Behind Blue Eyes

This is a one shot about what Link was thinking during the final battle between him and Ganondorf.

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There it went.

Before I could react, Ganondorf knocked the Master Sword clean out of my hands. It fell down onto the other platform a few feet away from where I was standing.

Zelda looked at the sword, terror in her blue eyes.

Before I could run over and retrieve it, Ganondorf laughed and pointed to the sword, and before I knew it, the blade that was needed to kill him was surrounded by red flames.

I didn't know what else to do.

No one knew what it felt like to feel so helpless. The burden of Hyrule's safety made that feeling even worse. What if I messed up? Then what would happen?

"Shit," I said, looking at the sword out of the corner of my eye.

Ganondorf knew exactly what I was thinking apparently, because he looked at me with that sick little grin on his face. How I wanted to bash his face into the…


I would not stoop down to his level. Never.


Zelda was shouting at me and pointing to the sword.

"That won't help," I said. "It's on fire."

She shook her head.

"The flames stop for a brief moment! Use it to your advantage."

I looked at Ganondorf and then to the sword.

"What, you couldn't figure that out yourself? And you call yourself the Hero of Time? The Hero of Hyrule? Hah. Pathetic," the evil king spat.

There it was.

My opportunity came.

I ran over and under the flames and retrieved the Master Sword.

The flames dispersed as I stood right in front of Zelda.

I saw Ganondorf's eyebrow rise in utter disbelief.

"Maybe I underestimated you… kid, you sure know what you're doing," he said.

"But… perhaps you just aren't… fast enough?"

He started running towards me, his magic missing me by an inch.

I knew the pace was set.

For all these months, I've suffered nothing but lonesome nights and grueling fights. This was my opportunity for avenging everyone that was hurt or killed.

This was my chance to make everything right again. If I blew it, there would be hell to pay.

He shot more magic at me, and I swung the Blade of Evil's Bane as hard as I could.

He didn't block.

He was too stunned to move.

"Use the light arrows!"

I knew why he was stunned.


I got the bow and Light Arrows out and nocked one onto the bowstring. Aiming, I aimed for his chest.

There was a whistling noise in the air as the arrow sailed towards Ganondorf.

There was silence.

There was a groaning noise, and a sick thud.

"Use the sword, Link!"

I attacked him, and repeated the process until he was dead.

"Don't think you've won, yet, boy…"

With that the castle started to rumble and before I knew it I was following Zelda out.

"Link, look out!"

Too late.

It missed me by an inch or two, but it grazed my left shoulder with enough force for it to make a sickening crack.


I got out of there alive, thankfully, but my shoulder still hurt.

"It's been dislocated. I can put it back in its place if you'll allow it."

I nodded, not being able to speak from the pain.

In a few minutes, I was normal again. The pain was still there, but I could still use my arm, at least.

"We've won, Link," Zelda said.

I hugged her.

"Yes, princess, we have."


Well, now, isn't that sweet? As you may have noticed, this didn't include the battle between Ganon. That's OK, it was intentional.

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