Camp Love

"Danny, where are you? You're gonna be late for your little camping trip with your friends!" yelled Danny's mom at the bottom of the stairs. Danny was in his room trying to put his last amount of stuff in his suitcase. Then he heard the doorbell ring. He zipped the suitcase up, and headed down the stairs, where Sam and Valerie were waiting. "Oh, hey guys. Where's Tuck?" Sam and Val both pointed outside, and Danny walked over to the ddorway and saw Tucker trying to drag everyone's stuff behind him. "Hey, Tuck! You ready to go camping with Valerie?" "Oh, yeah, you bet." said Tucker, putting down all the luggage. "Uh, yeah, well we had better get going. We want to be there before the park closes." joked Valerie. Danny walked back over to where Sam was and Valerie walked over to pick up her bag from Tucker. Tucker followed leaving Sam's bag. Danny shut the door behind him and grabbed Sam's bag. "Okay, so we're going to Lake Vanberscie, right?" asked Danny's mom. "Yeah, mom. That's the only place we've got reservations, remember?" Danny answered. His mom laughed and looked back at Danny and Sam, they were both looking eachother in the eye. And they still hadn't let go of eachother's hands. Then in the farther back, Valerie was looking out the window, and Tucker was looking at Val. Danny's mom turned back around and smiled to herself. She cheered when they reached the campground, making everyone jump at the surprise. Danny looked down at where his hand was and pulled away blushing, making Sam do the same. They all got out and looked at the campsite they had rented for the weekend. It was gonna be perfect.

Danny helped set up tents and Tucker was helping make the fire. It was only around noon that Friday, but Tuck wanted to impress Valerie, so he pleaded Danny if he could start it. "Man, it is so nice out here. What are supposed to do first?" asked Sam. Danny looked over from his completed tent, and smiled saying, "Whatever you want. We can do anything, swim, fish, sit here and do nothing even. It doesn't matter." Valerie got up and said, "Well, I don't care what you guys do, but I'm going swimming." She headed for the pool area with her towel. Tuck grabbed his stuff and followed. Danny asked Sam if she wanted to go, and they both ended up heading for the pool area.

"Danny!" cried Sam, Danny had just splashed her with cold water. "I'm gonna kill you!" She swam as fast as she could to where Danny was at and dove under. She grabbed his leg and he pulled away. When she came back up to the surface, Danny splashed her again. "That was for fun, but this one's for revenge." He splashed her even harder. Sam stood there all wet, she grinned and splashed Danny back. Meanwhile, Tucker was doing all he could to get Val back in the water, she was tanning and Tuck was sitting on the edge trying to get her to come in. "I told you, Tuck, later." Tucker frowned and jumped in, getting Valerie all wet, "Why you little," she jumped in after him. "Help! Valerie's gonna kill me! Help!" Danny looked over at Tuck being chased by Valerie, "Okay. That's weird, I thought he wanted her in the water." He said to himself, just in time to get splashed with really cold water by Sam. "Oh, you've done it now!" He turned around and splashed her back.