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Welcome To My Life

A/N: Okey...this idea for a fic hit me when I was half asleep. It reminds me a little of my life, crazy and weird. And for those of you that have read my other fic, 1971: First Year. DON'T worry. I am still going to update that one. I promise! Anyway...please enjoy! R&R! (This is a repost, because, I just got my new Beta Reader Megan! Yay! So their some little changes here and there. Enjoy!)

Chapter 1: Charms UGHH!

-Friday, October 3rd - After Lunch Break - 12:39 pm

Okay, so today started out like any other day, right? Wait. First, I have a question. Why do people put 'right' at the ends of sentences? I mean, nobody really knows if it started out like any other day. You could have brushed you teeth before you showered, so basically that didn't start out like...

And just for the record; no, I haven't got a clue as to what I am rambling on about. Anyway, back to the topic of my point. (The topic of my point? Let me change that... The topic of my day! Yes, that's better!)

I got up, took a shower, got dressed, blah, blah, blah. Then, I headed down to the common room to meet up with Sierra and Kat.

Isn't it great that I get to share a dormitory with my two best friends? Sierra is the tomb-boy-meets-girly-girl. (Yes, all the blokes are after her.) Kat is the brains, she's the smartest in our year, along with Lily Evans, who's also in our dorm. There are two other girls as well, Hannah and Monica. Monica has her Sirius fan club, called Be Sirius, is that ridiculous or what! They actually named their fan club... no words ... speechless. Hannah is.. she is… uhm, a little strange. She does everything we do, but does it just a little different, if you know what I mean. She is good to talk to, though, especially when you want to know about the latest bands and other music related topics. Oh yes, she also plays the guitar.

Anyway, I met Sierra and Kat in the common room to go down to breakfast. We do this every morning: meet in the common room, talk about boys on the walk there, eat and talk about life (Life as in... drama, the new robes in Witch Weekly, or "OH NO! We have a test in History of Magic today!"). then we split to go to our first classed. Sierra heads to Transfiguration, Kat goes to Potions, and I find my way to... Charms.

I hate this class. Not because of the class itself, but more because of the fact that I don't know anyone! That, however, is a bloody lie. I know everyone... well, almost everyone. Let's put it this way; no one that I would actually want to talk to is in this class. Yes, I know what your thinking! I do! You're thinking: "Gosh Julia, that's kinda harsh!" No?

Well, I agree that, yes, it's sort of harsh (if that's what you were thinking). But then again, it's the cold, hard truth. Let me tell you who is in my class. Then you will understand why it's the truth.

- Lily Evans (Okay, she is not that bad, I kind of like her. She has vibrant red hair that blinds me sometimes, but it's really pretty. On the other hand, she is the one that will 'shhh' you if you utter a word. And that makes her rather annoying. NO ONE shh's moi!)

- Drake Parker (He is, I admit, cute. BUT he sits on the other side of the classroom. SO no way I get to talk to him!)

- Peter Pettigrew (Six words: Idiot who likes the back seat. In other words he hangs with Sirius Black (in this class), James Potter and Remus Lupin so he doesn't get picked on.)

- Couple of Slytherins (Don't know 'em. Well, I do, but I'm not going to bother giving names. There are seven of them, by the way.)

- Lisa Bona? Bono? Bonny? Mona? Lona? (Something like that. She is a Hufflepuff, quite a nice girl. Don't know much about her as you can tell.)

- Alex Right (HA! Right! Or is it Wright? Or Left? No Clue. Hufflepuff.)

- Some more Hufflepuff's

- Susan Mist (Ravenclaw. She is a suck up blonde. Not that I have anything against blondes.)

- More Ravenclaws

- Sirius Black (Three words: Hot and annoying. Yes, Sirius is HOT! But ANNOYING! And has like a gazillion fan club girls fawning over him (like Monica) as if he were a god.)

That's about it. SEE! No one! At least none of my friends. Okay, back to the class. So I walk in, take my normal seat in the third row from the back away from all the loonies. I sit next to Lily Evans the Shhh-er. Everything is going pretty normal. Lily answers every bloody question right, as usual!

