Hello everyone! Well, this is my first one chapter story where romance is the whole story. I'm surprising myself too. I never really liked this couple and I know not a lot of people really have. Well, forget all that and let's see if I can write this fic.

My Girl

I'm sorry. That's really all I can say. Do you know why I'm sorry? I'm sure you do. Your probably standing there reading it, standing with 'him' and asking yourself why it took so long. I don't have an answer for you.

I'm an arrogant fool. That's why. I was too blind to see what you wanted. And that wasn't me. How many times did you contradict me when I made my claim? I never listen. Could you forgive me?

I don't know how many times I was willing to fight for you. For the girl that was never mine. I'd yell at anyone who came near you, no matter your protests. What a fool I was; trying to win your hand through brute strength. I know what he gave you. Patience; love; space; friendship.

Friendship that's who I'm supposed to be. I was no friend. I was an egotistical jerk. Friends listen; I did not. Friends support you; I did not. Friends protect you; I did more harm then good.

Please forgive me. Please love me as the friend I wish I could be since I was no friend. Teach me what I need to show others. That way I can be the friend you need when you and he have your first fight. Or when you get in trouble at school. Or when you just need me to bail you out of a jam.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. As a true friend I will give up anything for you. And as a result I have given you up.

Goodbye. I love you.

Did you guess the writer? There are only two choices. Please Review this part before reading the second part. Please! This I'm begging! I really want to know if you got the people or not. And I want to know if the letter was convincing.