My first Zoey 101 fic. This is most definitely different than all the others. This was written for the older fans of the show. Alcohol, sex, and drug use will be mentioned in my story…

Tonight Will Be My Night

Chapter One

The large house was filled with the stench of cigarette smoke and alcohol. It was Friday night, and for all PCA seniors, that meant there was an off campus party somewhere that was calling their names. Usually, the house was owned by a student from the school whose parents only came home to check and see if it was still standing, or a vacation house on a cliff by the sea. No one cared which it was, however, as long as the beer pumping from the kegs was endless and the music loud.

Eighteen year-old Zoey giggled and stumbled through the living room, jumping on the coffee table with her friend Nicole. The deafening music pounded in their ears as they danced. People around them hardly took this tabletop dancing as anything wild. Everyone's blood was already seeping with tequila shots and beer, or, they were already passed out on the numerous couches and chairs. Among the dozing was Dana. Her claim to fame was the female champion of beer pong. Apparently, she had won her title again that night.

Nicole suddenly spun too fast and fell off the table. Her equilibrium was imbalanced and neither she, nor Zoey, could have caught her in time. She fell onto the couch next to Dana, and didn't bother to get back up. Zoey hated dancing by herself. She jumped off the table in a quite unsteady manner and proceeded to the screen doors. She passed Logan on the way out, who was chugging beer. She gave him a high five as she stepped onto the porch. Underage drinking was a way of life at PCA, and that kid could be the poster child.

The cool spring air felt good to Zoey. Inside it was hot and muggy, and you couldn't take a breath without inhaling smoke. This was her favorite time of the parties she went to. When she stepped outside, she was able to enjoy the effects of the alcohol on her body. She loved the way everything moved in slow motion when you turned you head, or how your body felt so completely free from any restraints. What she loved the most was that she had no worries when she was outside. She didn't have to worry about a vomiting Nicole or getting hit on by some sleazy guy. And, the best part, this was the time of the night when she would find Chase. Even after all the drinking and smoking, after the mingling with friends, acquaintances, and people who seemed like strangers, Chase and Zoey always found themselves together as parties died down.

The relationaship between Zoey and Chase was often confusing to outsiders, and just as confusing to their closest friends. The feelings they had for each other were undeniable. The two shared light kisses, meaningful hugs, and intense conversations only found between two people who cared deeply for each other. On any given day, they could be seen walking down the beach, Chase's arm draped over her shoulders, and the next they would be seen together with a group of friends without hints of something more. They never said they were dating, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't. Sometimes, even they didn't understand themselves, but they liked it better that way. All that mattered was they had found someone who made them feel whole, in the words that Zoey would one day tell her friends.

She saw him, sitting at a table with Michael and two other boys. This is where Chase would always be at parties. He could be found with a beer in one hand, and a blunt in the other. Chase wasn't much for hard alcohol; at least not in the way Zoey liked it. Chase had grown into a handsome boy and, thankfully, not nearly as spastic as he was when Zoey first met him. But he was still the most caring boy she knew. He wasn't lusted after as much as Logan was, but girls had most definitely taken notice of him. But he had eyes for only Zoey.

Chase was now looking at her adoringly, his eyes glazed over from the pot, as she woozily walked towards him. He opened his arms as she sat down on his lap and kissed him on the cheek.

"Had fun tonight?" She asked slowly.

"Yeah…but I bet not as much as you."

He offered her the blunt that they had been passing around, and she took the hit willingly. Michael and the two other boys, who had just handed Chase some money, were standing up from the table ready to go inside, or back to their dorms. Everybody knew to leave the two alone.

"You two can finish that off. If you want." Said Michael. Chase nodded and turned back to Zoey as they walked away.

Zoey leaned her head on his shoulder and curled his hair around her fingers.

"I heard Dana won Beer Pong again. How many people did she take on?"

"Oh…I can't even remember. Too many. Her and Nicole are passed out on a couch inside." She kissed his neck as he wrapped his arms tighter around her. He loved the way they showed affection. It was simple, but meant so much more.

"I'm gonna miss this." She whispered into his shirt. Graduation was a month away. "Like, these parties. It's not gonna be the same in college. Especially without you."

"I'll only be an hour away." His voice was soothing, and, as usual, made her feel better.

"I know." They sat there in silence as they melted into each other, and began breathing at the same pace, inhaling from the blunt occasionally. She whispered even more softly then before.

"What was the best part about these past years at PCA for you?"

"That's an easy one. You." She smiled up at him and he looked back at her, smiling too, his boyish grin making Zoey feel sad that it was almost over, but happy that she had a guy like Chase in her life. Inside, bodies began to fall upon open spaces on the couches and on the floor, the nights drinking putting the students into a deep sleep. Zoey and Chase fell asleep in each other's arms as the music inside was turned off by the last person awake, who more than likely passed out right by the stereo instead of climbing over all the bodies for a better spot.

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