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Rei glanced over towards the tall bluenette. Everyone had grown since their adventures as a beyblade team. The Bladebreakers had disbanded about 4 years ago and after the years had gone by, Mr. Dickinson had called everyone for a small reunion.

Rei looked away from the handsome boy. Kai had changed a lot more than him and the others. Not in a bad way of course; Kai looked great. He had grown tall and muscular, but he still kept a lean physique. The neko-jin had almost forgotten how hot Kai looked, but now that they were back together, he remembered everything all too clearly.

Silky strands of black hair fell to cover his face. He had stopped wearing his hair in the wrapping all the time, although he still occasionally tied it back in the long rope. Rei also changed his clothes; instead of the usual Chinese outfit, he wore tight black leather pants and a form fitting crimson red tank top. A choker adorned his neck and a small black stud was placed in his right ear. Sighing, the neko-jin stood from his seat.

"Rei? What's wrong?" Max's soft voice asked quietly. Everyone was so silent. It was as if they had never met before. Well, everyone had changed so much, it was as if they really had never met.

"Nothin, I just need some air is all."

Walking out of the room, Rei was unaware of the crimson eyes watching his hips sway gently as his legs carried him out. Max let out a gentle sigh.

"Everything is just so different. What happened over the four years? Have we all forgotten about one another?"

"Course not Maxi! I remembered everything, and I'm sure that Rei and Kai hadn't forgotten either, right Kai?"


Kai stood from his seat, stretching his long limbs before pacing out of the room. Weary bright blue eyes watched as saddened navy eyes looked out the window.

"Everyone has changed so much...Tyson," The blonde looked over at the before mentioned boy, "I was almost afraid to come here...and now I know why."

Tyson looked at him and saw the tears building up around the edges of Max's eyes. The dark, almost-black blue haired boy walked to him and hugged him. It had been a long time since the two held each other.

"I know what ya mean Maxi..."


Rei leaned against the railing of the balcony. The night sky was shrouded with small stars. The moon illuminated the surroundings giving everything an eerie, white glow; including Rei himself.

Rei stood their staring off into the distant city lights pondering on about the times the team had had. It was those times Rei cherished the most, and now everything was different. The team had grown apart and they had learned to live without the others there. And yet, Rei wasn't ready to give the small chance up. He was happy to be here with his old friends again.

Soft footsteps could be heard as Kai walked up to the railing and stood beside the neko-jin. To Kai, the boy was fascinating. The change he had undergone was amazing and the boy looked sexy. The moon's rays of white light made Rei glow as if he were a fallen angel. Rei's slanted eyes with his golden orbs reminded Kai of a feline, and his outfit made him look highly mischievous.

Rei glanced at Kai again. His simple outfit of black cargos and a dark navy top was of a baggy nature and did not do much for his build. The meticulous, golden orbs noticed small scars across the boy's arms. He glimpsed up at the bluenette's face and noticed that he had quit painting the blue triangles on his face, and that his hair had grown and was of darker shades of blue.

"Ummm..." Rei stopped. He was at a loss for words. He wanted to ask Kai so many questions, but it was hard to talk to him; it always has been.

"What?" Kai turned to face the other. He couldn't help but to wonder if all of Rei's clothes were like that pair.

"H-how have you been for the past few years?"

"...why do you want to know?"

"I. I was just wondering..."

Kai gazed into his eyes intently. Rei shivered at the intense stare. Suddenly, Kai shrugged and turned around and began to walk away.


Rei let out an exasperated gasp. Kai was impossible! All of that just so he could find out that he was fine? Sometimes Rei had to wonder if it was worth it...even back when they were younger.


Walking back into the warmed room to retrieve his coat, Kai ran his hand through his disheveled hair. Mentally, he was laughing his ass off at Rei's expression. Kai grabbed his jacket and yelled to the others that he was leaving.

Closing the door behind him, the bluenette walked out of the large hotel and to his car. It was a black, convertible corvette. Kai hopped inside and started the engine. Rei watched him from the balcony as he sped away from the building. Kai was extremely hard to understand...

A cold breeze blew causing Rei to shiver again. Rei let a sigh escape his lips as he turned to go back to the room. Kai may have left, but the neko-jin felt that he still needed to catch up with everyone.


