Fic: To Make Her Feel My Love, PG, Hermione/Fred
Author: Gilly
Title: To Make Her Feel My Love
Word Count: 472- One Shot Drabble Piece
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spoilers to HBP!
Pairing: Hermione/Fred

He watched her from behind the safety of a window, a sheer curtain obscuring him just a bit. She was standing outside, with the warm wind blowing in her face. The pale sundress around her legs blew back, rippling in the wind. The evening shadows and the stars had begun to appear. Her face was tilted up towards the sky, and even with his view from behind the curtain, he could tell that she was crying again. No one was there to dry her tears, but he knew he would, just to feel her, and make her feel safe.

The war was still raging, and with Professor Dumbledore's death, the whole wizarding world felt unsafe. He knew what it would come down to, but what he wanted was to be her rock, be her strength. As he watched, a light rain started coming down, and he waited only a moment to see if she would come in, but she didn't. He finally left the safety of his window, and made his way out onto the porch to watch her.

With only a bit of hesitation, he made his way into the rain, and came up behind her. He reached out, but stopped just short of laying a hand on her shoulder. He knew if he touched her, he would want to hold her for a million years, never letting her go. She belonged with him, in his arms, in his heart. There was nothing he wouldn't do, to make her love him as he loves her. But she doesn't know, and so he takes a step back from her.

Slowly, as he stepped back, her head turned towards him, her face streaked with tears and rain. Her brown curly hair was plastered against her shoulders and face. Her eyes were wide, and her lower lip trembled just a bit. He wanted to make her happy in that moment, make all of her dreams come true. He stopped his retreat and simply watched her, unsure of what to do next. He didn't have to decide. She turned back to watch the fading sun for only a handful of seconds, then she turned back towards him.

Her approach was slow, almost predatory. The thin pale sundress was glued to her skin, like it was painted on her trim body. The rain had started to get worse as she walked towards him, the storms raging wild and free when she reached him. Her face tilted up to look into his for a moment, and for a split second, he thought he would do anything to take her pain away. And then she was in his arms.

He didn't know who moved first, her or him, but she was there, in his arms, and their lips found one another as the rain fell around them both.