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Surprise, Surprise
1. Party!

"Everywhere you look, everywhere you are,

There's a heart, there's a heart

A hand to hold onto

Everywhere you look, everywhere you look,

There's a face of somebody who needs you

When you're lost out there and you're all alone,

A light is waiting to carry you home

Everywhere you look"

Credits by: Jeff Franklin.

Created by: Jeff Franklin

"Hey squirt," 16-year-old Kimmy Gibbler told Stephanie as Stephanie walked into Kimmy's backyard, "You don't belong in my back yard."

"Hey, Kimmy, shouldn't you be home, you know, at Mars or Jupiter or something?""Yeah," Kimmy began, nodding. Then, when she realized what she was agreeing to, she gave a confused look.

Stephanie sighed. "D.J. told me to tell you that she wanted you."

"What for?" Kimmy questioned,

"I have no earthly idea." Stephanie answered, walking back into her yard.

"O.K, here's the plan," D.J. began, sitting at her kitchen table with Kimmy and her boyfriend, Steve. "Steve, you get Joey, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, Stephanie, Michelle and Dad in here at precisely 4:00."

Steve nodded. Kimmy nodded too, and then looked at D.J.

"What about Comet?" She asked. "Shouldn't Steve get him out, too?"

D.J. looked at her best friend since kindergarten, sympathetically. "Kimmy," She said, "Get real. He's a golden retriever. The most important thing for him is making sure someone drops food on the floor during dinner."

Kimmy nodded, and then got a confused look on her face.

D.J. continued with her plan, "Then, while they're in the kitchen, Kimmy, you're going to come through the front door with the Three Stooges party supplies that I'm going to leave at your house," D.J. took a deep breath. "I'll be in the living room setting up stuff for Joey's big surprise party."

Suddenly the teenagers heard a voice behind them. "Party?" They turned around to see Michelle, D.J.'s youngest sister, standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"What party?" Michelle exclaimed, running over to the table where D.J. and her friends were sitting. "Whose party? Am I invited?"

D.J. looked uneasily at her friends. She did not intend for Michelle, or anybody, to overhear them. They should have talked in her room. Then she heard Kimmy talking to Michelle, but she only caught half of what she was saying.

"And the ones who don't," Kimmy was telling a wide-eyed Michelle, "They get tied up, gagged, and thrown into the attics with the ghosts and… Hey squirt, do you have any ice? This ice tea isn't exactly iced."

Michelle looked at Kimmy, really afraid. "I'm out of here!" She exclaimed as she ran back up the stairs.

D.J. looked over at Kimmy. "You know Kimmy, you were kind of mean."

Steve shook his head. "No it wasn't! I mean, whenever I talk that way to my brother, I never regret it. You should see how he tries to get revenge. He takes-"

D.J. interrupted him. "Let's just plan Joey's party."

"Girls, I'm home!" Danny called as he walked inside with his new friend, Rosemund Cary. They had known each other for a week now, and were about to start dating. He was about to introduce her to everybody.

"That's great, Dad!" D.J. called from the kitchen.

"Hey Dad!" He heard Stephanie and Michelle call from their room upstairs.

Danny turned to Rosemund. "Usually they all come out here and try to shower me with hugs." He told her, "Though they aren't doing that now. Of course, you obviously know that."

Rosemund nodded, laughing nervously under her breath.

Uncle Jesse came jogging down the stairs in the living room, holding Nicky and Alex. "Hey Danny, what's shakin'?"

Danny looked at Jesse. "Jesse, how come the girls haven't come in here and hugged me?"

"Girls," Uncle Jesse called, "Your dads home!"

"We know." The three girls hollered in unison.

Uncle Jesse turned to Danny, mimicking the girls, "We know." Uncle Jesse started shouting again. "Girls, you get your butts in here right now and say hello to your father!" He sat Nicky and Alex down. "God, do I sound like my dad."

Stephanie and Michelle jogged downstairs and hugged Danny. D.J. came out of the kitchen and did likewise. Uncle Jesse gave himself a proud smile and went into the kitchen.

Michelle looked at Rosemund. "Daddy, who is that lady standing in the doorway with you?"

Danny knelt down to Michelle's height. "Well, honey," He said, "She's my new friend from the station. She's the make-up artist."

Suddenly the phone rang. D.J. picked it up.

Rosemund looked at Danny. "Beautiful house," She commented, mainly to Danny. "I simply adore your taste in furniture."

Danny put his hands in his pockets. "Well, thank you. I always have –"

D.J. looked at Danny. "Dad," She said, "It's for you."

Danny took the phone from D.J. "Hello? Oh, yeah, hold on a minute." He cupped the mouthpiece. "Rosemund, it's my boss, do you mind?"

Rosemund shook her head. "Oh, no, darling. Go ahead. I'll just get to know your beautiful daughters."

Danny nodded and went upstairs with his phone call.

Stephanie turned to Rosemund. "So, you're a make-up artist. That is so cool."

