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"Papa! Look at me, Papa!" Shouted an 8 year old Samantha from up in the crows nest. Her father glanced up at his beautiful daughter and he immediately got worried.

"Samantha, bella, stay there! I'm coming to get you!" He shouted from below deck. Samantha did as her father wished. She looked at the ocean that was surrounding her.

"Goodbye Port Royal." She whispered, sadly. She had to leave everything behind, her life, her home and most of all her best friends: Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. They were headed back to Italy, her father was becoming the King of Italy and they were going to there new home. Her whole life was changing.

"Princess Samantha Vittoria DiBattista." She said, "Even my name is changing." She turned when she felt a hand on her shoulder, looking up at her father's concerned face she knew she in for it. He knelt down and hugged her so tightly, she was having trouble breathing.

"Please Samantha, can you not be like your sorelle?" He asked, watching his daughter.

"Sorelle father? What's sorelle?" She asked, not understanding why he was talking such gibberish.

"Sorelle, my love, means sisters. We are going to Italy now, you must learn the language if you want to make friends and be courted." He explained to her.

"Alright father, but I am not like my sisters. They pick on me because I am not like them." Samantha told her father, putting her head down. He put his fingers to her chin and smiled,

"That is why I love you. We need a rambunctious one in this famiglia." He whispered, and kissed her on her forehead before helping her down the netting. She landed on the ground perfectly, the sailors commented her and she smiled.

"Please, do not encourage her." Her father laughed, from the ground.

"Oh, Papa. I will teach you how to land, on your feet." She said, as she helped him up.

"Thank you my darling, now go off and find your mother. She needs to show you something." Her father stated, and shooed her away. Samantha jumped down the steps two at a time and went below deck.

"She is a wild one, your majesty." The captain said from the helm.

Her father, Gianni, rubbed his temples. "I know." Gianni exclaimed, walking over to talk to the Captain about how soon they'd be there.

"Mama! Mama, where are you? Papa, said you needed to talk to me…" She said as she walked into her parent's quarters and immediately regretted it. Her sisters closed the door and her mother grabbed her. There sitting in the middle of the room, was a tub full of hot water. Bath time.

"I will not have a bath." Samantha screamed, cursing her father in her head for tricking her.

"Please Samantha. Do it for mommy and daddy. We will be arriving soon, and we must go straight to the ceremony. You must look presentable." Her mother explained, trying to pull the dress on her daughter. Mrs. Andrea DiBattista was a beautiful woman, Caramel hair always pulled into a bun, portraying her round face. The little kohl she wore accented her chocolate brown eyes, her tan face looked fragile and almost angelic. Right now, it looked stressed but happy.

"Samantha won't do it mom!" Piper piped up, drying her hair with a towel.

"Yeah, she's too much of a boy. Right Sam!" Antoinette laughed, putting her new dress on with Piper's help.

"Sam! Oh, that was brilliant Antoinette, we shall call her from now on!" Piper said, pulling her sister's corset.

Sam frowned and stuck her tongue out at her sisters. "Just because you're 5 years older than me doesn't mean you can make fun of me!" She hissed venomously. Andrea sighed.

"Please girls, we really need to hurry I can see the coast line from here." Andrea explained, finally ridding her daughter of her dress.

"Ok Mama, but only because you asked nicely, or else I wouldn't do it." Samantha explained. Her mother laughed, picked her up and dumped her in the tub. Samantha closed her eyes and stayed under water for as long as she could, it was ritual for her.

"Dare il benvenuto Sig. e Sig.ra DiBattista a Roma, Italia. Chi sono queste belle ragazze?" The coachmen asked the family, as the approached the carriage. Samantha looked at her father, confused.

"He says, Welcome Mr. and Mrs. DiBattista to Rome, Italy. Who are the beautiful girls?" Gianni explained to his daughters, Piper and Antoinette giggled, while Samantha went up to the coachmen.

"Hello." She exclaimed, waving her hand in his face. The coachmen laughed.

"Hello to you too, bella." He replied, taking her little hand in his.

"You speak English, thank God, at least someone around here does." She commented, her father looked at her and calmly told her to apologize.

