of the room. The nurse examined Logan and he seemed to be fine. Meg however was unconscious and not responding. The nurse called for a doctor to come check her out.

Meanwhile, Veronica was sitting in the lab when she heard the page for security to come to Logan's floor. Since she currently had needle in her arm drawing blood there was nothing, she could do. Once the doctor was finished, she informed him that when they knew something she would be in room 1120 A.

She arrived at Logan's room to see a doctor rushing in. Meg was lying on the floor and Logan was very pale. Her father was looking very shaken and asking Logan where she was.

"I'm right here dad," she said.

Her father came over and pulled her into a tight hug. "What happened?" she asked.

"Duncan attacked Logan and Meg," her father said.

"We need to get this young lady in surgery now," she heard the doctor say. " She has internal bleeding."

A few hours later Meg was in recovery and Wallace had shown up along with Alicia and Meg's parents and younger sister. Alicia and Wallace were sitting in Logan's room while Keith explained to Meg's family what happened.

When Keith came back in the room Veronica and Logan decided to tell them all about the baby. Keith took it surprisingly well. He gave Logan his permission and his blessing to marry his daughter.

2 Years Later

"Daddy!" Olivia Lynn Echolls screeched.

"What is it princess?" Logan asked worriedly, running into the living room from the kitchen.

"Uncle Wally and Auntie Megs are here," she said happily.

In the next second the doorbell rang and Logan went to greet the couple. Olivia was right behind him. She threw her arms around Wallace.

"Come in guys. Ronnie ran to the store, but should be home in a few minutes." Logan led them over to the couch and they all sat down. Wallace held Meg's hand lovingly the whole time. It still amazed Logan to see those to together. They had started dating after his and Veronica's wedding and were now expecting a little boy.

Logan smiled knowing that his life couldn't get any better. Duncan was locked away, his friends were happy, he had his soulmate and little girl. Yes his life was perfect. He knew moving Veronica and Olivia to Newport would work out perfectly. He had built in babysitters with the Cohen's living next door.

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