Rosemund pulled out a pocket mirror and started fixing her hair. "Well," She replied. "You could say that."

"Rose…" Michelle began.

Rosemund looked sharply at Michelle. "My name is Rosemund."

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Don't have a cow. What does a make-up artist do?"

Rosemund put her mirror in her purse. "Well, sweetie…"

Michelle interrupted. "My name is Michelle."

Rosemund ignored her. "Make-up artist's jobs are to make people look glamorous."

Michelle's eye widened. "So you make Daddy look more glamorous on TV?"

Rosemund shook her head. "In your father's case, we just try to make him look at least suitable."

The three girls stared at each other with their mouths dropped opened. This Rosemund lady was not very polite!

Suddenly Danny came in through the kitchen. "Well, I'm done."

Rosemund looked confused. "I thought you just went upstairs. How did you get in the kitchen?"

Danny started laughing. "Oh, that," He cradled the phone. "We sort of have two stairways. But they go to the same hallway."

Rosemund flipped her shoulder length, blonde hair behind her shoulders. "Oh, how silly of me."

Danny looked from Rosemund to his daughters. "I trust you girls had a very interesting conversation.

"Oh, yes." D.J. stated, going back into the kitchen. "It was very interesting." She turned to Rosemund. "Well, pleased to meet you. Gotta go; bye!"

"But, Aunt Becky, she was so rude!" Stephanie exclaimed, sitting on Aunt Becky's and Uncle Jesse's bed. "And get this; dad thinks she's wonderful."

Aunt Becky handed Alex and Nicky a cookie each. "Well, Steph, give her some time. Maybe she's not a bad as you think."

Stephanie fingered the bedspread. "Yeah, I guess so. Well, I'd better get downstairs. Thanks, Aunt Becky."

"Anytime." Aunt Becky replied.

"Alright Kimmy," D.J. said, sitting a party bag on Kimmy's bed. "Here are the party supplies." It was that evening at 8:00. At Kimmy's house, D.J. was organizing Joey's party for the next day.

"Three Stooges party plates," D.J. said, as she pulled the paper plates out from the bag and sat them on the bed. "Three Stooges paper cups, Three Stooges napkins, matching plastic silverware, three new joke books, and the receipt from the cake shop."

Kimmy looked at the assortment of supplies. "This looks like what my parents give me when I eat."

D.J. looked at Kimmy. "Party supplies?"

Kimmy shook her head. "No; paper and plastic."

D.J. put the supplies back in the bag and sat it on the floor. "O.K. Kimmy, can you take good care of it and bring it over tomorrow at 4:00?"

Kimmy nodded. "Sure, no problem."

D.J. grinned. "Great, now let's finish planning this party."

Steve came inside the kitchen, without knocking, the next afternoon; at 3:47 p.m. D.J. was waiting for him.

"Oh great, Steve, I'm so glad you're here!" D.J. exclaimed, embracing her boyfriend. "Now, remember your job. Get everyone in the house in the kitchen… and don't let them leave until I make the signal."

Steve looked at D.J. confused. "But D.J., what exactly is 'the signal'?"

D.J. thought. "I've got it," She said suddenly to Steve. "I'll, like, make a thumbs-up sign."

Steve nodded. "Okay," He looked at D.J. "Now, let the man do his job."

Steve stood up and went into the living room, winking at D.J.

D.J. grabbed the phone, ran up the kitchen stairs and went into her room. She dialed Kimmy's phone number, praying that she would answer.

Right away, Kimmy picked up. All she said was; "O.K. Deej. I'm on it." Then she hung up.

D.J. looked at the phone and got ready to race down the living room stairs, to get ready for Joey's party.

"Hey, Jesse, your hair looks great today." Steve told Uncle Jesse, strolling into the living room.

Uncle Jesse glanced at Steve. "Alright, what do you want, kid?" After a pause he looked back at Steve. "And whatever it is, you got it."

Steve was surprised. "Oh, really? Cool. Uh, J-man, uh…"

Jesse pulled off his reading glasses. "Yeah?"

Steve rummaged his hands in his pockets. "Uh, I got these new cassettes from a friend for my birthday and they have some guy singing on them. I think it might be Elvis… but I'm not sure. So I figured, hey, who better to ask then the king of rock and roll?"

Uncle Jesse stared at Steve hard. "Steve, Elvis has already died."

"Uh, uh, I know that Jess," Steve said, "But, like, now, you're the king of rock in roll. So I wanted to ask you."

Uncle Jesse nodded. "Yes, yes. Perfectly reasonable, and you know, I think I'll help you decipher who's singing in that cassette. Come on, bring them on in here."

Uh-oh. Steve thought. We need Jesse to go inside the kitchen, not stay in here.

"Uh, you can't Jess, because I brought my cassette player and it's all set up on the kitchen counter."

Uncle Jesse stood up and stretched. "Let's do it." He said, with an Elvis-type voice.

"Go ahead," Steve told him. "I'll be right there."