Well my new story! After finishing Forget me not I didn't know where to look for my new fan fictions, but lucky me got an idea, but never started typing so the thought of the fic entered in storage in the back of my mind today so I typed it and I like the way it's turning out. So enjoy.

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Chapter 1- Unspoken words

"What a beautiful baby boy." Mrs. Clyne said looking at the small boy in Mrs. Zala's arms. His blue hair softly flowing to his shoulder. He was 3 years old and sleeping in his mom's arms. A small girl rested in Mrs. Clyne's arms her pink hair down a bit past her shoulder as well.

"So do we agree that the two will be married?" Patrick Zala asked looking at the mothers and other father. "Yes." Mrs. Clyne said loving some of her daughter's hair. "Well then thanks for coming today." Mr. Zala said standing up with Athrun in his arms.

Mrs. Zala walked down the street while holding on to Athrun's little hand as he walk down the street as well.

'Huff, huff, huff.' little sounds could be heard from the alley way next to Mrs. Zala. A small girl with blond hair a brown coat, and dirty black pants suddenly appeared from the alley way running from something. She then noticed Athrun and couldn't stop her self. "Ahhh!" the little girl screamed as she crashed into Athrun. He made a small 'epp' noise as he fell to the ground as well.

"Cagalli!" a little boy with brown hair, a black shirt, and green pants called out to her. Mrs. Zala knew the boy as Kira, Athrun's friend. "Kira?" Mrs. Zala asked looking to the boy. "Oh Hi Athrun's mommy!" Kira said happily looking to her. "Cagalli made a small crying noise. "Oh honey what's wrong?" Mrs. Zala asked picking up the crying girl. Soon two bigger kids came running for the alley looking for Cagalli no doubt.

"Where is she?" asked the one kid. "I told you she's not going with you!" Kira shouted at the boys. "Be quite!" one boy shouted. "She don't have parents so she has got to go to the place where homeless kid goes!" the other boy shouted. "Run along boys, Cagalli has a home now." Mrs. Zala said bending down to there size. The boys looked at her and then ran away.

"Thanks Mrs. Zala!" Kira said happily to her. "Athrun do you mind having a sister?" Mrs. Zala asked looking at the sleeping blond in her arms. Athrun shook his head and smiled at his mom. But inside he didn't want her to be there. He didn't like her. His mom was holding her not him, so of course he was mad.

"What a natural!" Patrick Zala asked looking at the girl in his wife's arms. Her bright amber eyes shined in the room's light as well as her blond hair. He looked at her and his angry face dropped to a stunned one. And the girl giggled a soft sweet giggle at him. He smiled at this and patted the girl's head. "Alright, but I don't anyone to know. I want her out of the public's eyes. I don't want her to be caught up in this mess of politics." Patrick said looking at the girl shining her bright honey brown eyes at him. He smiled again looking at her.

Athrun huffed as he saw his mom place Cagalli down in a bed and pulled a blanket to her chin. "Good night angel she whispered to her and kissed her cheek. Cagalli let out a sleepy giggle and fell asleep. "Come on Athrun!" Patrick said happily picking up his son and putting him on his shoulder. "Dad I don't want Cagalli." Athrun said with his there a meany voice. "Come now Athrun, what would we do with her if she couldn't stay here?" Patrick asked looking at her son who was holding on to his head to make sure he didn't fall off. "Can we leave her out in a box on the street?" Athrun asked remembering the puppy he saw the one time while walking with his mom.

"Athrun we can't do that." Patrick said finally reaching his son's room. "Put that's what the person did with the puppy!" Athrun complained as he was lifted off his dad's shoulders. "Athrun, she's a person. A person who can feel and can talk like everyone else. She is just like you, but with a bit different look and other things." Patrick said pulling open Athrun's covers as he slipped into bed. "Just because you can't feel your teeth doesn't mean other people can't fell hurt from that person's mouth." Patrick said sitting down on Athrun's bed and tapped Athrun's lips.

"Hey there big boy." Mrs. Zala said entering the room and kissing Athrun on the lips. "Mommy, I'm sorry, but I don't like Cagalli at all!" Athrun said looking at his mom's eye's get big for a bit. Patrick slapped his forehead. "Athrun, give it time. Not everyone can hit it off with a person with just one meeting. Giving time will mean that you will grow off a person and they can do the same." and as she said that little Cagalli came running into the room and grabbed onto Athrun's blanket.

