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A girl ran down the hallway quickly, her brown bushy hair up with chopsticks artfully planted in the bun. She avoided anyone in the hallway, hoping that no one would see her tears. She saw an empty compartment and raced in, moving to close the door. When all sounds were sealed away, she broke into sobs, heart-wrenching gasps for air. She then felt a hand on her arm. She gasped in surprise and turned her tear-drenched face to a man with long, black, greasy hair in a ponytail. (A/N: Sorry everybody, think I've discovered a fetish for long words with hyphens in them!)

"Miss Granger, may I ask what situation would require you to be in my private compartment?" Snape asked coolly, trying not to notice the tears, because he knew this Gryffindor know-it-all would take it as an insult, although he relished the fact of getting her in detention this early.

"I-I'm sorry, Professor. I'll get out right away," she stammered, wiping away tears quickly before moving for the doorknob. Then, Snape's hand shot out of no where and brought her to a seat. "Please, Professor, let me leave. I will not be a bother to you," she said, trying to get up and out of his clasping grasp of her wrist.

"Miss Granger, what situation has made you cry like this?" he asked softly, making Hermione stop in her tracks and look at him with reddened eyes.

"Please, Professor, I must go. He'll find me in here and you'll be hurt too. Oh, Harry's going to happily murder him!"

"Whom, Miss Granger, are you ranting about?"

"Professor, it is of no importance. I must leave, please let me go," she pleaded, trying to get up. His fingers touched bruises in the form of a hand forming on her neck. This made her flinch in pain; she did not know ho many more injuries she had sustained.

"Miss Granger, what happened to you?" he asked calmly, making her relax a tiny bit.

"Professor, I do not know if I should be discussing this with you, it is quite inappropriate-," she said, again trying to escape him with no results.

"Inappropriate is what has happened to you, look at your dress robes!" he interrupted, making her look down at her robes. They were torn and bloody, and she began to cry just by remembering everything.

"Professor, I was in the hallways patrolling as a duty for Head Girl, and then someone made me go into their compartment,"

"Made you?"

Hermione gulped and said softly, "Choked me into the compartment,"

Snape's eyes flashed in anger and then willed her silently to continue. She did so quickly, "He then let me go and let me fall to the floor, thereby receiving a bruised shoulder. While I was inspecting the results quickly, he picked me up by the hair and pushed me against the wall. He…Professor, I cannot,"

"You must, Miss Granger. What did he do?"

Hermione whispered, "He raped me,"

Snape was shocked. He had been cruel to a student in a time of absolute need. Add it to the long, long list of bad deeds, he thought to himself. "Who is he, Miss Granger?" he asked, his control slipping a bit.

"Sir, it was you," she said, careful with every word.

"Me, but I was in this compartment the whole time,"

"You were under the Imperious curse, sir. They then gave you a memory charm to dispel all records of it and left me there. I can tell you, I do not like Death Eaters," she said jokingly but gave up when she saw his expression. She felt silly, and very much like a first year again, even though this was her last year.

"Miss Granger, the injuries seem to be proof to your accusation, however, I still do not believe this,"

She looked at him and touched her wand to brain and took away a small gray hair. She located a Pensieve and grabbed his hand. They both plunged in, and fell onto the floor of a compartment. Snape looked around. Sure enough, there were five Death Eaters and one without his mask, Lucius Malfoy. He was laughing as Snape walked into the room, his black eyes now a glowing green.

"Go fuck this mudblood, Severus," he said cruelly. Snape then saw a girl on the floor, and his image picked her up painfully by the hair and whammed her against the wall. He thrust himself into her and she screamed in pain. Snape looked at the real Hermione, and she was crying silently, remembering pain. Snape was on his knees, and begging himself to stop. His image raped her slowly and then she got out of her and his eyes went black. Lucius threw a memory charm upon him, and he was sent to his compartment with the feeling he'd been there all day.

The Death Eaters laughed and then disappeared, leaving Hermione alone, sobbing on the floor, he own blood soaking the carpets. She cleaned them and wiped off her tears, but continued to sob as she ran out of the room. The real Hermione took Snape's hand and led him out of the memory bowl.

She looked at Snape's facial expression and she knew he remembered. She cast her gaze down when he looked at her. "Why aren't you mad at me? Throwing curses, or luggage, anything?" he asked smoothly.

She grinned, and then said, "Well, it wasn't your fault Malfoy's such an ass. It's just him. Poor Draco, he must have a good time with his father. As for the throwing, I'm afraid I am as bad at that as I can fly on a broomstick,"

Snape looked shocked and she muttered good-bye and left the room. Hermione POV: I did well in showing him what he'd done. He would have found out anyways. I have to get back to Harry and Ron and get into new robes before they see me. Otherwise, all hell will break loose… She thought sadly about the day's events and returned with a weary and strained smile to Harry and Ron.

As for Snape, he was pacing in his compartment, looking for any excuse to his behavior, Severus POV: Damn it all, this is all my fault. I should've never gotten here by train. How will I explain this to Dumbledore? Just show him the Pensieve, he'll work with that. As for Hermione, wait, did I just call her Hermione? I am going NUTS! As for MISS GRANGER, I'll have to make it up someday, but the question is how? A know-it-all must love something…I'll talk to Dumbledore and leave the Golden Trio alone to converse about my actions this day. She probably crying to them now… Snape got up and Apparated to Dumbledore. After showing him the Pensieve, Dumbledore answered Snape's question easily.

"Well, Severus, she has a cat named Crookshanks, and one clever cat he is too. That is something she loved, why not give her a potion that will make the cat free of fleas or something? Or, I also know she happens to love books. Perhaps a good novel from your collection, Severus. However, what she would most love is to be treated as a human and not a Gryffindor or mudblood. Perhaps you should show her that courtesy. As for me, I must think on these actions further. Good night, Severus,"

"Good night, Albus," Severus said, going down to the dungeons to his private apartment to make a potion he hoped a student would like and forgive him. As for Hermione, she made excuses to her state of melancholy as merely exhaustion. After eating a bite or two, she just gazed at her plate, not noticing the boys were sharing looks of confusion.

After Dumbledore's speech, she was glad to go to her Head Girl dormitory. Only Harry and Ron and her knew the password of the students and she loved the fact that everything was put in scarlet and gold. It made it cheery. She fell asleep quickly, not even bothering to take off her robes.

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