As Rei walked to the large hotel room, he thought of the bluenette again. The neko-jin had always wanted to be closer to the blue haired boy, but that was almost as impossible as walking through a brick wall, except that walking through the wall is more improbable than impossible, unlike Kai. Everything Rei had done in the past to get the boy to open up to him was futile and he didn't think it would be any different now.

The raven-haired boy opened the door to the room and walked in. Searching for the others, he walked into the living area and found himself in front of a make-out session between Max and Tyson. Rei almost burst out laughing. He had always suspected something with those two, but never had enough proof.

Golden eyes watched the two suck each others faces as he cleared his throat loud enough for them to hear. Pairs of blue eyes that were of two different shades snapped wide open as Max jumped off of Tyson. They looked at the neko-jin, a bright, crimson red blush spreading across their faces. Rei chuckled.

"You two should get a private room before someone else walks in on you two."

"Rei! We were...uhh.." Max looked over at the navy haired boy.

"It's ok you two, I have nothing against the two of you sucking the lives out of each other."

If it were possible, Max's blush deepened. Tyson just sat their dumbfounded.

"Anyhow, I came in here to tell you guys that I was leaving." Although that wasn't necessarily true, he figured that he really wasn't going to feel comfortable if all he would do is just keep barging in on the two, on accident or no.

Tyson finally spoke up. "You sure?"

"Course, I don't want to be in the way."

"No! We won't be doing anything else, you can stay..."

Rei laughed. "Bye Max."

Rei grabbed his leather coat and headed out the door. That was the funniest shit he had seen in a long time and there was no way he was going to let the two of them forget it. If they decided to keep in touch from now on that is. That wasn't exactly the thought Rei needed to have at the moment because it just made his slightly better mood drop back down again.


Small street lamps gave light to the night allowing the boy to see the sidewalk clearly. Shrugging the coat onto his lean shoulders, Rei began to walk towards the city.

It wasn't as if Rei had nowhere to go; he now lived in Japan. No longer needed, or wanted for that matter, in the small village in China he had grown up in, the neko-jin had moved to Japan shortly after the team broke up. He had a small apartment to himself that he wasn't exactly proud of. It only consisted of four rooms; the bedroom, living area, kitchen and dining room combination, and a bathroom. He would've gotten something more suitable, but his job couldn't pay for anything larger.

Sounds of city's night life caught the boy's attention. Rei looked up to find that he had already made it to the outskirts of the large city.

'Damn, I must've been dreaming longer than I thought.'

"Hey you!" A voice called out, "What's a girl like you doing out all alone in a place like this? It's not safe you know..."

Rei paid no heed to the speaker and walked on. This happened a lot to him. Dressing and looking the way he did was the cause of it. His long hair also gave him the appearance of a 'vulnerable' female. It was quite annoying, but he would be damned before he changes the way he dresses just because of it.


A hand reached out and grabbed Rei by the shoulder and twisted him around.

"When I talk to you, you stop, got it bitch?" The grip tightened. "Girl, I asked you if you understood!"

"I am no damned girl!" Furious orbs of gold glared at the one before him. The grungy man stumbled backwards as he let go of Rei. The man smelt of smoke and alcohol, but that wasn't unusual.

"Y-you are a...a guy!"

"Wow, when did you figure that out?"

"I guess it makes no difference what you are...because...you're still more beautiful than anyone else round here."

Fists clenching, teeth gritting, and eyes blazing, Rei growled.

"If you're looking to get laid then go find yourself a willing prostitute. But, if you choose to do so," Rei waved his hand around his nose as if trying to blow a lurid stench away, "go find yourself a shower and scrub really hard."

Rei dropped his raised hand and stuffed both into his jacket pockets. Turning back around, he walked away from the fuming man. It may be annoying, but it was also funny to piss the people off. Although the neko-jin was highly cautious of whom he picked on because living here was an accident waiting to happen.


Sleek, shining black metal sat in the middle of a small parking lot. The lot was right in front of a large club with bright, shining neon lights. The building was surrounded by other clubs and restaurants.

Kai climbed out of the convertible and onto the cold pavement. It had been awhile since his last visit to Japan, and the bluenette was going to take advantage of his time here and have a little fun.