But then two rows behind us (us, being Lily and I) there's a crash. I look around and see that Sirius Black was leaning back in his chair to flirt with tSusan Mist. (That stupid stuck up little sl-... sorry… it's the truth, though!) Anyway, he leaned back and fell on his arse! HA! Funny! All the girls gasp and run to help him (Well, the girls in his fan club meaning every bloody girl in the class but Lily and me, who exchange an exasperated look.)

No... not so funny, because Professor Flitwick says in his oh-so-squeaky-voice-that-gives-me headaches: "Mr. Black! I'm sure that you can wait until this class is over and ask miss Mist out then!" I can see why Flitwick is angry. Sirius does this every day, every bloody day! Not crashing to the floor, but asking girls out in his classes, or flirting with them and then asking them out.

Anywho, then the worst happens! Flitwick squeaks: "Mr. Black, please swop seats with Miss Evans! Maybe then you can refrain from flirting with pretty girls in my class!"


I am so insulted. I am pissed beyond all belief possible! I HATE FLITWICK AND CHARMS! UGHH! And why? Why? Why? Why did he have to pick Lily out of all the people in this bloody class! OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE!

Lily, Sirius and I all make sounds of protest, mine sounding a lot like: Ughhhcontrolahhhhhellnoughhhh! I do feel sorry for Lily. A little. 'Cause now she has to sit next to Peter. HA HA! But still! I am fuming. I give Sirius my I-hate-you-so-go-crawl-under-a-rock-and-die look. But he just grins that oh-so sexy, yet annoying, grin. I could see the fear in his eyes though!


So about 15 minutes after the change in seats (and yes, just to let you know, in case you have forgotten; I am still mad) Sirius passes me a note. The nerve of him! But I kept it. And NO, I do not like him! I just kept it for you!

Here it goes:

SB-Hey! So now you'll have to sit next to me for the rest of the year! I bet it's an improvement. I mean, Lily has GOT to be aggravating. I think it'll be fun sitting next to you this year.

JD-Trust me, I'm not looking forward to it.

SB- Why not? It will be fun! We will pass notes, talk, be partners and do homework! See? Loads of fun, Sweets!

JD- Black, I am mad. You may not know what happens when I am mad, so I will warn you. Stop passing this note to me! OR! You will find out what it feels like to have a quill shoved up your nose!

SB- Sweets, I don't give up that easily! (But I don't want to find out what a quill would feel like shoved up my nose. I like my nose. I wouldn't want to cause it any pain!) But I am going to ask you why you are mad.

So, Sweets, why are you so furious?

JD-Oh, I don't know! Maybe because I was just insulted to my face by my Professor! And because you are calling me Sweets.

SB- Oh. The whole 'maybe-I-can-refrain-from-flirting-if-I-sit-next-to-you'-thing?

JD- YES! I mean; do I look like a bloody monster or something?r! I have a boyfriend! Scott must be blind! Even a Professor says I'm un-attractive!

SB- Trust me, Sweets, you don't look like a monster! I think the Professor must be going senile to have said that! And your boyfriend is not blind, he is really lucky.

(Okay… OH MY GOD! Was that just written by Sirius Annoying Black? I couldn't believe it when I got that! HA! I feel so pretty! HEY! I like being told by hot blokes that I'm pretty! Even if I hate the bloke that says it. I also didn't know Sirius could say something nice like that. Oh, and Scott is my boyfriend, by the way. Back to the note.)

JD- Yeah right... well... thanks anyway.

SB- Anytime Sweets, and call me Sirius.

JD- Fine. Do you even know my name? I mean, is that why your calling me Sweets?

SB- No, your name is Julia! See! I know stuff! My brain can do more than flirt! It can hold important pieces of information! There's the bell. See you later, Sweets.

Darn! I'm ten minutes late for Potions now! Hopefully Slughorn wont dock any points! Yeah, like that's going to happen! I'll report more later!


Julia C. Dore

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