"I'm sorry Mr. Coach driver." She said looking down at the floor.

"It is…how you say…ok." He replied, but continued talking. "How would you like to sit up here with me?" Samantha smiled so wide, it looked painful.

"Oh can I papa! Please, I'll be good." Samantha begged her father. He thought for a moment and then gave in.

"Alright, but please Samantha, promise me you will behave and not climb anything. Like when we were on the ship." He asked, climbing in the carriage.

"What did she climb now?" Was all you heard from the three ladies as the carriage door closed and they were off to the Coliseum.

The ride wasn't suppose to be long, but Samantha got in mischief climbing on top of the carriage. Her father scolded her afterwards, but let her still stay up front with Giorgio, the coachmen. They finally arrived at the Coliseum, surrounding by millions of royalty and just common people. Samantha hopped of from where the driver sat and landed on her feet. Gianni came up in front of her and bowed asking for the princess to walk with him.

"Oh Papa!" She laughed, "Of course I will." As she took his hand and walked down the big carpet and into the Coliseum.

The ceremony took forever until it was finally near completion. Her father had the crown on and the scepter was in his hands. He was knighted and officially the king. Her mother had a gorgeous crown on, and a red robe. As for Samantha's sisters, they both had silver tiara's on and gold necklaces. Samantha had hers in her hand, just staring at it before her mother placed it on her head again. They walked out and the crowd cheered, it was surprising how many people showed up. Almost all of Italy was there; this must have been a very special event.

The huge oak white doors were opened by two of the guards; Samantha skipped into the room and looked around. Woman and men were dancing, talking and naturally, having a good time. Children ran around playing games or eating food. Samantha ran over to her father, and tugged on his tuxedo. He looked down and smiled picking her up.

"This is my youngest daughter, Samantha." He told all the people surrounding him. They all started commenting her in their accents.

"What an adorable little girl." One lady exclaimed, taking a sip from her wine.

"She looks just like you, your majesty." A man, with curly red hair said, taking some champagne from a tray.

"I'm not adorable…" Samantha explained, struggling to get out of her father's arms. They all laughed and Samantha finally got out of her father's arms and ran over to a mirror.

"I am not pretty." Samantha thought, examining herself in the mirror. She had long, flowing brown hair that fell down to her waist, eyes as blue as the ocean with white specks in it. She had copper-toned skin and a petite figure. She was still very young though, and had lots of time for her to grow in to her body.

Something other than herself caught her eye in the mirror. A whole bunch of people were picking on a little girl. Samantha got angry and walked over to all of them.

"Bruta!" One little boy yelled.

"Stupid!" A little girl shouted, pulling the girl's hair. Samantha pulled on that girl's hair and she started to cry. She ran over to her mother,

"Now you know how it feels!" Samantha screamed to her, "Go away, or I'll get my father to throw you with the rotten fishes." The boys ran off on the balcony and started to play 'pirates.' Samantha turned back and smiled at the girl.

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!" One boy yelled.

"No far." Another shouted.

"Hello, my name is Samantha. Do you speak English?" Samantha asked, her hand outstretched. The girl looked cautiously at her and finally smiled and excepted her hand.

"Yes, I do speak English. My name is Vittoria DiFrancesco." She whispered, still smiling.

"Let's go ask my father if you can come and stay over my house for the night. If you want." Samantha told her, pulling her towards her father.

"Oh, I'd love that. Let me ask my mother and father." Vittoria asked, running with Sam towards there parents whom were talking.

"Father!" Samantha and Vittoria shouted at the same time. Both parents turned around and smiled.

"Yes, Samantha. What do you need? " King Gianni asked, taking his daughters tiny hand in his.

"Could my friend, Vittoria stay over our house tonight?" She asked sweetly. Vittoria was doing the same thing.

"Please daddy, I'll be good for the king." Vittoria begged, like a little boy begging for candy.

"Alright." Both fathers agreed at the same time.

"Thank you Papa!" Samantha exclaimed, grabbing her friends hand.

"Thank you daddy, I'll be good." She said, running with Samantha to the door. The headed up the stairs to play.

"This might not be so bad after all…" Samantha thought, walking into her room with her new best friend.

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