After the world tournament had ended, Kai, like the others, had returned back to their homes. He had gone to the abbey, seeking refuge even after his betrayal. Of course, he walked halfheartedly the entire way. Kai didn't really expect to be welcomed there any longer. But, surprisingly enough, they let him stay; with a price. He had given up one of his most prized possessions; Dranzer, the fiery phoenix bit-beast. Kai had also given up beyblading in general. It was now apart of his past; along with his parents, innocence, and teammates that he had, in the end, called his friends. Soon he will have forgotten every one of them and everything will be as it was before he had joined the Bladebreakers; a living hell.

People prattled noisily as they stood in the long line that had formed just in front of the club. The bouncer refused to let people in, except for the occasional person with a pocket full of money, as he stood in the entrance way.

Just before Kai started towards the bouncer, cash ready, he noticed an unusually familiar figure walking up to the entrance. Long, raven hair that was braided into several, medium-sized braids framed a lean back. Leather pants clinging so tightly to the person's legs, it could pass as a second layer of skin, and a black form fitting shirt that was also tight, was the sexy outfit of the person.

Crimson eyes scanned over the person's back until they had reached the perfectly tight ass. Kai noticed the bouncer was talking to the figure, but hands never rose to give him any money. The bouncer stepped aside and unsnapped the velvet rope that blocked the way in. The figure walked in; hips swaying oh so gently. Then, it hit Kai harder than a bag filled with bricks. The figure was Rei. The hair, the clothing, the ass, and the gentle sway of hips, it was all that of Rei's.


The thought of Kai being attracted to the neko-jin was infuriating the bluenette. How can he forget about Rei if he wanted to bed him? Sure he had wanted to take him to bed even when teammates, but now, with Rei's changes, his attraction had grown quite a bit.

Mumbling to himself, the bluenette made his way to the front of the line. The tall and very large man that was dressed in black raised a bushy eyebrow. Kai nodded and slipped the man a fifty. The gruff man glanced at it and moved aside, unclipping the rope to let Kai in while the others waiting in line complained.


People's sweaty bodies could be smelled in the club. The dance floor was filled with men and women flowing with the extremely loud music. Rei could feel the vibrations coming from the large speakers that were placed in various places around the room. The smell of alcohol was highly distinct. The bar was to one side of the large, people filled room.

The raven haired boy was a crowd favorite and he had the power to seduce anyone he pleased; including the straightest man alive and the queerest woman. Although he knew all of this, Rei had his morals just like everyone else, and he will not let a person touch him. It was hard to keep up with this with all the women and men groping at him, but Rei was a self-controlled person. And besides, he had set his sights on Kai...again.

Hands were felt grabbing at Rei's ass. He hissed silently as he walked to the bar. Grabbing a seat and thinking of what to get, a young male walked up to Rei and tapped him on the shoulder. The neko-jin glanced over at him.

"Would you like to dance?" The boy said smoothly with an innocent smile placed on his lips.

Deciding that he was decent looking enough, Rei nodded and gave a quick 'sure' before sliding off of the seat and walking to the dance floor.


Kai walked in and began to search for the neko-jin. He found him walking to the dance floor with some guy that he didn't recognize. A flood of jealousy washed over the bluenette as he watched the two boys dance too close for Kai's comfort.

Eyes turned to a bright, furious red as they continued. People backed away with fear that the fire in Kai's orbs would actually send sparks flying out at them.

Blood rushed up through his body. He could hear it pounding in his ears and feel it pulsing in his veins. Kai has always been the possessive type and he hated the fact that some motherfucker thought he could dance with his Rei. It took all of Kai's self-control to keep from walking up to them and pound the guy into the ground.

A growl forced its way through Kai's clenched teeth. His brows furrowed as he stayed there, staring at them. The people around him ran away, leaving him in the middle of a small cleared spot.


While Rei danced to the beat of the music, he caught a glimmer of crimson through the corner of his eyes. He looked over his partner's shoulder and his eyes widened. Kai was standing there with his eyes on the brunette he was dancing with. The red orbs had a murderous look in them.