"Cagalli?" Athrun asked looking at the girl. "Hi!" she said happily to the boy. He frowned at her. "Get away!" he yelled and hit her head. Both parents gasped at there son. "Athrun!" Mrs. Zala scorned him as Cagalli started crying into her arms. "I'm just trying to be nice." Cagalli mumbled through sniffs and sobs. Athrun looked away from her and Mrs. Zala took Cagalli out of the room in her arms rubbing her back and trying to sooth her.

"Athrun please try to be nicer." Patrick said standing up and rubbed Athrun's head. He then exited the room and closed the door.

9 years later +

11 year old Cagalli slipped out of the house the back way with her short skirt on, due to school rules. Cagalli sighed as she saw Athrun walk in front of the house where he entered a limo to ride to school as reporters snapped pictures of him and reporters asked questions. Sure Cagalli was part of the Zala family even though she was adopted and all. But she could never got out in public with them or even talk to Athrun outside of school or in the house. But even then he was rude to her.

"Cagalli!" Milly called to Cagalli from the side walk. Cagalli ran to her like a normal day and saw Kira with the same sad face as Cagalli. "Lacus?" Cagalli asked knowing Kira was Lacus's best friend but he couldn't hang out with her outside school either because of the same reason with Athrun.

"Yeah but at least she's nice." Cagalli commented as Kira, Milly, and her self entered school as Athrun's and Lacus's limos pulled up. "Yeah, but Athrun's not bad." Kira said with a smile. Being Athrun's best friend he had to defend him. "What ever. I'm his step-sister and he treats me like crap." Cagalli mumbled so no one else heard her. Soon a smack hit the back of Cagalli's head. "Ow what the hell?" Cagalli said turning to see who hit her. "Remember I don't know you." Athrun mumbled walking past her.

Cagalli held a sad smile all day. 'He doesn't know what it's like to be all alone does he?' Cagalli asked herself. As she sat her self down for her lunch that she made herself Athrun came a grabbed it. "What are you doing? That's my lunch!" Cagalli yelled at him. "Don't think so." Athrun said with a snap as glaring fan girls appeared out of no were.

Cagalli sighed as she sat down next Kira. "No lunch again?" he asked looking at Athrun who looked like he was enjoying Cagalli's lunch. "Bastard." Cagalli mumbled as her stomach growled due to lack of food. "Here you go Cagalli, have some." Kira offered her some of his sandwich. "Thanks." Cagalli accepted with a blush. She had a big crush on Kira from ever since they were little. She took a bite out of the food and smiled. "Taste great." she said smiling to Kira. He blushed as well. "Thanks Cagalli." Kira said scratching his head.

This didn't go unnoticed by Athrun. For some reason he felt pissed Cagalli liked Kira. But it didn't matter. He had Lacus. He shrugged it off and ate with the pink haired girl known as Lacus.

Cagalli stood up from her last class of the day. She didn't move though. She waited as Athrun passed her as well as Lacus before she even blinked once. "Stupid girl." Athrun muttered when he walked past her. Cagalli gritted her teeth and stood still. Lacus looked at her concerned but it went by unnoticed by Cagalli who moved her head down so her eyes couldn't be seen. So no one could see the tears forming in her eyes. Lacus walked past as well finally. Milly walked up to her. "Hey Cag, wanna get something to eat or hang out? My treat." Milly said happily as Cagalli looked up with a smile. "Sure." Cagalli said and grabbed her things.

Athrun glared at Cagalli as his limo stopped at a stop light next to a pizza place where Cagalli was smiling with her friends Kira, Milly, Yzak, Dearka, and Stellar a younger girl then them. She was smiling happily and acting out a TV show scene he heard her watch yesterday. And she stood up and repeated a line and sat back down like she was shoot or something and everyone laughed. Even Yzak who never rarely smiled when he talked to Athrun. The car started moving again and Athrun glared at the head rest in front of him. "I wish we could do that." Lacus mumbled looking at her hand moving back and forth due to discomfort at Athrun's glares.

