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Sam woke up from her sleep on an unfamiliar surface. It was uneven, but yet she had never been more comfortable. As she gained her bearings she saw that in front of her was a TV changing channels.


"Oh you're up."

"Ah!" Sam jumped and rolled off what she now saw was a couch, "Danny? How did…?"

Danny didn't look down, but continued channel surfing, "You don't remember? You were helping me with English and you fell asleep…well actually it was more like passed out because you fell on my lap."

Sam blushed, "Oh, um sorry about that."

Danny shrugged, "Eh, it's not a problem," he glanced down at her and raised an eyebrow, "Uh, you planning on getting up anytime soon there Sam?"

Her blush deepened as she got up and sat down next to him, "Hehe, so um where's your parents?"

He looked at her disbelieving, "What, are you suffering from short term memory loss?" she blinked, "they're gone at a ghost convention," he chuckled at her sheepish grin.


"It's okay. What's up with you? You're not usually that out of it."

"Ah, couldn't get any sleep last night, I had two tests, and one quiz today, and plus the two ghosts you had to take down earlier didn't help."

"That sucks," he stated matter-of-fact and then continued, "Any particular reason why you couldn't get to sleep?"

"No, just one of those nights," Sam lied. Truth was she couldn't keep her mind off him. this hadn't been the first sleepless night. There had been countless ones that had started after the whole Ember fiasco. And every time sleep wouldn't claim her she was left to think and wonder just what it was she felt for her best friend. She knew he had an undeniable attraction to that witch Paullina, but on numerous accounts he's show more than just 'a friend' feelings and actions. She sighed in frustration.

I know we've been

Friends forever

But now I think I'm feeling something

Totally new

"Whats-a matter?"

"Nothing!" she said a little too quickly. He stopped channel surfing and looked at her concerned.

And after all this time

I've opened up my eyes

"Sam? Look, you've been acting kinda strange, are you sure everything's okay?"

Now I see

You were always with me

'No,' she thought as looked at him, and noticed just how close they were, 'God I hate being this close to you and not being able to kiss you,' she was not surprised as this thought ran in her head. What was the use in trying to deny it?

Could it be

You and I

Never imagined

Danny waved a hand in front of her face, "Sam? Are you with me?"

Could it be

Suddenly, I'm falling for you

"I wish," she said without thinking.

His eyes widened, "Eh?"

"Nothing!" he looked at her sternly, "Yes?"

Danny sighed, "Sam, please. What's wrong?"

"I told you Danny nothing."

Could it be

You were right here beside me

And I never knew

"Okay, just know that I'm here, if you need to talk to someone ok?"

Could it be

That it's true

That it's you

That it's you

Sam stared at him. Has he really always been right here? how she seriously just realized she was in love with him? As she thought about this she realized that she couldn't even remember falling in love with him. As far as she was concerned she'd always loved him.

It's kinda funny

You were always here

But who would ever thought

That we would end up here

"Danny…Danny I…" she trailed off and looked him in the eyes.

Danny noticed something shocking about her eyes, about the way she was staring at him, "Sam? Is there something you want to tell me?"

And every time I've needed you

You've been there to pull me through

Now it's clear

I've been waiting for you

Sam gulped, "Danny? You see me as your best friend right?"

Could it be

You and I

Never imagined


She dropped her gaze, "That's not how I see you."

Could it be

Suddenly, I'm falling for you


She was afraid to look up, but she told herself to. She did and met his eyes timidly. His eyes were swirling with so many emotions she couldn't depict just what he was feeling.

Could it be

You were right here beside me

And I never knew

Could it be

That it's true that it's you

Oh it's you

'Welp, I blew it. I just lost my love and best friend,' she thought to herself bitterly.

"Sam," Danny's voice was quiet and hesitant, "I think," he paused, "Sam I don't think we should be friends any more."

Cause today is the start

Of the rest of our lives…

Sam looked up. She had been preparing for a let down but not this!

"What! Danny, no if it's because of my feelings, trust me! It won't be a problem, I've hid them this long without you know I can—

He grasped her hands and silenced her when he stared at her eyes intently before he spoke sweetly, "I want us to be more."

I can see it in your eyes

Sam faltered. She opened her mouth but no words came out. She shut it and looked away, disbelieving.

Oh and it's real…

"Sam…" she looked up at him to see him smile, and his eyes sparkling, "I love you."

And it's true…

The only expression on her face was her wide eyes. She mumbled, "Well you're full of surprises."

And it's just me and you

Could it be?

That it's you?

He chuckled and then swiftly captured her lips in a searing kiss. Sam was taken aback but happily returned it with fervor. He pulled away suddenly and placed his forehead against her and looked in her eyes. He whispered breathlessly, "Say it. say you love me, too."

Could it be

You and I

Never imagined

She smiled brightly, her face flushed as she moved her face forward rubbing her nose with his, "I love you, Danny."

Could it be

Suddenly, I've fallen

For you

Could it be

You were right here beside me

And I never knew

Could it be that it's true

That it's you

He smiled and gave her a quick kiss before he pulled back again. Sam whimpered, but got chills when she looked in his eyes. They were full of love and something else.

Oh, that it's you

Could it be

That it's true

That it's you

"Up for one more surprise?" he asked huskily. She blushed and nodded and he scooped her up and headed for the stairs, but not before kissing her once more.

That it's you, oh it's you

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