The Fire Within

By Mischievous Dragon

Chapter 4

Sakua: Wisdom, Listen, Knowledge, Understanding

"Okay can you tell me why we're wasting sooooo much of Chris' money running around getting people? When it'd be a lot cheaper if they just came to us?" Brittany asked Frey getting tired of all the running around. "The Maram masters like to attack us at our weakest point… when we are alone. Weren't you, Kyo and Alice attacked on your way to see me?"

Brittany sighed "Yes of course we were! But why couldn't Asha and Toya come meet us in Norway instead of us splitting up to get them?" "Norway was full of people controlled by the Darva, it was one of the places Darva almost had complete control over. If we all had met there Darva would have sensed the power of all of Lotis masters there and sent all his forces there right away. In other words he would have had a tremendous upper hand over all of us."

"It would try and destroy us in Norway before we'd be able to make it to North America to fight for your sister. Kyo and I already had a hard time just trying to cover up tracks and free a couple of people from the Darva's grasp and then trying to get over here. When we get to America we're gonna need full force because Darva expects us all to come. He knows we're rounding the troops…"

Alice, Kyo, Asha and Toya met Pai Mei Lin at the airport, Alice felt like it was old times again as Pai Mei looked the same as she had three years ago. Pai Mei Lin was the one to run and hug Alice first, Alice smiled "It amost seems like old times again, I wish we were meeting under better circumstances…" "I do too, hard to believe it's been three years!" Pai Mei Lin finished for as she gave Kyo a great big hug as well . Kyo smiled "Pai Mei Lin, I would like you to meet Asha and Toya they are Lotis masters from Australia."

"It is nice to meet you both, come you must be tired from your journey I'll have my husband prepare you some tea when we get home." she told them. Alice thought to herself 'Wow Pai Mei Lin and Billy were a big part of my life and I barely know anything about their personal lives.'"How long have you and your husband been married Pai Mei?" she asked.

Pai Mei laughed "Two years our anniversary was back in May, but we're almost going on three. Which reminds me you haven't met my husband or my son yet! Well lets pile into the van then, we haven't got all day now!" It was a good thing Pai Mei had a van otherwise it would have been one squished ride over to her place.

Once they had arrived Alice had been feeling nauseas probably from being on the plane and whisked into a van almost immediately. So once the van arrived at Pai Mei Lin's she rushed directly to the bathroom. She had been in there ten minutes after everyone had been introduced. "Alice?" Pai Mei Lin asked as she saw her come out "Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Alice smiled and shook her head.

Pai Mei Lin smiled, she'd been down that road before. "Alice I'd like you to meet my husband Wei Xu Lung, he is of course a Lotis master as well." The stranger on the couch got up and shook hands with Alice "It's a pleasure to meet you, my wife has told me so much about you. The fact that you are the Neo lotis masters is just a bonus!" Alice nodded "It's a pleasure to meet you too! Pai Mei Lin would not stop talking about you and your son Tao."

"I'd introduce you to Tao, Alice but he's taking a nap right now and if I woke him up he'd be cranky for the rest of the night and no one would get any sleep around here and I'm sure we'll all need it." Pai Mei Lin told her as she saw Alice look around for the baby. "It's a good thing you've come Wei has found out something we could use to help rescue Jodi and defeat the Darva."

Kyo, Asha, Toya and Alice all looked interested. "What is it?" Toya asked. Wei Xu Lung stood up and spoke "Well there is another level of Lotis power, it's not as powerful as the lost words but it is still great in power and for some reason it only works on the first word you've learnt as a Lotis master. Up until now we have used the Lotis words only when we needed to fight. Pai Mei Lin and I have discovered that as long as you are using the power to help someone else or something other than yourself your power grows."

"An example of this is a couple of months ago a came across an elderly lady who I believe suffered from Alzheimer's. She was lost and could not find her way I couldn't help her because she couldn't remember her address. She had no piece of id on her as well, I was going to bring her to the authorities despite how I knew how scary it would be for her. I felt there was nothing more I could do when my bracelet started glowing. I felt it was trying to tell me something, though I knew not what I decided to do what my heart was telling me so I spoke the word Sama."

"We we're not anywhere near where the Lady belonged as I saw a path open up before me. Through it I could see people searching calling out 'Ellen'. I asked Ellen to take my hand and I would bring her back home. We stepped through the path together and Ellen recognised where she was now. 'I'm home. How did you find it?' she asked. I told her it was luck, she smiled and said 'There's no such thing as luck.' and kissed me on the cheek 'Thank you' she said as she went to tell her family she was safe. I turned around to head back home and realized I was already there. By opening a path to get her to where she needed to go I was able to open another one to send me home." Wei Xu Lung finished

"It would be easier for us to travel if we helped each other instead of flying everywhere to meet up with everyone and try to avoid the Darva because the Darva can't travel through any of the lotis words. This power has worked on me before as well, I was visiting my mother in the hospital she had been in a coma for a couple of months now. I'll admit I did try to my word on her thinking of what Wei Xu Lung told me but to no avail. It didn't work because I tried using it for personal gain but later as I was walking down the hallways I saw a little girl with her father waiting by her mother's bed."

"The bracelet glowed and I knew then what I was meant to do, I whispered Utei. It didn't happen right away but the father called out to the doctor 'Her hands… Her fingers I swore they moved. Is it possible that she's waking up?' The doctor said he'd do some tests and find out what it was. I didn't find out till the next time I was visiting my mother from the father when I asked that the doctor had detected brain activity and that they were expecting her to wake up almost any day. I think we can use Wei Xu Lung's word to travel faster and out of Darva's reach. After all none of us are really doing this for ourselves but to protect the world and rescue the trapped lotis masters. The worst that could happen is it not working and if it does then it's another point for Lotis masters everywhere.

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