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A Silent Promise, A lost Secret
I broke my promise to you…

I let go…

Am I so un-honorable that I can't even keep a promise as a samurai and as your friend? I have let you down but I promise you this, I will never let you go, not to any body. I'll swear on my life that, that shall never happen again. When the time came a second time I was true to that promise. I restored my honor. You didn't understand me at the time but I told you that I would never let go of your hand again. I'll keep you from harm, even at the cost of my life.

Did you believe me? I hope you did, I meant it from the bottom of my being. I don't know when I became so taken with you… When I first laid eyes on you? During our searches for the other samurai? But then, does it really matter?

I hope that one day you can look at me with adoration like you do with Kambei-sensei. What will happen when I do become like him? Will you still be willing to hold the hands of someone covered in blood? I will become a tainted person, mentally, physically, and spiritually…

Could you honestly say you could look at me the same way you use too? I doubt that. By the end of this war I'll be a different person. My innocence will be gone and I will be swept away in the ways of war.

Would you wait for me? Or would you have moved on? Whose even to say anything will happen between us? I don't know how or if I would tell you how I feel. Maybe one day in the future looking upon the fields of your land during a quiet sunset. The dying sun reflecting off flawless skin, making you glow, outmatching the beauty of the Gods and Goddesses you serve.

Yes. A day like that would be nice for a confession, even if I'm rejected, the image of you will be burned in my memory and I can look back on the adventure we had. A journey for survival and self-discovery. Not only for you, Komachi, and Rikichi, but also for the others including myself.

Hopefully I will see it to its end and tell you my secret one-day.

Authors Note:

Hello again. Hope you enjoyed reading this. I was thinking about making this an one shot but my beta wants me to continue writing this so I might do that. Any suggestions?

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