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Chapter 1 – Night Prowler

"Padfoot," Remus said quietly as he shook his best friend's shoulder.

Sirius rolled over on his back and groaned. Remus shook him again, more forcefully. "Sirius, c'mon, it's after three."

Sirius answered him, groggily, "In the morning? Are you nuts? Go back to sleep!" He threw a pillow in the direction he thought Remus was, but it completely missed him.

"Sirius Lee Black, get up! You said you wanted to get going by three!"

Sitting up in bed, he rubbed his eyes. "Bloody hell, I forgot!" He jumped out of bed and pulled a t-shirt over his head. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner?"

"Um...I was trying," said Remus, "but you weren't making it very easy. "Okay, I got you some shampoo and toothpaste yesterday, you can take whatever food Buckbeak can carry, and I'll send more stuff when you need it. Here's some muggle money I had exchanged," he handed Sirius and envelope, "and send me an owl when you need more. What else do you need?"

Sirius chuckled lightly, "Got a wand in your back pocket?" He thought how the ministry had destroyed his own wand when they threw him into Azkaban.

Remus smiled, reached in his back pocket, and pulled out a dark mahogany wand. "Like...this one?"

Sirius' eyes widened in shock. "I was joking! How'd you get it?"

"Dumbledore. Just in case dementors show up on your doorstep." Remus handed Sirius the wand.

Sirius took it from Remus and caressed it with his fingers. 'I never thought I'd get to hold a wand of my own again!' he thought excitedly. He placed it securely inside his robes. "Thanks, Moony."

"You should eat some breakfast before you go."

"It's the middle of the night; I'm not hungry," protested Sirius.

"It's a long ride, and you're not stopping at Taco Bell!" argued Remus, remembering how much Sirius liked the muggle fast food place.

Grinning briefly at how well Remus knew him, Sirius followed him into the kitchen and sighed as his childhood best friend set a bowl of cereal in front of him. "Now I know why they call 'em serial killers."

Remus rolled his eyes. "That's spelled s-e-r-i-a-l, not c-e-r-e-a-l."

"Well, it's named after that, because people hate cereal so much they want to just go on a rampage and kill whoever made it!" argued Sirius.

Trying not to laugh, Remus poured milk onto the cereal. He never understood why Sirius hated cereal so much. "Just shut your trap before I put my foot in it," he teased.

"It's not a full moon, I can take you," Sirius responded as he reluctantly ate the cereal. "Honestly, why do people eat this? Why have..." he picked up the box and read the label, "Grape Nuts, when you could have a couple burritos?"

"A burrito? For breakfast?"

"Breakfast burritos, Moony. I love burritos."

"Well, I'll send you some if you're a good boy," replied Remus, sarcastically, giving Sirius a pat on the head.

"I'll hold ya to it," said Sirius as he finished the cereal and fixed his hair.

They took his bags out the back door of Remus' house where a disillusioned Buckbeak was waiting.

Remus helped him secure the bags on Buckbeak and then turned to the only best friend he had left. "Sirius, be careful. I don't want you chasing after some girl the second you get there, even if she's the most beautiful girl in the entire world, got it?"

Sirius gave him an innocent look and Remus rolled his eyes. "I know you, Padfoot. That's the first thing you'd do and don't try to tell me different. But you have to stay out of sight for the first few days. I know the last thing you want to do is stay cooped up in some house when you're right on the beach, but do it for Harry. You finally get the chance to be there for him, don't risk throwing it away."

Sirius smiled. "Are you done with your lecture, Professor Lupin?"

Remus returned the smile. "Yes." He rapped Sirius hard over the head with his own wand to disillusion him.

"That hurt," said Sirius, lifting a now almost transparent hand up to rub the top of his transparent head and again adjusting his hair, although it was pouring rain. "Alright, bye then."

The two of them hugged like brothers. "I owe you, Moony," said Sirius, before pulling away.

"I won't forget it. Send me an owl when you get there, alright?"

"Will do," said Sirius as he bowed to Buckbeak and, after the hippogriff returned the bow, climbed on his back.

Remus Lupin watched as Sirius flew away on Buckbeak into the clouds.

"Did you notice we have new neighbors?" asked Jordan, sitting at the kitchen table, sipping her drink and gesturing to the house next door.

"Neighbor. There's only one. He thinks no one noticed him move in at 6 am last weekend," replied Raven, throwing her long black hair over her shoulder and turning her gaze toward the house next to hers.

"He hasn't shown his face for a week?" Jordan asked, disbelievingly. "You haven't seen him at all?"

"I saw him the night he got here, but other than that, no. I see his dog often enough though."

"His dog?"

"He comes out at night, watches me swim. It gave me a scare the first night. I thought Rio was out," she said, gesturing to her own black, gordon setter, Rio, who was curled up on the rug near the fireplace.

"Well," Jordan looked at her watch, "I'll let you do your thing; it's almost nine. I don't want to be around if you forget to take your medicine!"