Kai was jealous! Rei stifled back laughter as the thought came to mind. He looked back at the boy in front of him. Indeed he was good-looking, but he came nowhere close to Kai. The bluenette was too sexy for his own good.

"What's your name?" Rei asked suddenly. The boy looked at him strangely.

"Jin, you?"

"Rei. Well, Jin, you might want to watch your back." Jin's brows knitted in confusion.


"There is someone behind you that wants nothing more than to kill you."

Jin turned his head around and saw the fuming Kai glaring at him. His eyes widened with the fear for his life. Rei giggled. Jin turned to look at him.

"I don't see the humor in this!"

"You couldn't unless you knew him like I do."

Jin still failed to find any humor as he began to shake. Kai had so much power in his glares. It was hilarious to Rei.

"I've gotta go before Kai does something we will all regret. See ya later!" Before returning to the bar, Rei gave the boy a quick peck on the cheek.

With that as Rei's final good bye, he walked back to the bar, pretending he had not noticed Kai yet. Jin scuttled away slowly out of Kai's sight.

Rei sipped at his drink waiting for Kai to make his move; if it came that is. The neko-jin could feel Kai's presence behind him as he finished the last drops of the liquor in his glass.


Kai watched Rei finish the last bits of the yellowish brown liquid.

"Hello Kai. Come to join me?"

The bluenette started in surprise. How did Rei know he was there? He didn't see him glaring...did he? Kai mentally growled at himself for being so stupid. For one thing, Rei's sensory skills were better than a lot of people's so of course he sensed that he was right behind him, and second of all, if he had seen him glaring, he would pick up on the fact that he wants him...unless he is as dense as Tyson...nope, he'd know.


"I'm going to take that as a yes," Rei said before he motioned towards the stool next to him. "Sit." He ordered.

Shocked as he was that Rei had given him an order, Kai was even more so when he did as he was told as an afterthought.

"Good boy."

Kai growled as his eyes narrowed at being treated like a dog.

"If you don't like being treated like a mutt, then don't growl like one."

This night was getting stranger by the second for Kai. When had the neko-jin become so outgoing and outspoken? It was annoying the shit out of the bluenette, but at the same time it was a turn-on. He would never let anyone else talk that way to him and it was always a way to ensure an ass kicking. What is the difference with Rei? Like Kai had any clue.


Rei laughed lightly at Kai's apparent surprise. He must admit that he rather enjoyed seeing Kai like this. However, if he didn't stop he knew that it would only piss the bluenette off, so the neko-jin decided it was time to start treating Kai like he did back at the hotel again: shy and nervous. Those were a trait that Rei had always carried, and it was one that he had even now, but for reasons unknown to even Rei himself, whenever he was here in the club, he felt a lot surer of himself. He was still the sweet boy that everyone knew from before, just not in that particular area. He offered to buy Kai a drink, and the bluenette accepted.

"So anyway, what brings you here?" Rei asked. Kai glanced at him with a strange glint in his eye, but before the Russian could say anything that would come close to a mock, Rei added, "Here in this lovely club."

Kai grinned. "Same as you, I guess." The bartender came back with a glass of the yellowish liquor. Kai thanked him as Rei paid, and the bluenette took a sip of the intoxicating fluid.

Rei raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you work here as well?" the neko-jin asked in a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice.

Startled, Kai looked at the Chinese man. "You work here? So you moved to Japan, have you? What exactly do you do?"

Rei smiled. Kai had never asked so many questions in one breathe before. He chuckled and then replied with a 'you'll see' before a man with purple, shoulder length hair that had been pulled into a ponytail tapped Rei on the shoulder. Rei greeted the man.

"Hey, Rei, it's almost that time. Better go and head backstage," the purple headed man said with a light grin.

Rei grinned back at him and nodded. He turned back to Kai who was looking at the man suspiciously. He smiled at the Russian and his possessiveness. If things are as they appeared to be than maybe Rei stood a chance with Kai after all. "Well, it was great speaking with you. If you sit tight for a little while longer, maybe we can chat some more." Rei said with a smile. Kai arched an eyebrow but said nothing. Taking that as a yes, Rei stood from the barstool and kissed the Russian lightly on the cheek before heading off with the purple haired man with a large grin plastered on the neko-jin's tanned face.