"Dare." said Danny. Valerie cracked a smirk, and whispered to Tuck, "Okay, this is it. Tuck you take Danny, I'll take Sam, and once the we've convinced them that the other won't notice, we'll pair up agin and yell, 'Say it!'. Got it?" Tuck smiled, "Oh yeah, I got it alright." Tucker sat down by Danny and Valerie sat next to Sam. Val headed on her conversation.

Tucker started, "Danny, I should tell you, the dare is gonna be about the 'you-know-what' that I told you about last night." Danny stared at Tucker, "Are you seroius?" Tucker replied, "It's all true, I wanted to give you a heads up and I don't think that you saying that out loud even matters." "Why not?" Danny asked. Tucker looked back up at Danny, "Well, I mean, if she already knows, then it won't matter if she hears." Danny blinked, "Really, she won't even notice?" "Trust me, Danny, if she already knows, then she won't care about wnything you say, that's why you can make it short, like,'I like Sam'. Okay?" Tucker asked. "Whatever you say, Tuck." Danny replied, as he turned back towards the fire,and Sam, almost at the same moment, turned towards the fire, too.

Tucker had finished his part of th plan, and Valerie had, too. Now it was time for the fun part. Valerie and Tucker both said in unison, "Say it!" Danny looked up and Sam looked up, and at the same time, Danny said, "I like Sam." And Sam said,"I like Danny." They both froze, then looked at eachother, "I thought you..." they said in unison. Danny just tried to continue,"Y-You actually..." Sam filled in for him,"like you? Yeah, well I didn't think you wer the same, you know." Danny went very red, and this made Sam blush as well. But behind them, Tuck and Val were laughing their heads off. Sam glared at Valerie,"You planned this, didn't you?" Valerie got up,"Well, duh!" "You are very lucky that we agreed on sleeping boy-girl tonight!" yelled Danny as Tuck and Val rushed into their tent. And, Danny and Sam decided to do the same. Once inside, Danny looked away from Sam while he said,"Uh, Sam, I really had no idea, and I never thought that you..." he broke off when Sam said, "Danny, ask the questions in the morning but for now," she turned him around and kissed him. He didn't know what to do, so he kissed her back, and this time, he wasn't nervous at all, oddly enough. Sam broke the kiss and looked at Danny, who still had his eyes closed. When he opened them, he saw Sam looking at him and he layed back down, making sure not to face Sam. Sam layed down next to him in her sleeping bag and they both fell asleep by midnight.