Maybe your gonna be the one that saves me...After all your my wonderwall

There she was. Just like always. The same quiet, fierce woman he'd left behind. She sat on the bed, a picture frame in her delicate hands. The hands she couldn't seem to clean of blood. He watched her, his prescence unknown. Tears began to fall from those brilliant cerulean orbs and it tore his heart in two. She never cried. Yet there she was, sitting on the bed with the picture he'd left her, choking back the sobs. Suddenly the picture was flung into the wall and it shattered, startling her. As if she hadn't expected it to break.

Quickly she rushed to pick up the broken frame and gently placed the picture on her night stand, a longing glance cast in its direction as she cleaned up the glass. A look was given to the window and the darkness that poured in through it. The jade eyes watching her went unnoticed as she turned out the lights and crawled into bed, a small picture held tightly to her chest.

So far from you, just like the match you strike to incinerate...Things are better if I stay...

People stopped to stare as he walked by, the same arrogant smirk on his face. Yes, Seifer Almasy was back. And he'd come to claim what was his.

Can't you see, can't you see...We were meant to be...It's no secret that I'm your chyna girl...

"...Almasy! What are you doing here? I thought...well, we thought..." Squall just stared at him as if he'd seen a ghost. If only he knew...

"Dead? Me? Nah, I'm just to damn stubborn. Besides, Heaven wouldn't take me and Hell was afraid I'd take over." Squall rolled his eyes but extended his hand to his old enemy. Seifer gave him a smile and shook his hand. Truce.

"Well...I suppose your here for already know that you were granted reinstatement when you felt ready. Welcome home." Home. Seifer nearly laughed at the statement as he exited the office. Now where was--

"Seif! Where ya been, ya know? Been worried sick man!" Raijin crushed him in a giagantic hug and smiled broadly.

"Been to Heaven and Hell and all the places in between." Raijin laughed and clapped him heartily on the back.

"Fuu's missed you bad, ya know? Hey! Looky there, got herself another fight, ya know? Been in almost as many as you, ya know?" Seifer leaned against the wall with a smirk to watch the silver warrior demolish her lastest victim.

I wonder where you are, I won't make it on my own..I need to be with you...was my love not strong enough?

"When a lady says no..." Her fist met the man's jaw and he bent over, blood seeping from his nose. Her knee met his face next before she staightened him up and smiled sweetly.

"She means no!" One nasty right hook and he was down. Fujin smirked and walked away with a hollow victory.

"Hey Fuu! Look who's back, ya know?" Fujin looked up and froze. It couldn't be...but there he close.

"SEIFER!" Fujin broke into a run and jumped into Seifer's arms, legs wrapped around his waist and arms about his neck tightly.

"Your home...your home." She whispered. Seifer held her close and breathed in her nearness, her scent. Vanilla and almonds. How long had it been since he'd been so close to her?

"Couldn't let you have all the fun. How many times have I told you? Never, never give the opponent a chance to compose himself." Fujin laughed, the sound of silver bells.

"Welcome home, ya know? Let's celebrate, ya?" Fujin set herself on solid ground and smiled happily.

"Ya." Raijin missed the mocking in her voice.

"We've still got your old stuff...if you want to change..." Fujin told him softly, turning and walking away. Seifer grinned and followed her.

Can we pretend to leave, and then we'll meet again? If you keep asking me I'll melt away...

Dinner was spent catching up old times. Laughing at this or that. Leaving the bad memories behind and embracing the good. Seifer had never been so happy. Remmber what you came for...His mind whispered. Fujin smiled at him, so changed from thewoman he remembered. Yet, still the same as ever. Would she still follow him? Was she still that loyal?

" won't...leave again...will you?" Her soft voice shook him from his thoughts as they walked to their dorm. Raijin said his goodnights and parted ways.

"You know I wouldn't leave you again, Fuu. But...can you trust me?" Fujin tilted her head at him.

"Of course I can. You know that Seifer. I've always trusted you." Seifer stepped close to her and she didn't back away.

"This is different Fujin...its not like before..." Fujin squared her chin stubbornly.

"It doesn't matter. You know I'll follow if you want me too." Seifer smiled softly and leaned down, brushing his lips ever so gently against her own. He caught fire as she responded. His whole body seemed to ignite in her touch, burn away all the unholy things away and leave him pure and innocent again.

"I want you to." With that, Seifer placed a tender kiss on her forehead and went to his own dorm.

It's so beautiful when the boy smiles...just want to hold him...You give me butterflies...

"Seifer...get away from the ledge!" Squall called to him. A strangely sane smirk lit his face as Fujin rushed to Squall's side.

"Seifer! Don't! ...Please..." Tears stung the back of her eyes.

"Do you trust me Fujin?" Fujin stared back at him for a minute. He took a step off the ledge and she nearly screamed. But he wasn't falling, he wasn't killing himself. Wings of pure white held him aloft as he stretched his hand to her.

"I trust you Seifer." She walked toward him. Squall grabbed her shoulder.

"Fujin don't!" She smiled and kept walking. Once the edge was reached she looked down and hesitated for a moment before meeting Seifer's warm green eyes. They set her heart and soul on fire and she wanted to burn forever. If this was what she had to do to be with him...she would burn.

"I trust you."

"Fujin, no!" She stepped off the ledge.

...Suspended on silver wings...

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