Harry Potter and The Power of Two


The Power of one

Harry Potter had just returned to Privet Drive after a very hard year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professor Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster and leader of the Order of the Phoenix, had just died at the hands of his very own Potions Master Professor Severus Snape. All Harry wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. An hour later, Harry was sound asleep in bed and very life-altering event was about to take place. Harry was at first dreaming about what happened on the tallest tower of Hogwarts, watching the killing curse cast by Professor Snape hit Dumbledore in the chest and then watched as Dumbledore's dead body fell to ground.

Then the dream shifted to a small circler room with a fireplace on one side, and two armchairs facing one anther in the center. Sitting in one of the armchairs was a younger looking Albus Dumbledore. "Oh good my boy you finally arrived! I have been waiting for you. Would you like a lemon drop"? Dumbledore said.

"Is this a dream or what?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore replied to the question "Harry why don't you take a seat." Harry did what Dumbledore asked him to do and sat down.

"As I have told you in the past it our choices that make us who we are, but sometimes Harry other peoples choices can change us too. I chose to place you with the Dursleys where you were never shown love. For me that was the easy choice, not the right choice. And that choice cost you, and cost you big time. For that, I can not tell you how sorry I am. My choices cost many lives to be lost that would not other wise have been lost. My choice has stopped you from finding your soul mate, the very thing that unlocks the power that is deep with in you. The power your mother gave you when she gave her life so you could live. The very same power that Voldemort cannot know or understand. And because you have not discovered that power, it may be years before you can defeat Voldemort. But fear not Harry, you will no longer have to pay the price for my mistakes. Fate has step in and is giving you, or maybe both of us a second chance. Fate cannot totally undo my mistakes, but it is giving you a chance to repair what has already been done. Before you are sent back I am aloud to give you a few clues that will help you along the path you are about to redo. You have already met your soul mate Harry. She loves you greatly, and has always loved you. Do not push her back for her own protection. You are only hurting her more by doing so. You made this mistake after my death, and if not for this second chance, well I do not what to think of the repercussions. Try to maintain the time line the best you can but remember, do not make the same mistake as you did after my passing. There is one more thing that is going to be hard for you, very hard indeed. I'm sad to say that Cedric Diggory must die in the grave yard just as your parent's had to die on that fateful night fifteen years ago. If your parents lived, then Voldemort would have surely won the war. I am sorry Harry, but this is just the way it has to be. However, there are others you may be able to save. But be careful, because if you change the time line too much, you will no longer know what would happen next. My time is almost up Harry. Remember, do not push your friends or your soul mate way. You will only hurt yourself and them. Now find the love that you so richly deserve Harry."

A bright golden light surrounded Harry and he felt himself digressing into his younger self. His Muggle clothes that he was wearing changed into Hogwart's robes. And before the golden light engulfed him completely he heard Dumbledore say, "Good luck my boy." Then all Harry could see was golden light and then it disappeared. Harry suddenly found him self in a dark tunnel. He looked around and found he was in the Chamber of Secrets. His body was no longer of a sixteen year old but of a twelve year old. Harry was outside a vault like door that he remembered all to well. He knew what to do now, and he hissed the password, open". The vault like door swung open as Harry entered the chamber. He saw Ginny lying on the ground slowly dying. He moved into the chamber and up to where Ginny was lying. After thinking of what he would do, Harry decided to do this the same way as he did the last time around. Tom, as before picked up the wand Harry purposely dropped on the ground and start talking about how he wanted to meet Harry to find out he had defeated the greatest dark wizard that has ever lived. Tom used Harry's wand to write his name in the air. With a wave of his hand, he showed how his name could be made to say "I am Lord Voldemort". Tom turned to the giant carving on the wall and called for the basilisk. And just like before Fawkes arrived and dropped the sorting hat into Harry's hands and clawed out the yellow eyes of the Basilisk. Harry took the sword of Godric Gryffindor and ran until he was in the right position to ram the sword up into the mouth of the Basilisk, killing it dead. It did feel a bit strange killing the same snake twice he had to admit to himself. As Harry crawled out from under the basilisk's corpse, Fawkes then flew over to pick the diary up and dropped it into Harry's hands. Harry took the tooth from the Basilisk and stabbed it into the diary, destroying forever a peace of Tom Riddle's soul.

Ginny suddenly woke up and was looking around franticly when she saw Harry. She started talking about how the diary had possessed her. She tried to tell him one day, but she could not with Percy there, and went on how she would be expelled. Ginny asked Harry how she could ever make it up to him. Harry said "Ginny, I will only ask you for one thing, and that is to be my friend. I want to be someone you can talk to about anything. And I want you to know that you can always come to me when you feel alone. That is how you could make it up to me." Ginny hugged Harry tightly and Fawkes flew down so Harry could grab hold of his tail feathers.


This chapter was rewritten by jerry burchett.

Thank you very much Jerry.

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