"Don't worry, Lacus." Athrun said pulling her into a hug. "We will be happy as well." Athrun said smiling as she nodded. "And plus Cagalli knows nothing about the press." Athrun said smiling to her. "She has no idea." he mumbled to himself as he looked out the window. Lacus sighed. "What?" Athrun asked her. "I miss Kira." Lacus said looking out the very darkly tinted window remembering Kira. Athrun blinked at her and smiled. "You should come over sometime. Kira will be coming later, so you can talk." Athrun said looking to Lacus with a true smile. She smiled as well and hugged Athrun. "Thanks Athrun." Lacus said happily as Athrun hugged her back.

Later that day Kira entered the house through the back as reporters could be seen looking for pictures of the Zala's. "Hey Kira!" Cagalli greeted him happily with a slight blush on her face. "Hey Cag. Athrun told me Lacus was here and I wanted to see her. You know where they are?" Kira asked look at the hallways. Cagalli's face fell a bit and pointed to the living room. "Thanks." Kira said practically running to the living room leaving Cagalli in the hallway alone. Soon tears appeared in her eyes as she ran for her room and threw herself on the bead.

Mrs. Zala walked down the hall her short hair bouncing a bit but she stopped as she heard crying. "Cagalli?" Lenore asked entering her daughter's room finding her crying on her bead. "What's wrong Cagalli?" Lenore asked sitting down on Cagalli's bed rubbing her head. "It's nothing." Cagalli mumbled letting the tears fall freely down her face. "It's because of Kira isn't it?" Lenora asked as Cagalli looked at her mom. "Cagalli try your hardest to be the person who you want to be. Not someone Kira will like. And if he doesn't like you then maybe it's time to find someone new." Lenora said as Cagalli looked at her. Her tears drying up and she smiled at her mom. "Easier said then done." Cagalli mumbled. Lenora smiled and left her daughter to think.

Cagalli did think and she decided to join everyone in the living room. "Hey Cagalli!" Lacus said happily seeing Cagalli there. "Hi" Cagalli said shyly yo Lacus. Athrun stood up and pulled Cagalli out of the room. "No street scum." Athrun said glaring at her and threw her to the floor. "Ah!" Cagalli let out a small scream as she fell on her but. "Fine!" Cagalli said standing up as Athrun smiled at her evilly. "I'm going to Milly's tonight!" Cagalli said and turned her back on him.

Athrun would never say it but watching her turn around like that made his heart sink a bit. "Fine I don't care!" Athrun screamed at her figure turning the corner. "Where's Cagalli?" Lacus asked opening the door that Athrun had shut before when he left with Cagalli. "She's sleeping over at Milly's." Athrun said turning around and entering the room again. "I'll go too!" Lacus said happily running to Cagalli's room.

Athrun turned around in shock as Lacus ran from the room. "Ah let her go and be normal of once." Kira said laughing at Athrun's face. Athrun sighed and smiled at Lacus's actions.

"Cagalli wait!" Lacus called as Cagalli started to enter the back entrance. "Lacus?" Cagalli asked looking at the girl and why she had a bag of night stuff with her. " I want to go." Lacus said smiling. "Okay Milly won't mind." Cagalli said as her and Lacus left.

That night a Lacus imposter came and trashed Lacus's good name so she was free from the lime light as the fake Lacus took over her spot. "Are you sure you don't mind Lacus?" Cagalli asked as she sat down in class. "No I'm free and I can finally hang out with you guys. My only regret is that Athrun has to marry her instead of me." Lacus said with a sad smile. "It will be fine Athrun is a good guy no matter what girl he's with. But as for you, you are mine." Kira said and kissed Lacus on the lips. Cagalli froze in her place. Athrun entered to see this and looked to Cagalli who turned as pale as a ghost. Cagalli's heart shattered in front of her. "Ki- Kira." Cagalli started but Athrun put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. She looked down and let tears fall freely on her note book. Milly looked at her sadly. She went up to her and hugged her. Cagalli didn't say anything, She just sat there.

And the next day she didn't say anything. Actually for the next 7 years she never spoke a word. She had made her self mute.

Well that is how this chapter ends. I planned for this to be a one shot at one point but I want to make it a bit longer so it would give me somthing to do before going back to school and work. So I mad Athrun evil like. Well things change and so do people so just wait. Next chapter will be up shortly. Review please!