ok, ok. i understand. everyone hated the ending. hell, i despised it. and thus, this idea came to mind! i may not write a sequal, but i can rewrite the ending. that is, if people give me some ideas. so if you have an idea of how the ending should be then please either submit it through a review or send it to my email address (which will be provided at the end of this note). the only requirements that i have for he ending is that no one dies and i can somehow make it a happy or bittersweet. i write way too many sad endings according to friends so i am trying to have something happy, or bittersweet, for once. so yeah. also, it wont matter how long the idea will take to progress. if it is something that takes a lot of action then that only means that there will be a longer chapter and that it will take a bit longer for me to get it out. the idea can have the beginning of chapter two in it and you just tell me where to leave off and start with the new idea, or you can tell me to start it completely over. so, please, if you want the ending changed, tell me how you want it to be changed.

Email: lilangel 85512 (at) yahoo . com

thanks again.