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Severus and Hermione got married a month after the birth of the triplets. After a few years, Hermione got pregnant again, and they had another son, Paul Garde Snape. The next year, they had a daughter, Abbie Marie. They had Daphne Madelyne Snape, Hyacinth Victoria Snape, Simon Ross Snape, and Zachary Jonas Snape. All in all, the Snape family had 9 living children. The day we end our story (and the laughs) is the day were the youngest, Adam Aaron Snape, was getting Sorted. Hermione and Snape watched in the back under an Invisibility Cloak, as Severus had retired.

"Adam Aaron Snape!" Minerva called out. A lanky boy with busy black hair and hazel eyes walked up and heard the hat in his head. Argh! Another Snape! Where to put you? Hmm, a brilliant mind, as to be expected, a meek tongue, an honest heart, I think you'd be in HUFFLEPUFF! the Sorting Heat screamed out. Hermione smiled, as Severus frowned. Simon and Zachary stood up from the Slytherin table and booed loudly. From the Ravenclaw table, Daphne and Hyacinth shook their heads, as Paul screamed the boys at the Slytherin table from the Gryffindor table.

Severus chuckled as Dumbledore looked puzzled, and Hermione sighed in relief. There had been wars about poor Adam getting into a house, and she had been worried about it. Megan had gotten married that summer, and was the Potions Master of Hogwarts and Daragh was now the Head Director of the Language Department of the Ministry of Magic.

"Life is good, even if I wish Alaina could have lived to be part of the family," Hermione said to Snape.

"She's here in our hearts," he said back as they slipped away into the dark.