"Don't worry, I'd give you a head start." Raven smirked, said goodbye to Jordan, and watched as the confident brunette returned to her own house.

Rio suddenly raised himself off the rug and growled at Raven, teeth bared. "Relax," she said to him as she quickly crossed to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Rio continues to growl and paw at the ground. Raven took long swig from a bottle and placed it back on the shelf, closing the door. Rio then visibly relaxed; he bounded up to her, sniffed her hand and then licked it, as though ashamed of his previous behavior. "You're forgiven."

She felt a rush of energy and went into her bedroom to change into her bathing suit.

Sirius was waiting for her to come down to the beach to swim. 'Where is she?' he thought. 'It's past nine o'clock.' He started thinking about what Remus had told him. 'Stay out of sight. Don't go chasing after some girl, I don't care if she's the most beautiful girl in the entire world.' There she was. 'Damn close,' he thought, looking at her. He watched as Raven walked slowly down through the sand, carrying her towel and one of those Muggle boxes that produced music. He regretted having to change into his animagus form as she neared him.

Raven spread out her towel and set theradio on top of it. She turned on the music and waded into the water. Even as a dog, Sirius could barely keep his eyes on her in the water. He decided tonight was the night he would talk to her. He'd waited long enough. The people here, from what he could tell, were sort of out of touch with the real world anyway. Besides, she was a Muggle, and Muggles wouldn't know as much about his world.

Remus' voice came back to him, but he pushed it out of his mind. 'I've been in Azkaban for twelve years,' he told the voice. 'Let me have a little female contact, and then I'll be good.' The big black dog trotted into the water quietly and dove under. Emerging as a man, Sirius started to make his way over to Raven. He lifted his shirt quietly over his head and left it behind him.

She was singing along with the music while doing some sort of movements he didn't recognize.

Raven suddenly froze as she saw the man standing before her.

Sirius smiled. "Hi. Nice night for a swim?"

"I thought so," she replied, looking him over. "So this is my new neighbor? And I half expected you to be terribly deformed or something even worse."

Sirius laughed. "Because I haven't come over to say hello?"

"No, you just have your dog watch my every move."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. Padfoot's terribly nosy. I'm...Remus." 'Shit, did that sound fake?' he thought.

'Does it normally take someone that long to remember their name?' she thought to herself. She pushed it to the back of her mind. 'What does it matter? He's cute.' She held out her hand to shake his. "Raven. Nice to finally meet you."

"Likewise. I wasn't trying to ignore you or anything. I was just...getting myself settled in, ya know?"

"Actually, I don't think I remember. I've lived here for a pretty long time."

"Really? I thought this was mainly a tourist attraction.'

"Or a hideout," added Raven. "Lots of people come to just get away from things."

'Which would be why I'm here,' thought Sirius as she continued.

"Jordan and I are the only ones I know of that live here permanently. Jordan's the house on the other side of mine."

Sirius nodded his head. "Is he a night owl, too?"

"Jordan's a she. No, she thinks I'm crazy for coming out here every night to practice my moves."

"And what moves would those be?"

"San Chin Ryu. It's kinda like karate. I learned it when I was little and now it's really relaxing," she explained.

"Do you have todo it in the water?"

"Oh, no, it's just that you get better resistance in the water so you get used to it, and it makes you move a lot faster when you don't have the water against you in a real situation."

"And just when would you be in a real situation like that around here?"

"I'm not saying that. It's just something I like to do," answered Raven, smoothly. "So why did you come here?"

Sirius shrugged his shoulders. "Just felt like a vacation."

Raven rose her eyebrows at him. "Right...Well, I'm tired." She started to wade in and then turned back to him. "Will I see you around, or is this your one hour outside for the month of June?"

Sirius chuckled. "Sadly, it is. But my hour's not up yet," he hinted.

"Why do I feel like you just invited yourself into my house?" she asked as she picked up her radio and threw her towel around her.

Sirius gave her a sexy smile. "Because I just did."

Raven jerked her head towards her house and Sirius followed her up the beach. She opened the screen door for him, but then threw her arm across his chest to hold him back. "Let me get you a towel first."

He stood there shivering while she disappeared down the hall and came back with a towel. He draped it around himself and stepped in the house, surveying it with his eyes.

"This is nice," he said as his eyes ran across a large coffee table and a couch. They drifted further, down a hallway, probably leading to her bedroom and bathroom on the left. On the right side was the kitchen and dining room, with a door leading out of the kitchen and into her backyard.

"Thanks." She shivered as she saw him in proper lighting for the first time. 'He's quite good looking. The only thing he's missing is maybe a few pounds.' She fought the blush that was threatening to give her away as her eyes met his. He was watching her, too.

He smiled slightly and turned to look at some Mugglenovels that were neatly arranged on a shelf next to the couch.

"Well...I'm hungry. How about you go put on some dry clothes, and I'll make some food?"

Although Remus was telling him not to, Sirius nodded his head and smiled.

"Anything in particular you're hungry for?"

Sirius slowly smiled at her. "You have no idea how long I've been craving burritos."

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